Best Shopify Store Examples You Can Learn From & Sell

Shopify allows you to start your own eCommerce website. Shopify allows you to set up an online store.

You can sell your products or services differently than with other retail models.

Selling physical goods is not a limitation. This allows cunning entrepreneurs the chance to sell their services to other customers.

Unlike other online marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, you can have unlimited quantities of physical products in your stock.

You can actually sell digital products and physical items

We’ll be discussing 10+ products you can offer on Shopify today. You’ll see examples and then we’ll move to the next category which offers more creative sellers.

First, a quick refresher:

Shopify: What do you do?

Shopify can be subscribed to. Shopify is an online subscription service. The Shopify platform bundles software with inventory management, fulfillment, point of sale (POS), payment processing and more into one subscription. The Shopify admin dashboard makes it easy to manage a retail store.

Shopify makes it easy to sell products and services online.

How can Shopify help you?

Any other than their Acceptable Use Policy

Let’s close. Shopify lets you sell anything as long as the rules are followed.

  • Anything that exploits children.
  • COVID-19-related products
  • Harassment, bullying, defamation and threats
  • Resist hateful content
  • Illegal activities
  • Protected Intellectual Property
  • Advert using misleading and malicious practices
  • All information that contains confidential or private health information
  • Certain restricted items
  • Anything that promotes self-harm
  • Spam (the electronic message, not the lunch food)
  • Any support for terrorist organisations

Shopify was designed to allow you to sell physical items.

Arts and Crafts

Shopify lets you sell anything, including small-sized handicrafts or large-scale projects.

There are many art and craft items that can be sold online.

  • Calligraphy custom
  • Crocheting and cross-stitching are both possible.
  • Leather goods and jewelry
  • Bracelets and necklaces made with beads
  • Wood carvings
  • Furniture
  • Paintings
  • Pottery

All products can now be sold digitally.

You can watch YouTube to learn how to make any handicraft.

Products to the Home

Shopify is able to help marketers organize and clean products. Shopify customers expect to have more intimate relationships with the brands that they purchase from.

These household items might be sold.

  • Cleaning Products that are environmentally friendly
  • Handmade soap
  • Scented candles
  • Kitchen towels
  • Storage containers
  • Hair styling and accessories

Shopify allows for recurring orders and subscriptions. You can easily set up a regular retail revenue stream for some of the best-known DTC brands.

Toys and Games

Shopify sells anything children and adults will enjoy.

Shopify is also a great way to make and sell collectible cards, such as baseball cards or cards from Magic: The Gathering.

Shopify lets you create a brand beyond selling on Amazon and eBay. There are no sales or listing fees.


Services such as Amazon’s Kindle Create or Designrr make it easy to create high-quality ebooks. Shopify offers other apps that let you print on demand and distribute across social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

Ebooks can make passive income for your website.

Make an appointment to receive services

Shopify allows you to send products via email. Customers can also fill out forms and sync them to your booking calendar.

Shopify is a fantastic platform for dentists, hairdressers and dog walkers.

Consultations also are available. Consultations may be purchased online by any individual, including interior designers and business consultants.

Shopify can be a fantastic solution for service providers who also sell products online or in person. You don’t have to try and put together service appointments software and retail sales software. Instead, one CRM (customer relationship management) will work and you only need one inventory management.


Memberships to Club allow members to take part in something bigger than themselves. Shopify allows you to easily sell your membership to anyone, no matter how long it is.

You can also access e-books, classes and workshops.

Shopify can be used as a service provider, just like any other software solution. Shopify is a service provider like other software solutions. It allows you to run your own membership company and sell online products.

Workshops and Classes

Virtual tickets can be sold through Shopify to attend classes and workshops. Virtual tickets can be sold through Shopify to attend classes or seminars.


Shopify allows you to not only sell items, but you can also rent products through Shopify. You can rent mannequins or luxe dresses for special events.


You need to donate to artists and foundations.

Shopify lets you make donations at various levels. You can even combine your Patreon status with to get merchandise for your cause.

Next steps

Shopify’s flexibility is amazing.

This Shopify resource will allow you to understand Shopify’s strengths and weaknesses compared with other Shopify options.

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