Beautiful Dental Website Design Examples for Dentists

You’re building a website for your dental practice and are looking for examples of dental website design. You might also be wondering which platform to use for your website.

Before we get into the examples of how dental websites look on various website builders and hosting platforms, here’s something to remember when evaluating websites. It’s not about how they look. It’s also important to consider the functionality.

It’s like buying a car. You may have an idea of the make/model you want, and are looking to drive them on the road to get a better idea of how they look. But you care about their operation. Is it able to accelerate quickly? Is it capable of hauling heavy loads? What is the gas mileage?

It is important to look at the examples of dental websites in the same manner.

Are you interested in appointment scheduling functionality on the website? Are you interested in a patient portal? Before you choose a website builder and hosting platform, it is important to consider this functionality.

Choose the right website builder for your dental website

These website examples are not only to show how they look on different platforms but also how they can function. So you can make sure your website is both functional and attractive!

Best Dental Website Examples

These examples were selected based on usability, design, functionality. When you are building a website for a dental practice, don’t just think about how it looks. It is important to consider what your website actually does and to find a platform that meets all your needs.

Ponce Dental Group

Software: Adobe

Hosting: Adobe

This website from Ponce Dental Group offers all the necessary features. The homepage allows you to book an appointment, manage appointments, and learn more about insurance and payment plans. Despite all this information, it is simple to navigate and find the information you need.

This dental website is an excellent example of a website that lets you have multiple calls-to-action without making it difficult for visitors to navigate.

Bay Area Dental Surgery

Software: Weebly (Weebly review)

Hosting: Weebly (Weebly Review).

This Bay Area Dental Surgery Center dental website is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This website is simple and clean. The subhead and header clearly tell you what the dentist does. We also like the cartoon graphic, which adds creativity and branding.

This is just one example that shows how a simple layout can be extremely effective for your dental website. It doesn’t mean that you need a website with tons of functionality or advanced branding.

This template is great for creating a dental website.

Grace & Leedy

Software: Squarespace (Squarespace Review).

Hosting: Squarespace (Squarespace Review).

This is a great example of a dental website. First, take a look at the website’s navigation. Once you arrive at the website, your attention is immediately drawn to the choices of where you want to go next. It is simple and makes it easy to choose the next step.

We liked the ability to download the form page.

Visitors will find it easy to follow the clear instructions and see the call-to-action buttons. Including the forms on the website enhances the patient experience both online and in person. There’s no need to fill out endless forms in a waiting room.

Another great example of a simple template site that maximizes functionality and design to provide a great user experience is this one.

Dr. James Catt DMD

Software: Self-hosted WordPress

Hosting: Codero + Linode

The color scheme on this dentist website was what made it stand out. You can see that the logo, buttons, and header image have the same color scheme. It makes the design appear sophisticated, even though it is quite simple.

We also loved Dr. James’s use of focus landing pages to increase awareness about each of his services.

This is a great way for you to create more detailed pages about your services. It also provides valuable information to potential clients who are researching dental procedures before making a decision to work with you.

St. Lawrence Dental

Software: Wix (Wix Review).

Hosting: Wix (Wix Review).

Did you ever go to a website looking for logistical information, such as contact information or operating hours? It’s so frustrating!

The website for dental care does an excellent job at keeping important information easily accessible. The homepage’s top right corner shows the telephone number, operating hours and the “request an appointment” button. Visitors can easily find all the information they require when booking an appointment.

Atlanta Dental Spa

Software: Self-hosted WordPress

Hosting: Google Cloud / Google

Another strong example of a website for Atlanta Dental Spa hits all the right marks. It’s clean and sophisticated and has lots of content, including before and afters. However, it’s well-organized and easy to navigate.

We loved the Messenger function Atlanta Dental Spa offers, which allows you chat directly with them via Facebook Messenger.

This is a great example of a website for dental patients.

Next steps

You have some ideas for design, colors and functionality that you want on your dental website. Now, what do you do?

It all depends on where you are at the moment in your journey to build a dental website.

You can find my guide to selecting a website developer here.

Finally, my guide to local marketing strategies will help you market your dental website.

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