Is ClickMeter A Best Affiliate Link Tracking Service?

It’s not enough just to track clicks if you are a blogger doing affiliate marketing. Tracking conversions is also important.

Many affiliate marketers, and most businesses, don’t track conversion rates. This is, however, the most important. You must be successful in affiliate marketing.

Pretty Links is one of the most popular tracking plugins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer this functionality. Pretty Links will quickly outgrow your site if you make any significant revenue.

ClickMeter was the first service I tried before I decided to use it. These services either didn’t have conversion tracking or were difficult to use.

ClickMeter was a link management software that allows conversion tracking.

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter allows you to manage all your affiliate links and social media channels from one location. ClickMeter’s sister site Rebrandly is a great option if you are looking for a service that will shorten your links.

ClickMeter does not currently offer a WordPress plugin to add affiliate links to blogs. However, this is not the main reason you should get ClickMeter. ClickMeter is for tracking affiliate link conversions.

ClickMeter lets you measure clicks as well as conversions. You can embed a pixel directly on merchant’s sites or go with the more popular postback option.

You have many options to customize ClickMeter to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, ClickMeter does not offer any other functionality.


Sezmi’s Take

ClickMeter is my favorite link tracking service. It’s not perfect. However, it could use some improvements. ClickMeter remains a reliable, easy-to-use tool. ClickMeter is the best choice if you want to track conversions and integrate your blog with it.

8.0 Out Of 10

Price$19 – $3,990 per month
Annual DiscountYes, 2 months of free!


  • It’s easy to use — Overall, it’s one of the easiest to use affiliate tracking services.
  • Powerful reporting — ClickMeter offers many options for displaying the data. Data can also be exported via the API or CSV files to Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.
  • The most powerful API – This is a great feature for super affiliates. This webhook functionality allows you to extend functionality and integrate third-party services (ClickMeters refers to this as a “piggyback”)
  • You have many redirection options – You can redirect by country or device and do A/B testing. ClickMeter is likely to have a redirection option for you.


  • Doesn’t Track UTM codes — ClickMeter can’t track UTM parameters out of the box. This functionality can be created with ClickMeter’s custom variables.
  • Conversion Tracking Can Be Confusing — Although ClickMeter is powerful and easy to use, it can be difficult to set up server-to server conversion tracking. ClickMeter should support more affiliate networks in order to automate this process.
  • Out of Date Documentation – There are minor issues in the setup and documentation (i.e. there is no mention of SSL support for the postback link).
  • ClickMeter does not offer any plugins to integrate with their service.
  • No Way to Block Google — Since there is no way to block Google links, it’s not recommended that you place ClickMeter links out in the wild. A reflection page is a page that blocks Google from indexing affiliate links.
  • No landing pages — ClickMeter does not have landing page functionality, unlike other products like Voluum. However, I believe that ClickMeter could be better implemented by a dedicated service.


  • Get a view of all your clicks and conversions in one place

ClickMeter Conversion Tracking

Tracking products is crucial for super affiliates. My strategy is to track conversions like they are my products.

ClickMeter’s conversion tracking is therefore the most important feature. ClickMeter can track and manage all affiliate links from one location.

Google Analytics doesn’t allow you to track conversions. Click tracking is not possible with Google Analytics. This is because Google Analytics allows you to track clicks per click. However, the tracking algorithm in Google Analytics uses JavaScript so it is not 100% accurate.

ClickMeter is the tool you need to generate a report for each conversion.

Although ClickMeter’s tracking may seem a bit confusing at first, it is very powerful once it’s set up. You can see my video below to learn how to set-up a server-to server postback link.

It takes just three steps to track conversions, as you can see.

  1. Add a sub-ID to a server-to server unique ID
  2. ClickMeter allows you to create a conversion tag
  3. Add the ClickMeter postback conversion code to the merchant’s associate system

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter, like most Software as a Service (SaaS), charges a monthly charge. There are also annual discounts. Two months are included in a 12-month subscription. Prepay 24 months to get six months of free service.

The cheapest subscription starts from $19 per Month

$19/mo5,0005001 Year1
$29/mo25,0002,5001 Year1
$49/mo50,0005,0001 Year1
$99/mo200,00020,0002 years10
$119/mo300,00030,0002 years10
$149/mo500,00050,0002 years10
$199/mo1,000,000100,0002 years10
$349/mo2,000,000200,0003 years100
$449/mo3,000,000300,0003 years100
$649/mo5,000,000500,0003 years100

ClickMeter offers a variety of plans to suit everyone. I recommend that you start with the cheapest plan, and then move up as your needs change.

ClickMeter Alternatives

If ClickMeter is not what you are looking for, there are many ClickMeter alternatives.

NameWP PluginConversion trackingStart Price
Pretty Links ProYesNo$59/yr

ClickMagick is my only viable ClickMeter replacement. It lacks many of the essential features ClickMeter provides. ClickMeter would be the winner in a ClickMeter-vs. ClickMagick comparison.

ClickMagick does not have an API (application programming interface) nor a webhook (ClickMeter refers to this as a “piggyback”) that allows it to integrate with other services like Woopra.

ClickMeter also offers custom variables that allow you to track important data. These are essential features for me as a super affiliate.

Sign up for ClickMeter to track conversions


ClickMeter is the best affiliate tracking system I’ve ever used. It is a service I highly recommend and have used for years among my customers as well.

ClickMeter does not have all the answers. ClickMeter is, in my opinion, the best glue factory horse. There are many features and functions that could be made easier. ClickMeter is the best link tracking service currently available.

ClickMeter cannot track conversions down the source traffic source out of the box. It is possible to extend the service, ideally with custom programming.

This is why I used the API of ClickMeter to expand ClickMeter’s functionality, and offered some add-ons for use in conjunction.

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