Which Platform is Best for Ecommerce?

It can be difficult and confusing to choose the right eCommerce platform for your online shop. It is difficult to compare different platforms because there is no one “best” eCommerce platform. You should only choose the right platform for you business, taking into account all of the tradeoffs.

These tradeoffs include your budget, technical resources and knowledge, specific features you require, and how vendors approach you.

Based on my experience with many eCommerce platforms, I can tell you that there are a few that work well for most people. Below is a list of companies that were included in the quiz.

Summary – The Best Ecommerce Platforms

  • Versatile Integration
  • Strong Options
  • Support is the key
  • Online only

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  • Most popular
  • Feature Rich
  • You should focus on usability
  • Broad Appeal

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  • Affordable Plans
  • Drag & Drop Tools
  • Simple is the best!
  • Small Site Appeal

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You are focusing on a self-hosted option.

WooCommerce can be used with your WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress.com website. This allows for maximum control and the lowest cost. However, it requires a DIY setup.

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Top eCommerce Platforms

Below is a list of possible other eCommerce platforms. You can choose which platform is best depending on whether you sell physical products or digital products such as courses.

ReviewMy RatingPhysical ProductsDigital ProductsWebsite
BigCommerce8.0/10Find out More
Duda7.5/10Find out More
GoDaddy Website Builder7.0/10Find out More
Jimdo8.0/10Find out More
PayKickstart9.0/10Find out More
SamCart8.5/10Find out More
SendOwl8.0/10Find out More
Shopify9.5/10Find out More
SITE1238.0/10Find out More
Sitebuilder7.5/10Find out More
Squarespace8.5/10Find out More
ThriveCart9.5/10Find out More
Volusion7.5/10Find out More
Webflow7.5/10Find out More
Weebly8.0/10Find out More
Wix9.0/10Find out More
WooCommerce8.5/10Find out More
WordPress.com8.0/10Find out More

What should you look for in an eCommerce platform

There are many options for ecommerce platforms. The platform that is right for you will depend on your needs.

When you’re shopping for a car, think about what you need. You need to get from A to B. An eCommerce platform requires someone to view the product you sell, place it in a shopping basket, and then send you money. That’s it. There’s more, just like choosing a car. These are some of the most popular ways to compare your top or best eCommerce platform.


You know that the price of a car will determine whether you choose a Toyota or Lexus. The same applies to online stores and eCommerce options. Higher budgets will result in more attractive platforms with more features. You’ll find more DIY options, but they will be more expensive.


It is important to distinguish between functionality and usability. Some companies prefer design over features. It’s a compromise. Some people may prefer all the options and features available, while others might be content with the simplest buttons. A different store owner may prefer a better design to an obscure feature.

Customer support

It is great to be able call someone for assistance. This also comes at a cost – you’re on a standard platform. Others might be okay with a developer on retainer or with DIY education.


Similar to features and design, there is a compromise between convenience and control. Your online store will become more complicated the more customizable you make it.

Content marketing

Some websites can be used as eCommerce shops. Some websites view content as a huge marketing opportunity. However, just like user-friendliness and eCommerce features, there is a tradeoff between content marketing features and eCommerce features.


Some platforms are more difficult to leave than others. It’s not necessarily bad. They can provide better user experience on their platform. Some owners prefer to be able to delete all of their data and designs.

Custom Web design

Custom design is a key component of selecting the right eCommerce platform. Many platforms allow you to choose from a variety of customizable themes. However, some platforms make it more difficult to create a custom design experience.

App Store

A platform may not include all features that you need, but it will offer an app store to allow you to add more. The same applies to eCommerce platforms. Many companies offer all the necessary features for an online store in a single package. You can also create an “app store” to help you make your decision.

Speed & Security

Hosting is often included in the eCommerce platform’s complete package. They also provide security. This service, like customer support costs money. You can do it yourself if it is not important to your needs.

Offline Sales

All eCommerce platforms allow you to manage your inventory and orders. Some platforms work better with offline sales than others. One of these systems will even be your offline ordering system, allowing you to have seamless inventory/payment experiences between online and offline stores.

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