How Do You Know If The Business Will Be Successful?

Aspire to be an entrepreneur but are currently employed.

Starting your own business is risky.

Before you even start your own business, there are many ways you can increase your odds of success. You can do all this while still keeping your job.

According to the Academy of Management, entrepreneurs who work full-time are 33% less likely to fail than those who leave their jobs. The number one reason startups fail is a lack of demand.

To answer the question, “Will my company succeed?” You will have to validate your ideas and then test them.

These are the five essential things you need to do before you quit your job.

1 These landing pages will help to build interest and collect emails

Every business needs a website. Landing pages are a great way to get people interested in your idea.

Landing page: A page that visitors see after they click on an advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Search.

Create a landing page, or series of landing pages, to tell people about your product and get them signed up to receive information or be notified when the product launches.

A simple but attractive page can be created and launched in a matter of days. The page’s traffic will show how many people have visited it.

What should you include on your Landing Page?

You don’t need a complicated landing page to get the information that you want. Ryan Buckley is the author of Parallel Entrepreneur.

  • A tagline describes your business in a single sentence.
  • Call to Action: If you don’t sell any products, you are not required to. “
  • You can have three to four benefits to make your company stand out. These benefits include speed, affordability, and ease-of-use.

These three items should appear “above” the fold, meaning visitors won’t need to scroll to see them.

This example shows you what landing pages should contain: A title or tagline, a description of your company (the benefits), and a CTA. Unbounce

You can add additional information “below the fold” such as testimonials, screenshots, and social media handles. Crazy Egg Let’s see whether people scroll past the fold or not.

Test your Landing Pages

It doesn’t matter if you have one landing page. To determine whether low interest in your idea for a business is not due to the product but to the layout or copy.

Use Unbounce to test several landing pages. Only one variable can be changed for every variation of a landing webpage: the call-to-action or tagline.

The next step is to measure traffic and examine the heatmaps of your pages. Next, you can calculate clickthrough rates per page.

Change a variable on your landing page for the best results. Source Instapage

The lessons you will learn from the Landing Page Experiment

It is not enough just to get as many email addresses as possible while testing landing page variables You will need to test your tests to find key information about positioning, marketing, and understanding the business.

  • You want to assess the interest in your business and determine if there is enough. It is important not to sell products that haven’t been made or to pre-sell orders.
  • Which benefits do my customers value most? A product that’s faster, cheaper, or better than the rest.
  • What is the best way to describe the problem my product solves? It may be that customers are more interested in a single benefit than a longer, more detailed headline. This will help you determine the best descriptions to get signups.
  • How much are customers willing to pay for my services? It’s possible to test one pricing model per landing page, and then play around with other pricing structures to find the best pricing model.

2. To drive traffic, create advertising campaigns

What is the best way to get people outside of your network to visit your landing page? You can easily advertise online to get people to your landing pages from outside of your circle.

It is possible to test the engagement of your ads by placing them on social media sites like Facebook. Even if these only direct users to your landing pages,

To test and run ads, you should use Facebook and Google. They are both the most popular platforms for advertising online. Every platform has its technology and can reach different buyers, with different buyer intentions.

These are tips and tricks that will help you manage Facebook ads and Google ads.

Advertise with Google

Google Ads can be a good way to remember that Google users always search for answers and information.

What questions might your target customer ask when using Google to find answers? Create headlines answering the following questions, if you are looking for ways to save money or time in marketing.

Google receives over 3.5 million searches per day. Google receives over 3.5 million searches per day.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook users tend to scroll more slowly through their news feeds than others. Ads on Facebook should grab their attention and distract them from scrolling.

These are the best practices for

  • Create provocative headlines and compelling copy
  • Choose images stylistically related to your copy.
  • Facebook’s deep audience targeting tools allow you to narrow your audiences down to specific audiences.

If your idea for a business is approved, you’ll most likely be using Facebook ads to generate new leads. Your goal, for now, should be to get traffic to landing pages.

The Best Practices for Any Platform

You will want to get results. For $100, you can advertise on Facebook or Google.

To find the most popular headline, you can use both platforms to test them. This will also give you insight into the popularity of your users so that you can launch your business later.

Your ad body should have engaging and well-written copy. Copy your landing page descriptions to your ads in order save time.

Your audiences should be broad on both social media platforms. You shouldn’t restrict them by their geography, interest, or behavior. Facebook has audience targeting tools that can help you identify broad audiences to target. Your goal at every stage should be to get the maximum traffic.

How to calculate your click-throughs and convert

Once your ads are up and running for several weeks, you can calculate click-through rates and conversion rates

The CTR refers to the number of people that click on your search ads once they are visible. HubSpot reports that CTR in every industry is between 1.91% (and 0.35%, respectively). A CTR of more than 1% is a good indicator that the audience is likely to be interested in your ads.

