Is Wix Platform Still a Good Site Builder?

There are thousands of different ways to build a website. Wix has been a trusted brand in the field of web builders.

Established in 2006, they have been around for a while. Their brand was built through word-of-mouth and easy use up to 2018.

The company has increased its growth by introducing Super Bowl ads and sponsorships to sports. we were able to try out a few different drag-and-drop builders and see what they do. These are all our opinions and suggestions, along with alternative uses and Wix reviews.

Let’s start by looking at some basic considerations when building websites. You only need to use a text editor to create an HTML file.

People choose a solution that suits their needs based on what they must do. You can have 100% control (i.e. “We do all the work for you, but we also take care of everything”) or full DIY (i.e. You do all the work, but it can be very difficult. “

Whether you are building a website to personalize your life or for a small business, how you do it will have big consequences.

This can impact your flexibility and functionality as well as your brand’s reputation.

But, it’s not easy to choose the right home or office.

What’s Wix?

Wix offers the best website-building solution.

Wix is similar to other website builders. It’s a bit like renting an apartment in a gated community. You can personalize it and make changes, but the property owners have the infrastructure and plumbing.

Wix competes directly with all-inclusive website builders like

  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy GoCentral

All-inclusive WordPress is a better option than self-hosted WordPress. This software allows you to build a website. See our WordPress setup guide. There are options for self-hosted builders like GATOR or Website Creator. You can also type actual HTML code into a text file before uploading it to a server.

Is Wix safe?

Wix can be trusted.

Wix: Is it Free?

Wix has a free plan, but only if you use a Wix subdomain (e.g., Wix ads must be displayed and limited functionality must be provided.

Premium Plans are required to access custom domains with full functionality.

If you are looking to create a site, these WordPress hosting plans can be used for free.

Is that clear? Now let’s dive into the Wix review.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers a free plan if you don’t mind having your site address structured The only limitations are file storage and features, not pages or page types. Although their paid plans don’t offer the best pricing (which is a disadvantage that will be discussed shortly), they are affordable enough to suit many businesses that care more about the done-for-you part than a penny here and there. You can read our complete explanation of Wix’s pricing plans and policies.

Storage3 GB10 GB20 GB35 GB
Bandwidth/month2 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Email accounts
Domain Name Design        ✓        ✓      ✓
No-cost domain name1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

These plans make it easy for you to find everything that you want.

Although the tiers offered are quite reasonable, it’s worth checking the limits and seeing if the bonus features you need (e.g. More Video Hours than YouTube and Wistia span

Tiered discounts are available for all plans.

Once you’ve selected a plan, they will tell you upfront the true price and show you the discounted amount.

Wix offers four different levels of website plans.

No Cost Plan

Wix lets anyone sign up for a Wix account. Wix gives you full access to Wix Marketplace, Wix Editor, and Wix Editor. Wix also offers Wix Support, Wix Templates 500MB storage, Wix Support, and Wix Support.

The principal limitations are:

  • Your bandwidth is limited to 1GB per month.
  • you are limited to a domain in the form of:
  • A Wix advertisement must be included on your Wix website

Combo Plan

Wix offers 2GB bandwidth with no ads and 3GB storage. Get a custom domain for a year.

Unlimited Plan

Wix Unlimited Plan increases storage space by more than the Combo Plan and also offers a handful of premium Wix apps along with a $300 ad coupon. Storage space is what it all comes down to.

Pro Plan

VIP Plan

Wix VIP Plan increases storage space and offers priority customer support This all comes down to storage space.

Basics for Business

Wix offers a Business Basic plan that includes everything you need to create an eCommerce website. It does not offer subscriptions, multiple currencies, or any other extras.

Business Unlimited

Wix’s Business Unlimited plan offers subscriptions, advanced shipping, and more storage. You can also collect reviews from users.

VIP Service for Business

Wix offers a Business VIP Plan that allows you to sell via marketplaces, and custom reports and automates sales tax.

Wix Pros

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Wix.

Although Wix is popular among DIY site owners, it’s not a preferred choice. However, they pioneered Flash using a drag-and-drop builder. Every professional marketer that we knew hated this technology, even Steve Jobs.

