Pros & Cons You Should Know About Bluehost

Bluehost: What’s it all about?

Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites and employs more than 750 people. Bluehost has also opened offices in Orem (Utah span>

This Bluehost review will discuss pricing and customer service, and then break down the services.

  • Registration of domain name
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Website Builder

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost offers a range of hosting plans that are ideal for beginners or small businesses.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost shared hosting plans are also known as Bluehost shared hosting. They are strong enough to host all websites, no matter how basic or popular.

They can run WordPress or any other application on a Stack. Bluehost provides three main shared hosting plans. 

The Essential Features

  • *Free domain registration for one year
  • SSL Certificate included with your
  • Site migration free
  • Choice Plus plans and higher allow domain privacy for no additional charge
  • Chat live
  • 24/7 customer support

Bluehost offers a core offering: a free domain name.

The web hosting plans offered are sufficient for anyone just starting.

If your blog receives over 50,000 visitors per month or you need to install multiple WordPress plugs, we recommend that you upgrade to Bluehost WordPress plans.

Bluehost Managed WordPress hosting offers more CPU power. Daily backups for WordPress blogs are another reason to upgrade.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

WordPress can run on shared hosting. However, many hosting companies offer WordPress hosting plans due to the hardware requirements for WordPress. Bluehost doesn’t offer WordPress websites like this.

Bluehost is a highly-rated WordPress hosting provider. Your website may grow, and your needs might change. It is possible to find a more sophisticated WordPress hosting provider.

Bluehost is a recommended service since 2005. This is due to its unique features, plans, and resources for managing large, rapidly growing WordPress websites.

Bluehost VPS Hosting

You can get a specific allocation of server resources without having to lease dedicated servers.

Your website is hosted on the same server as other websites. However, you have full control over certain resources.

Bluehost dedicated hosting

Bluehost offers dedicated web hosting. Bluehost offers dedicated web hosting.

All plans come with a domain name just like the other services.

Bluehost cannot manage its servers.

One disadvantage of dedicated hosting is the lack of redundancy in case of hardware failure. We recommend looking at other dedicated providers first.

Bluehost’s Pros

There is no one perfect hosting company. It all depends upon your goals.

These are the Bluehost benefits.

The Power of a Big Brand

Bluehost, a large web hosting provider, is also known as.

Newfold Digital is the biggest global hosting company. This brand has more recognition than Wix or GoDaddy.

While there are some downsides to being a big brand, we will address them later. However, there are also many benefits.

1. These hosting companies have the resources to hire the best network engineers, customer support team leaders, and executive teams.

2. Customers have the option to choose to increase market share (aka keep customers happy) or short-term revenue. Bluehost’s Net Promoter Score wins the customer!

3. Big brands take time to grow and fade. Bluehost can guarantee that it will not happen.

They have great pricing

As we mentioned in other web hosting reviews pricing must be considered but in context.

Bluehost hosting costs are reasonable and affordable, especially for websites of small to medium size looking for a reliable solution.

There are four pricing options. The cheapest plan is for websites that are just starting. There are some limitations, which we will explain in the pros section.

The mid-tier plan offers many unlimited or unmetered features and is very affordable. It is slightly more costly to renew than the direct competitors, but it includes a free domain and a free SSL certificate. You can also install unlimited websites.

Bluehost offers a special discount to those who are interested in hosting with low features and a fixed pricing structure. we will be reviewing their pricing structure and feature caps.

International Pricing

Bluehost provides international options to customers who are not from the US. Customers who have been ex-customers can avoid currency swings or foreign transaction fees.

It is easy to make a website using them

While setting up a website has never been easier, it can be overwhelming for someone who isn’t familiar with the process.

Onboarding refers to the process of moving customers through this process.

Poor onboarding experiences can lead to customers leaving hosting providers.

Bluehost has done a great job making sure that all technical tools are available to customers who require them. The onboarding process for new customers who may not want to see technical tools immediately is easy.

Bluehost uses industry-standard tools like cPanel. This is a screenshot of the new Bluehost dashboard.

Bluehost provides a wealth of knowledge and an education center to help customers get started.

They provide top-notch customer service

There will always be an issue, no matter which website host you use. Customer support is essential.

Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support via chat, phone, and social media.

It is difficult to gauge the level of service provided by a company. You can’t tell if you are dealing with an expert or someone who is having a bad day.

