Best Contact Us Page Examples To Inspire You

What thought went into your Contact Us page?

You probably focused only on the method of contact if you are like most businesses. You focused on how people can contact your business, but did not give much thought about the page (i.e. Copywriting and design.

The Contact page should be the highest priority page on your website because it is the most frequently visited. It is also the most important page in your interaction with potential customers.

Let’s now talk about creating a compelling Contact Us page that will be memorable to your visitors.

Make it functional

Although this should be obvious, you should still test your contact page to ensure it is fully functional.

You can test all phone and email links, fill in any forms and verify integrations with other databases. Don’t assume that they work.

Automated responses to contact request are a good idea.

You don’t want a potential client to try to contact you only to never hear from again.

Make sure to include the right information

Your business will determine the type of information that you include on your Contact Page. You should include information about your business and how customers can reach you.

These are some of the most important pieces of information that a Contact Page should contain:

Phone Number

While email is great, many people prefer to contact you directly by phone. Do not miss the chance to reach these potential customers by leaving your number.

Hours of Operation

Let your visitors know if you are only available on certain days of week so they can plan when to reach you.

Response time

You should set a time limit for when someone will hear back from you.

Email Address

You should include a contact form if you don’t have one. However, you should give people an email address. Your audience should not be limited to one method of reaching you.

Social Handles

Linking to your social media profiles gives your visitors an easy means to interact with you via other mediums.


Your physical address can be added to your Contact page to help build trust with your visitors. You should list multiple contact methods if you have one address.

It’s not enough to just have correct information on your page. Your page must also be formatted properly.

Your website’s Contact page houses all other contact methods such as your address and phone number. These elements must be readable for devices like Schema, hearing TTY, and visual readers. Additionally, Googlebot marketing tools will need to crawl your site.

Ex: FreshBooks

Keep it organized

A contact page can be similar to a complicated FAQ page. Contact pages are useful for businesses with multiple functions or teams that require different contact methods.

Complex pages should be simple. This means that the page must be easy to navigate for users.

You can offer different contact methods to your customers depending on their contact purpose. To help your customers find the correct contact method, you can organize your Contact Us page with these categories: Sales, Technical Support and Press Inquiries.

Ex: Dropbox

You can cover all bases by adding an “Other”, or “General” category to help those who might not find what they are looking for.

It’s easy to find

Imagine that you are trying to locate contact information on the company’s website but can’t find it. Are you frustrated and leave the website?


This is not something you want to happen to your customers. The location of your Contact page should be based on what action you want your customers to take on your site.

Your Contact Us page should be located in the main navigation if your main goal is to get customers in touch.

Ex: CP+B

If the secondary purpose of your website is to display the page, it should be in the footer.

Ex: Nike

It all depends on the action that you want your customer take. You should be able determine the exact location of the page based on this action. Just keep it consistent. Where would your target customer go to get in touch with you?

Keep it simple and clear

Consider the person who contacts you as a potential customer. You don’t want them to stop the sale process. This is money that could be lost.

Contact Us pages should be concise and clear. There shouldn’t be any obstacles that users get lost in. Keep your copy concise and to-the-point. A clear call to action should be included on every page.


But don’t assume that clear and concise equal boring. It means removing any content that does not serve a purpose. The Contact page can and should be creative, but not so much as to prevent visitors from contacting you.


Display your brand personality

Your contact page should be considered an extension of yourself. Because this is the first contact customers have with you, it should reflect your brand.

Your Contact page should be designed to match the overall design of your website. It is not enough to just put a contact page on a blank page.

Your Contact page gives your visitors an opportunity to experience what it is like to communicate with me. So get creative with both your design and your copy. Keep your language simple and direct, but have some fun. Visitors should be enticed to fill out the form, call you, or send you an email. They should not be bored to death.

Ex: Quick Sprout

Extra Contact Us Page Inspiration

You need more inspiration? These are just three examples of Contact Us pages which are doing a great job.

Moz: Moz’s search functionality takes your organization to the next level. You can search the Help Hub and also check out the Q&A forum for answers to your questions. You can find specific Moz areas that you can receive help in, organized by function.

Squarespace: Squarespace not only organizes their contact options and keeps copy concise and clear, but also does it in the minimalist design that Squarespace is well-known for.

Marble: This Contact Us page is a shining example of how to proceed with marble. It features a unique, clean design and multiple ways to contact Marble.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The Contact page can be used to engage with customers and start conversations. Your Contact page should be a top priority in your website design and structure.

Your copy and design should be clear and concise. Remove anything that might prevent someone from actually contacting you (like longer-than-necessary forms, too much copy, etc. ).

Make sure to include valuable business information and a call to action so that your customers can get in touch with the company. Make it stand out! Your Contact Us page is your customer service touchpoint. It should reflect your brand and how you like to communicate with customers.

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