They have invested heavily in the platform and moved away from Flash since then. The company now focuses on the built-in tools that are available to DIY small business owners, and what these entrepreneurs need.

Wix is not for professional marketers, and we will discuss this in the cons section.

Wix lacks the key benefit: It’s easy and simple to use by DIY site owners looking for something that works.

Site configuration & onboarding

Wix’s backend is functional. Wix has simplified the overall design.

This tool is intuitive and easy to use. Use templates and other tools to create a website you can see all coming together.

A website is easy to create.

There is an overwhelming amount of options.

Wix has a solid onboarding process. The team will set you up with an email sequence and walk through your design options.

Wix offers an excellent mobile experience. Start your project right on your smartphone and finish it later.

Wix’s Design Templates

Wix made many improvements in its themes and design over the last year. The themes looked good but were still very 2010-ish.

Wix has a great selection of modern themes. However, they aren’t as extensive as Squarespace.

Wix has introduced “Artificial Design Intelligence”, which automates much of the work required to design websites with an algorithm. This pitch is for your product.

Wix is known for its unique design and platform.

They are responsive which means that they adjust to the device and are accessible. This is especially important for people with disabilities.

Speed & Security

Wix hosts all Wix sites.

Wix websites use a lot of Javascript.

Sites are always secure and never “go down”, which means you do not need to worry too much about caching, CDNs, patches, or salts. The core speed and safety feature is this.

Customer Support & Knowledgebase*

Wix sites offer speed, security, and convenience.

Contact customer service if you have questions or concerns. Their platform is proprietary and they can resolve any problem.

Wix can solve all problems that they control. we received many emails complaining about this. Wix could not solve their extreme cases, which is often the reason why they were complaining.

Wix quickly solved all our domain connection issues. Wix was also very helpful.

I was unable to make it to the edge case, which is swapping an already published template.

While their service is excellent, you should be aware of the limitations.

Customization for Business

Wix has a very clear vision of its customers, potential customers, and target markets.

Wix lets you choose whether you would like to open a restaurant, band, or real estate. Sign-up is even simpler.

Product Investment

Wix has its downfalls. I’ll explain them in the next section. Wix, a fully independent and publicly traded company, is dedicated exclusively to web builders.

There are many incentives to make the product better and earn more as web builders.

Because many businesses consider the website builder part of their product packages, it is vital. The website could stagnate.

Google Sites, Blogger, and Square are examples of this. It is possible that Weebly could be converted into Square support.

My reviews have stressed the importance of learning how your service provider makes their money. You will avoid making long-term decisions around service providers that don’t care about your interests (e.g. Facebook Pages ). Wix. Both its independence and business model are fantastic.

Cons of Wix

Without going into detail about the downsides of Wix, this Wix review would not be complete. Even though Wix has come a long way since Flash-powered websites were launched, there are still some issues, particularly if Wix is used by a marketer or professional developer.

Wix has been the subject of many complaints and some are legitimate. All of the complaints are anecdotal. Wix is convenient. Wix lacks advanced features and control.

This summary is taken from the HackerNews thread

This is disgusting for everyone because it’s gross from the perspective of developers.

Wix is a wonderful tool we used to set up a website for our family. The designer software is simple to use and you can create a decent-looking site within minutes.

I ran into roadblocks in the middle of our time.

It is impressive to look at what these people have created and how it has allowed them to build quickly. This may not be because they are too obsessed with this part.

Let us sum up. These are some of the disadvantages that we found **.

It is not the default configuration. Wix offers Wix Code, a brand-new product. This review does not include our review of the Wix Code product. To help us with our web marketing or development, we may call up a friend and/or a developer.

Long-Term Wix Pricing

Wix plans can be used for free, but they come with ads.

This is the first plan that you pay for. It costs $13/mo and comes with a domain name ($9/year).

However, they are more costly than their main rivals.

  • Weebly Review
  • GoDaddy Website Builder Review
  • Review

They are more expensive than building your website with WordPress. Wix doesn’t allow unlimited file storage.

Wix can be more costly if they are used for a longer period.