The conversion rate, or CVR, is the percentage of people who visit your website and do the actions you want them to. This is when they sign up for your newsletter. If you advertise a message that is important to them, you may have to change your landing pages to accommodate this.

Good CVRs are only a few percentage points. Do not be discouraged if your CVR is low.

3. Have honest discussions with your market

It is possible to believe your idea has potential after receiving positive responses to landing pages or ads. While landing pages and ads are great indicators of success, they can also lead to too much confidence.

Talking with your target market is an important step to ensure that your pitch is the best for your audience. There are two methods to achieve this.

Interview your target market

Conversations with your audience by telephone or in-person will give you deeper insights and truths about the value of your company.

You can tell if they’re interested in clicking on your advertisement and signing up for the newsletter. It isn’t always obvious why.

You should always meet customers where you think they will be, whether it is at their workplaces, conferences, or outside of their favorite ice cream/clothing shop. You might be able to spend some time with your customers answering any questions.

To get an in-depth understanding of your customer’s motivations, and the products they use to solve their problems, you should ask a lot of questions. You should also ask them what obstacles might prevent them from buying your product.

Imagine you’re thinking of a chat app. You might also ask the following questions:

  • Which tools do you use to communicate with your office?
  • Do you use chat apps, email, or in-person communications?
  • What is the best way to communicate with others?
  • Do you want to pay a monthly fixed fee to prevent these problems?

Once you’ve got answers to some questions, you can evaluate whether or not your idea is relevant to your target market. Chat apps are a common way people communicate. The problem with this is that coworkers can misunderstand the direction and tone of their messages. It is now time for you to pivot your business plan.

Combining quantitative and emotional measurement (how many people could express the problem you hypothesized?–along with gut feelings. Did people get excited about your solution? To find out where you’re at the moment.

To gain more insights, take surveys

Talking to people is rewarding and time-consuming. You can get an understanding of customers’ thoughts, feelings, and motivations by taking online surveys.

To ask questions of potential customers, you can use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey. Learn as much information about what factors might motivate people to sign up for your service.

It should be possible to view a list of potential customers via landing pages.

Email your subscribers with a survey. Get their feedback on the calls for action. These are some ideas:

  • Tell us about what is attractive about your company.
  • How would they respond to your idea?
  • How can they replace your offer?
  • How would they change this product?
  • Why would they switch to another offer?

While you might be asked for feedback, you are unlikely to get sufficient responses. It is possible to ask for valuable insights in exchange for some compensation.

It is important to understand your market and the potential demand. The willingness to pay should also be considered.

4. Do some research

While conducting research may not be the same thing as testing your idea in real life, understanding if it will work can help you decide if it will. “

Understanding technical requirements

Understanding technical complexity may be difficult depending on what type of business venture you’re trying to launch.

You can create products that have technical hurdles or challenges. Understanding the possible issues will help you understand and overcome them.

See the competition

In this day and age, it’s difficult to come up with a new idea. Most successful companies don’t have unique ideas. Many successful businesses simply have a better idea or a cheaper way to do it.

It is essential to be familiar with the offerings and names of competitors in your market, so you can convince potential customers and investors that you are better than them.

Check the traffic to your website using tools like Alexa. You can also find trends with tools like.

You can see what type of partnerships they have with others outlets by looking at a lot of backlinks. This will show you which keywords they rank well for, and where they can rank better for those keywords.

Broad vs. Broad vs.

Do you want to reach a big market with high-quality customers and low competition?

You can’t choose just one. It’s impossible to choose one. You will simply find the people who are most likely to be interested in your topic. From there, you can move on.

If you’re more focused on one aspect of your business, or on reaching a larger audience, then your ideas may have to be modified.

5. You can test among your circles

Listening is the best method to learn. Get valuable feedback from family, friends, and mentors to determine if your idea is a good fit.

Polling Your Mentors

If you do not have one, it is worth asking your network of trusted professionals what their opinion on your idea is. Recent research found that 92% of small business owners believe mentors have an impact on the growth and survival of their companies.

For many reasons, mentors are beneficial. Mentors can be very helpful in startups because they assist you with identifying issues and offer your perspectives on leadership and decision-making.

You can get useful feedback from peers by posting questions to Quora and business groups on LinkedIn.

Looking for support?

The most crucial test is: How do you think your family will view your plan to leave your job and pursue your dreams full-time?

Even if your friends and family don’t reside in the area, you should talk about it with them. You must also gauge their support ).

It is important to have support from your inner circle. Find out how you can make your small business succeed

Try your business idea before you quit your job

Entrepreneurs must balance risk and rewards.

These steps can all be completed while you work until your company is ready to make the change. After you’ve tested your idea, you should start building your MVP and getting funding.

Starting your own business is an enormous decision. Make sure you do everything possible to make your venture a success.

Would you like to give it another try? Let us know how you get on with your idea!

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