We prefer to assess customer service on the basic access and investment, rather than judging it by its quality.

Both are indicators that can help you determine whether a company views customer service as a cost, a sales opportunity, or an investment.

Bluehost excels in both.

We mentioned this in our HostGator Comparison. They use their phone less as a tool for triage than as a way to let everyone talk to experts immediately.

This is neither a good nor a bad thing. We believe it is important to be aware that they will continue to check their phone lists and will place you on hold.

It’s better to talk to someone over the telephone than to use chat or email to get in touch with them.

Bluehost invests heavily in both its knowledge base and support options for product screens.

Most questions can be answered online without having to call a customer service representative.

There are many hosting add-ons

Bluehost provides many additional features to its products. These include SSLs and Google Ad Credits, as well as Cloudflare integration.

While we don’t recommend Bluehost to use these add-ons or extras, they can be a great way to enhance the service and even outperform low-cost competitors.

Expertise and Full Hosting Product Suite

Bluehost provides a full product line that includes shared and domain hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting. VPS Hosting. You can also get dedicated hosting.

They also offer customized web hosting for website owners using WordPress with woo-commerce or who need assistance (such as speed or security to their WordPress website).

Cons of Bluehost

These are the cons and complaints we have about Bluehost.

Large brands also have issues

The section title is the most important thing.

Bluehost is not an exception. Large companies can have real and imagined problems. Bluehost is a big company that operates on a large scale. This is due in part to the size of its operations, scale, and relationships.

1. The brand effects of their 24-hour downtime in August 2013 that affected millions of accounts are still being felt. 2. Their Winter 2016 network failure is still being reported.

2. There are many security and downtime concerns due to millions of accounts. Bluehost can handle them, but large companies also have them.

3. Large-scale cost-cutting measures. Bluehost will always be motivated to host more websites per server to lower capital costs.

This is not something that I, Bluehost competitors, or anyone commenting online can confirm. They have many outstanding infrastructure projects they need to finish, but they are often delayed by pressure to cut expenses.

5. Possible conflicts of interest. Automattic is owned by Bluehost and Newfold. This is’s parent company and a major contributor to the WordPress open-source project.

Slow hosting speed

Bluehost’s speed is good for sites starting to medium-sized websites, but it’s less for larger sites (e.g. media-heavy sites).

Non-network engineers can measure speed and performance using time till the first byte (or TFB).

The time it takes for a server to deliver the first information after receiving the request. This refers to the turnaround time for files stored on websites.

The TTFB measurement is very rough.

View it as a trend and not a single snapshot. Our Bluehost snapshots have been around average to below average over the years, but our 2021 test was extremely fast.

Website speed can be affected by many variables

Depending on the resource-intensive nature of your site, you can choose a web host that offers the best performance.

Bluehost is transparent about the hardware they use to host their shared servers. That is something we appreciate.

They have the most recent versions of PHP and MySQL. They limit the memory available on Basic plans.

This is a simple fix, but you still need to fix it if plugins are highly in demand

Bluehost’s overall performance compares with other hosting companies who focus on speed and efficiency.

Frequent Marketing

Bluehost’s pitch and hosting plans are not for the weak-hearted. They lack clarity and are full of marketing jargon.

We don’t know the names of CodeGuard Basic and SpamExpert. What is the effect of an increase in default memory?

Managed WordPress hosting can be purchased alongside shared hosting. WooCommerce hosting will cost more than Managed WordPress hosting.

Are you still confused?

It is difficult to compare hosting company offerings. Bluehost makes it difficult for us to compare apples with apples in their plans.

Hosting can be confusing and overwhelming. We consider anything that makes hosting more difficult an advantage.

Upsells are irritating

Bluehost is a Newfold Digital company that will sell Newfold Digital products as well as partner products such OptinMonster.

Cross-selling can be beneficial for some customers. Cross-sells can be frustrating for some customers, such as me.

Bluehost doesn’t automatically install as many plugins as HostGator. They do have cross-sells and upsells, which can be irritating.

There is no guarantee for 90 days or daily backups

Bluehost can do some other things very well but not as well as direct competitors.

Our Recommendation

Bluehost works perfectly. Bluehost does not work perfectly but is an excellent choice for website owners, especially for WordPress blogs.

Bluehost provides more options for shared hosting plans that are outgrowing yours.

If you are looking for better performance and an independent host (i.e. Not Newfold Digital-owned ).

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