Best Practices When Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company pages (or business pages) are great for keeping people informed about your company, brands, products, and job openings. It is easier to follow best practices and be creative.

Why do you need a company website?

LinkedIn is the most used social network for business professionals. LinkedIn can give you access to key demographics based on the industry your company operates.

LinkedIn may not be as sexually explicit as some other social media sites. This can be a place where recruiters and spammers lurk.

LinkedIn users seem more interested in your company than in other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all referrals from homepages through social media channels.

These visits could be very lucrative for businesses in the B2B market that are looking to hire talent or find new partners. Get organic traffic free of charge.

You must meet certain requirements to create a company website.

It’s easy to create a LinkedIn account for your company. First, ensure your company meets these criteria.

  • Create a personal LinkedIn account with your first name and last name.
  • LinkedIn accounts must be at least seven days old.
  • You have many connections to your profile.
  • Are you a current employee at the company where you wish to create a webpage?
  • You can list your company in the experience section.
  • LinkedIn provides an email address for your company.
  • A domain is associated with your company email address (no Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). ). email addresses.

Your page will not be created by the CEO. You will need to establish policies within your organization that allow access.

How to make a page

Once you meet all the requirements above, you can create your page easily.

Log in to LinkedIn first. Choose to Create a company website from the menu.

Enter your company name and email address. To confirm that you are the official representative of your company’s company, create this page.

Once you have completed the information, LinkedIn will allow you to edit your company profile.

Optimizing your Business Page

Now you have created a company page. We’ll now discuss the best practices for LinkedIn company profiles. This will help you create a fully-featured LinkedIn page that will drive more organic traffic.

Add images

First, you will need to add strong imagery to your page. Your page should begin with your banner photo. If you need to make your logo larger, you can upload it up to 4 MB.

A banner image should be at least 646×200 pixels. You have the option to make it larger up to 2MB.

It is important to take the time to make sure your page looks professional and that the images you choose are appropriate for LinkedIn.

Add A Keyword Rich Description

You should concentrate on adding keywords to the company description. LinkedIn pages can also be SEO-friendly by using permalinks. Google and other search engines will display up to 156 characters of your description.

Optimizing LinkedIn can help your brand rank higher in search results.

Although you may not rank #1 for brand terms with modifiers (or other brand terms), you can appear in the middle section of search results for most brand + modifier searches. You have full control over the content.

LinkedIn members can search for your company by name or keywords. Include keywords that describe your business, industry, and specialties.

Showcase Pages Created for the Most Appropriate Places

Company pages can be used for creating showcase pages. Creating showcase pages is one of the best practices for LinkedIn company pages.

Let’s say that Company X is a company. Company X may have multiple showcase pages on LinkedIn for specific brands.

These pages make it easy to highlight the different brands your company offers and also improve the user experience on LinkedIn.

It’s easy to create a Showcase Page.

Keep in mind that showcase pages are just like your company’s website. Share lots of valuable content on LinkedIn to get your followers to take action.

Go Global

LinkedIn allows you to set up your company and showcase pages in more than 20 languages. This is great for businesses with a global audience. This feature makes it simple to make your page available from other countries.

This is a great way to check the responsiveness of a marketplace, especially if you are looking for new employees or partners.

Set goals

Set reasonable goals to increase your LinkedIn following and create a plan to achieve them. Use the analytics data from LinkedIn to help set goals and then take action.

Set a goal to drive referral traffic to your website. Determine how you will measure engagement with companies in your industry (i.e. potential clients or vendors).


You should identify the most qualified members of your team to help you with your company page. Next, recruit them to help you develop the page. This will be covered later.

This is where clear goals can prove to be very useful. You can quickly evaluate the return on your investment.

Create a Content Calendar

A calendar is an excellent way to organize your LinkedIn updates. You can alter it depending on the current events.

Create a calendar or an editorial process. This will allow you to organize items and make revisions before the deadline.


LinkedIn has several analytical tools that can help you learn more information about your audience and how they interact with your business page.

Growing your Business Page

Social media is designed to encourage interaction with your company. Now it’s time to create your company profile, content, and community.

It is more effective to connect with people already using LinkedIn than to invite everyone to join you on LinkedIn.

Recruit Your Employees

Encourage your employees to create a page for their company and add the link to their email signatures.

Tell your customers

You can also use your other marketing channels to notify your customers that LinkedIn is available. It can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Your goal is not to attract more customers to LinkedIn. Your goal is to find customers in your existing network who already use LinkedIn.

Add a follow button

LinkedIn allows users to add a follow button to their website. This will allow LinkedIn members and visitors to your site to follow you.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has groups for almost everything. You can use keywords to find the right groups for you.

Take part in discussions within these groups. Do not use the group to promote your company. It is irritating and people will be less likely to interact with this person.

These groups are similar to Facebook Groups and attract the most spam and attention. It is important that you find the right groups for your company and participate in the discussion, not just as a promotion.


Content is key to expanding your LinkedIn network beyond initial connections. Engaging and useful content will help you grow your LinkedIn page faster.

What is Content?

Any content you post on your company’s page is content. LinkedIn lets you share content both on your company page as well as in the timeline of all your followers.

Sometimes content is created within your company. Other times, content created by another person may be shared. This can be a good thing for your company and your followers.

What should you share?

