How do I Align Images in WordPress Visual Editor?

This article is part of the Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Series. WordPress has a powerful Visual Editor that makes it easy to create web pages or blog posts without having to know HTML.

It can, however, be finicky sometimes, especially when it comes to image placement.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot your images to ensure they look exactly the way you want.

WordPress: Troubleshooting Images

Here is a summary of the points made in the video.

1. The image will be placed relative to the text block where it is inserted, not the position of the blinking cursor in the Visual Editor.

2. If you wish to wrap text around an image, use the align left, center, and right commands.

3. Drag your image into the Visual Editor, but it rarely results in a great look.

4. If formatting is not correct:

  • Click the Text tab in the upper right. Scan the HTML code to find something similar to .
  • Copy and paste all of the information from the first to the />
  • Paste it just before the text block you want it near and then return to Visual tab

6. You can scale images and edit them by clicking on the image and then clicking the Edit button.

Next steps

Use images in your posts and pages. It’s okay to use them, even if it means you have to fix it every now and then. You can also learn more about Working With Images.

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