Wix Editor & Design Functionality

There are a few intangibles that go unnoticed when it comes to editing and page layout. You can drag and drop anywhere…literally. Although this can be useful from a control perspective, it can also lead to frustration if you don’t meet your expectations.

Wix has many templates to help you keep your website design on the right track. Wix made significant investments over the last year in its site builder.

Over the years, they have invested a lot of money in Wix ADI (Artificial Designer Intelligence). Wix ADI lets users create stunning web designs using inputs.

However, some customers will not be satisfied by the amount of effort required to turn a project into something worthy of their investment.

Wix App Market & Extensions

Like other platforms, there are a limited number of features you can add to your platform. The App Store (also known as Apple or Android) is one way for customers to get the features they want.

Wix created the Wix App Marketplace to make it easier for Wix users to find compatible third-party applications. Many of these apps were iframes that had been added to Wix pages.

Wix has seen an increase in the number of its apps throughout the years. It’s great. Wix also has Wix Booking, which allows you to book appointments for appointment-based businesses.

I was not as pleased with their integration.

This is because the Etsy app doesn’t directly add Etsy functionality to your site. Instead, it adds an “iframe”, (ie. window), that lets people navigate Etsy and remain on your website.

The technology is simple. It is very simple to use.

Technical SEO for Growing Sites

Wix is often criticized by professionals in the SEO industry. Flash has been used on their websites, which was an issue for all SEO consultants.

The site strongly criticized Wix SEO’s overpromises and credibility last year.

There have been some modifications over time.

Googlebot does a better job indexing and crawling web pages.

Wix’s search engine visibility has been significantly increased. This is an example of how Wix clarified and reworked redirects.

This is because the SEO needs of each market are very different.

The third point confuses me.

The SEO requirements for an online shop selling more than 5000 items with international shipping are very different from the ones for small-scale flower shops.

John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Help thread, highlighted the fact that Wix websites “work well in search”, and suggested website owners should “look at an overall picture.” “

Wix offers the best website services but site owners often only need the essentials. These site owners need more assistance in design than Wix provides.

Wix is not a great choice for us professionally. Wix is not a good choice for our clients. Testing HTML elements on a large scale is also important. This is because it does not apply to all websites.

Wix can be a wonderful tool for DIY users.

This is a search engine that’s been used by our local deli. It works well in the results.


According to them, the top SEO factor they need to be worried about is their current content. Their updated content (i.e.

These are small, non-profit organizations, local florists, and small universities.

SEO does not mean that you can’t grow your platform using. However, Wix is unable to help sites that depend on organic search from outside Wix.

Wix works well if there are referrals, word-of-mouth,, and other offline advertising methods that can be used to generate leads.

Wix should not be a problem for those who are serious about SEO or work with an SEO expert.

Advanced Marketing Tools and Technical Limitations

Although they are related to technical SEO issues. Wix has both technical and advanced marketing limitations.

Wix allows you to have total control and convenience over your platform. Although this isn’t a major problem, it is something to be aware of.

Wix provides many tools for small businesses, such as CRM software, appointment software, and eCommerce software.

You can add code to your website if it does not already have it.

Wix tools are easy to use for most users. You can, however, learn more advanced features if you’re a proficient user.

Data export

What happens if your data, design, and content are lost?

Wix doesn’t allow you to export any data. If you move, you can’t take it with you.

In the worst-case scenario, you would need to copy/paste or manually scrape all of your data from your old website.

Site owners should have all their intellectual property and data backed up.

Wix eCommerce Addendum

Wix provides Wix store functionality via three business tiers. These are Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. Wix is closer to an eCommerce shop with payment functionality than an entire eCommerce plan.

Websites that are mostly informational, lead-generation, or educational sites will find this useful. They can also sell products. A restaurant might be interested in selling a few mugs and shirts.

eCommerce-first websites may not like it.

Wix Video Review

Wix can be a great option for websites

Wix can be used for web development services, such as website design and web programming.

Wix is well-reviewed. Wix claims that DIY site owners will have no problems using it. They keep their word. They have their drawbacks, however, for professional developers and intermediate DIYers.

Wix offers plans that may suit your needs if they like what you have to say.

Here’s where you can look for the best Wix alternative website builders.

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