Event Websites: 7 Best Inspiring Designs For You

Are you starting to build an event website? Perhaps you are also wondering what platform to use to host your event website.

Find the best website builder to create your event website

Let’s look at some examples of event websites built on different website builders and hosting services.

It’s almost like buying a car.

You should look at event website examples in the same way. This will help you to create a website that meets your needs.

The Best Event Sites

These are examples based on usability and design. Consider what your website does.

Bonnaroo Music & Art Festival

Software: Self-hosted WordPress

Hosting (Cloud)

Bonnaroo is unique because it captures the spirit of the festival. You can view the event details, buy tickets and browse the line-up.

The website was easy to use.

Sandy Springs Artsapalooza

Software: Self-hosted WordPress

Hosting at GoDaddy

This shows that your event website doesn’t have to be complicated and well-designed. You can make it straightforward and still achieve the same result.

Atlanta Sport and Social Club

League Lab Software

Hosting: Web Services

Atlanta Sport and Social Club (or ) is an example of an event website that makes use of a niche software provider (League Lab) to achieve specific functionality.

You can filter by date, place, or even neighborhood. It is not about how the website looks. It is about its functions.

Mary, and Bill

Wix Software

Hosting with Wix

A different type of event website is Weddings!

Mary & Bill’s wedding website shows that an event theme can also be used to create a personal, fun website.

The “Getting There” page includes a map image, directions, as well as fonts, colors, and fonts. Their website stands out, without them having to spend on a custom-designed website. It will be updated only once per year.

The Mirage

Software: Adobe CQ+ MGM Resorts

Hosting: MGM hosts this event.

The Mirage is technically not an event website. It’s primarily a hotel website. Visitors can see the cards on the homepage and click on the call-to-action for each card. The layout is simple but very user-friendly.

Digital Summit

Software: Self-hosted WordPress

Hosting at GoDaddy

Digital Summit’s website can display information for several events. This website is a great example of one you can use to inspire. This feature is great if you have educational materials you wish to accompany your event.

From Merchants to Makers

Software: Weebly

Hosting: Weebly

Makers and Merchants is another example where an organization uses a single website for multiple events. The site features photos from past events that give visitors an idea of what to expect.

It’s easy to use and you can see all the events and RSVP quickly.

This website is an excellent example of a simple website for events. This website provides all the information the reader needs and gives a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of the events.

Next steps

You already have some ideas for the design, colors, and functionality of your event site. What are you going to do now?

It all comes down to where you are in the process of building a website for an event.

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