99Designs Review – Is It Still Worth The Money?

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There are tons of free options for graphic design online. But you’ll need to have some expertise or an algorithm to design a website logo or blog logo.

Hiring a professional graphic designer is expensive. You don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer.

Crowd-sourced graphic design is one option. Crowdsourcing graphic design gives freelance graphic designers a vibrant marketplace.

99designs was used on several of my websites. Clients have also used their design contests feature.

My experiences with 99designs have inspired me to create this review. It includes pros and cons.

99designs: What it Does

99designs focuses primarily on design contests.

Requests for design contests can be submitted. You can submit a request to design contests. There are hundreds to thousands of potential designers who will submit their ideas. You have more options.

99designs has been the bread and butter for design contests.

You can design anything from a website logo to book covers designs to a WordPress theme. This is a simple process that works well.

99design was the best choice for my logo design.

This review was originally intended to highlight 99designs’ less-known offering, Ready-made Logo Shop. It was a great idea for both website owners and graphic designers.

The store had a variety of logos that could be customized for any industry. Each logo could be customized by color and text to fit your company/blog/website. Nearly all of them were sold for $99, which is a great deal considering how much credit you get from a logo that is pixel-perfect on your website.

In 2016, The 99designs readymade logo store was closed.

99designs also closed its ready-made shop and restructured contest pricing to emphasize design elements.

99designs offers many design contests.

This is the way 99designs works. I believe there are 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages to 99designs, especially when it comes down to designing a website or logo for a blog.

Pros at 99designs

99designs is not for everyone, but it has a lot to offer. These were the projects that I and my clients have done using 99designs.


Graphic design is the largest portion of web design budgets. However, there are premium WordPress themes such as Elegant Themes and ThemeForest that can be more expensive. Graphic design is not something that you can teach a machine.

A professional brand look takes skill. It is not financially prudent to spend too much on a custom-designed brand.

A professional service is what you need to get that professional look.

Although 99designs might be criticized, it is affordable and makes logo design accessible to more people.

Choice in context

There are many designers online. If you’re already convinced by their portfolio, relationship, or desire for a specific design process, you will want to see several designs.

99designs has a wide range of contest formats. All of these options must fit within your brief.

After you have received your preview link, you’ll see a screen with several options.

The 99design range of options in context is a solid pro.

Turnaround Time

99designs has a variety of options and a quick turnaround. Once you submit your brief, you will be sent a link that will allow you to view the brief and get feedback from colleagues.

After you have selected one, you will be in the revision phase.

Customized products are available quickly and can be ordered using an easy process.


99 designs can ensure both parties have a smooth experience. There won’t be any designer who tries to steal your money or fights over how many revisions they will allow.

You can also be sure to find the design that you like.

Cons of 99designs

Every company has room for improvement and 99designs is no exception. These are things that I would love to see a change to improve the user experience.

Writing briefs

No matter if you work for an agency or 99designs, designers need to start somewhere. It is a description of the design’s message.

Working with 99designs designers that aren’t fluent in your language can be frustrating. You must create a brief to communicate abstract ideas.

Sometimes you can solve the problem by adding more examples. Make sure to mention what you like about each example. Sometimes, I’d find a design that I liked but couldn’t communicate.

While briefs are part of the design, 99designs may not be the right fit for someone who has to explain complex symbolism and brand identity.


One benefit of hiring a single expert to design your logo is that they will listen and not just give you a brief.

When you hold a design contest, it can be hard to recreate the relationship.

Comparing apples to oranges is an example of this type of comparison. It’s a lot like comparing apples to oranges.

Although there is no right or wrong answer to this question, 99designs does offer a lot.

On Spec & Not Local

This is not something I would use. This is not for me.

Contests have the problem of “losing” designers creating something “on spec” for no pay. As someone who has done freelance work and produced spec work, it is part of this setup.

Some people aren’t as keen. Others aren’t so keen. Great if you don’t.

Can 99designs create beautiful designs?

Graphic design services are crucial if you want your website or blog to stand out. They are highly recommended.

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