Mailchimp Reviews: Is This Email Giant Your Best Choice?

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MailChimp is a mailing list service that allows users to send email newsletters. To automate your email campaigns, there are better options like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign.

MailChimp – What is it?

MailChimp ranks among the top email marketing companies. MailChimp boasts a large customer base, which includes small businesses as well as individuals.

MailChimp may argue that they are a platform for marketing, but in our view, email marketing is the heart of its business.

MailChimp has its strengths, but there are also some drawbacks.

This MailChimp Review will focus on how MailChimp helped clients (the pros) and what MailChimp could do to improve the experience (the cons).

Ready? Let’s get started.

MailChimp Pricing

MailChimp’s paid subscribers have always been affordable. However, they are free to subscribers with 500 subscribers or less.

They do not offer a free trial like other providers. Small businesses can get a free account.

A free account can be created for any enterprise brand that has an email segment. To find the best provider, you can run a test that lasts longer than 14 days.

MailChimp pricing is very straightforward, even for the free plan. MailChimp charges an annual subscription fee to access certain features. You will then be charged according to your subscribers at a tiered level.

MailChimp is a service for advanced email marketers that costs $199/mo. It helps with multivariate testing, automation, and other tasks.

MailChimp pricing can be affordable regardless of your level.

MailChimp Pros

Concentrate on email delivery

I have not received any email from MailChimp powered with MailChimp.

The company has invested considerable resources in fighting spam. Here are some examples of non-spammy subject lines. Also, an example of how to add clean opt-in addresses.

It seems like all the effort has paid off. This applies not only to email marketers but all internet users who wish for less spam.

Dashboard & Learning Curve

MailChimp claims it releases a new version of its software every four weeks. They also claim that they have a dedicated support team who are efficient for both good and bad. We believe they do a great job.

MailChimp’s Dashboard makes it easy to move from signing up to sending emails in minutes. MailChimp’s Dashboard allows you to do this with a few email software providers. It includes useful tips and a straightforward workflow.

MailChimp has many enterprise-level features, but they only appear on the screen that you need. The design of their Dashboard is more focused on creating and delivering emails than on changing dozens and dozens of settings.

Templates & Designs

Designing email can be challenging. When you take into account all variables, it can be hard to design an email from the perspective of the recipient.

Email design can be complicated when you think about branding, messaging, and content.

They’re the only one I’ve seen that has a drag-and-drop designer. With this combination, anyone can create complicated email designs without needing to know HTML.

They also have a variety of email templates to help you get started with your design.

Designers use a library called merge tags’ to automatically pull data from your account database (i.e. Your website, the names of the recipients, regulatory info, and social data.

Designers have the option to convert designs into plain text mode for easier delivery.

MailChimp continues its efforts to improve its design experience.

It’s 2023-contemporary. It features both trendy and classic design elements.

Company Culture

I used to believe in company culture. We believed that companies talking about their culture were just trying to get new employees or make a product better.

Both are possible. Both can be true.

MailChimp, a well-known Atlanta tech company, is known for its creativity, branding, and design. It also offers generous community sponsorships.

It would seem that an email provider should be dull and sterile.

If you have the time, we highly recommend the talk their CEO gave 15 years ago.


Email marketing works best when multiple apps work together. Many website owners use OptinMonster for collecting emails and publishing.

A second one will be used to plan marketing automation, targeting, and social media management.

All these apps are dependent on your email marketing software.

MailChimp offers a user-friendly, developer-friendly platform. MailChimp lets you access more apps for different tasks.

Native Apps

MailChimp integrates with many apps and offers a suite of native apps to cater to different customer types such as MailChimp Mobile or MailChimp Snap.

The mobile apps of MailChimp work well, regardless of whether you’re managing, sending, or collecting emails in person.

MailChimp’s Cons

MailChimp like all other products and services is not for everyone. However, there are certain things MailChimp can’t do that you need to be aware of.


MailChimp is embedded throughout its platform.

MailChimp is your first email provider.

But, if there are other email providers, it may be more confusing.

The majority of email providers use lists and segments, for example.

MailChimp has stopped using “autoresponders”, and instead uses “automation flows”.

The MailChimp Help Center provides a glossary of MailChimp terminology.

While it’s great to use for marketing and branding, it can be difficult to understand the meaning of MailChimp if you don’t know industry terminology.

Buried Data & Defaults

MailChimp has a great default setup for beginners.

All forms have default settings, including list formatting and key metrics. They combine metrics into easy-to-understand ratings.

Sometimes it can be hard to find or modify certain defaults or data pieces.

For example, the “member ratings” consolidate delivery and open rates for all subscribers across all campaigns.

The same applies to editing default signup forms text. To quickly edit it, you’ll need to enter the build form workflow and go to Translation Settings.

This can be attributed to their simple initial setups. It is more difficult to make minor changes later.

While it isn’t an important consideration, we wish that MailChimp would allow us to edit our MailChimp account after so many years of using them the same way.

Very frequent updates

MailChimp continues to improve its product. They can rebuild their product every few hours.

It can be frustrating for non-frequent users.

MailChimp can re-configure all your settings once you have discovered the shortcuts.

MailChimp created a new Dashboard as we were working on the first draft. MailChimp is constantly making small tweaks to various screens. However, we’re certain at least one of these screenshots will be wrong.

MailChimp’s UX updates are better than one that looks like it was in 2002. MailChimp should take a little longer to make design adjustments.

Fiddly Native forms

MailChimp has many native forms that you can embed on your website or social media channels.

They look very good. But they are quite complicated. You cannot drag-and-drop or adjust by drag-to-adjust.

It appears that the default is a form. These are all over the internet, which proves that MailChimp can be used by websites.

Your HTTPS website must be tested and modified to work.

Customer Support (Emergency)

MailChimp appears to have eliminated customer support. They have deep knowledge.

Excellent customer service.

They work only in Eastern timezone. Customer support is not available for campaigns that run on weekends or at night.

We admire their choices in many ways. It’s refreshing to see companies succeed outside of a strict 24/7 operating schedule.


How secure MailChimp

MailChimp has multiple layers of security in place to protect your privacy. All MailChimp apps use TLS1.2 to send data from their login pages.

MailChimp offices use keycards, biometrics, and infrared cameras. MailChimp even has a contingency plan in place for the unlikely event that one of its data centers is attacked with nuclear weapons.

How can we cancel our MailChimp Subscription?

How many emails are you allowed to send free of charge with MailChimp

What is MailChimp’s difference from Gmail?

Final Thoughts

MailChimp offers an excellent email marketing platform. The intuitive dashboard of MailChimp makes it easy for new users to create and manage email campaigns.

MailChimp templates make it easy to create stunning landing pages. MailChimp’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create beautiful landing pages.

MailChimp may not be the best option if you require more automation or a wider audience.

ActiveCampaign is flexible enough to adapt to your changing requirements. These offer more value at the top and can automate email campaigns.

MailChimp offers 500 subscribers a free service.

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