Share content that is both useful to your company as well as your audience

Share any updates about your company. Your audience can also benefit from useful information by sharing information on current events, industry trends, and think pieces.

Share content with your audience to get them involved in the conversation. Engage your audience in the comments.

Share the Top [X] Lists

If you’ve been online for more than five years, you may have noticed a large number of top 3 and top 5 lists. People love these lists.

LinkedIn analyzed company pages with at least 1000 impressions. It found that top content lists received 40% more attention than the rest.

Share videos

Youtube and LinkedIn can be easily integrated. YouTube and LinkedIn can be seamlessly integrated.

Ask questions

Get your audience to answer an open-ended question It’s half the chance that you will get comments from your followers if your updates have questions The study by LinkedIn has shown that questions are half the likely to get replies than those without them.

When to share

LinkedIn users most frequently visit the site in the morning (just got work), evening (just left work), and weekdays (rather than weekends).

Posting on weekdays can help you increase your chances of success. Try to avoid posting on weekends or at other times.

LinkedIn’s most viewed and popular business pages post five times daily. Share often! Be sure to share relevant content that is both pertinent to your company as well as your audience.

Create Original Content

Creating your content is a great way to engage with your audience.

Create a catchy headline for your content. Ask thoughtful, open-ended questions to get your audience to engage with your post.

Next, add rich media like a video or a photo to your posts. These posts are 98% more likely to be commented upon than other posts.

Double-check your tone. It is important to present a friendly, open, and engaging company.

A final point about creating your content. LinkedIn users value industry insights more than other content.

Use what you already own

Your business may have been creating valuable content in other marketing activities. LinkedIn can optimize this content for them.

Use the HTML1-1 Rule

One piece of content should be shared that directly relates to your company. You should also share four pieces from other sources or content created by others. If you follow the 4-1-1 rule, this will ensure that your audience is interested.

Tailored Content to a Specific Audience

LinkedIn company pages allow you to target specific segments with targeted posts.

You have the option to tailor your posts to specific segments of your audience to provide your audience with relevant content.

Pin Your Most Important Content

LinkedIn lets you pin the most important updates on your page.

Keep it short

Your audience gets bombarded daily with tons of content on their LinkedIn feed. It’s easier to get better results if your updates and intros follow the Twitter standard.

Highlight the benefits of the content you share or ask thought-provoking questions to engage with your audience.

Add a Call to Action

A call to action is a must in

Share content with a purpose. Would you like to see a video? Leave a comment on the video to answer your question.

Communicate clearly with your audience, no matter what purpose.


You have created your page, built an audience, and added great content. Next, we will use LinkedIn’s semi-robust set of tracking tools to analyze and refine our posts.

These tools will give you valuable insight into your audience’s preferences, and how they will react in the future.

How you use the data you receive will determine how successful your business page is. For LinkedIn business pages, it is important to do a thorough analysis.


LinkedIn’s updated section is the first analytics tool. It provides valuable information about every update.


This section provides a quick preview of each post.


Each update was published.


This section lists the segments of your audience that viewed each update.


LinkedIn lets you advertise your posts to reach a larger audience Sponsored updates will be displayed in this section.


This number indicates how often your post appears in the feeds of your followers


This number shows how many times your logo, update, or name has been clicked on


LinkedIn defines interaction as comments, likes, and shares. These metrics provide valuable insight into your content’s engagement.

Acquired Followers

This is a measure of how many followers you have gained through your updates.


This number is displayed by LinkedIn in percentage form. Higher percentages mean that you will get more engagement per impression.


This section provides valuable analytics data about people who have followed your webpage.


  • Total: This number indicates the total number who have followed your LinkedIn company profile.
  • Organic – These are organic followers that you gained by doing nothing but following people.
  • Acquired: These are followers that you have acquired through LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

It is important to note that organic traffic can also be generated by engaged acquired traffic like Reddit and Quora. Paying to influence readers can result in organic shares that can lead to organic traffic.

Follow Demographics

The following demographics section of LinkedIn contains valuable data. It breaks down your total followers based on five types of demographic data.

  • Seniority
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Company Size
  • Continue reading

This graph displays how your followers have changed over time. You can change the date range by using the drop-down menu.


This section shows you how your page compares to others in your industry. This is LinkedIn’s most distinctive feature.

Section for Visitors

The visitor’s section contains the last section of analytics data. This section gives valuable insight into the activities of people who visit your LinkedIn page after they arrive.

Page Views

This graph displays how often your page was viewed during the specified period. The drop-down menu on the right allows you to adjust the graph’s date range.

Unique Visitors

Similar to page views, the unique visitor’s graph can be used. It displays how many unique visitors your site has received by IP address. You can also delete visitors who have visited your site before.

Career Page Clicks

This section won’t be visible in reports. If your goal is to improve hiring efforts,

This section shows how many people have clicked on your career pages, if any.

Visitor Demographics

Similar to the demographic information under the follower’s section, this graph provides demographic data on all visitors to your page. This data does not include only those who have followed you. It can also be used to enhance your marketing strategy.

Use Data

LinkedIn provides all this information to make it easy for you to understand, interpret and take action. This data will allow you to personalize posts to provide engaging content to your audience.

Advertising is a great idea

LinkedIn advertising is a great way to increase engagement with your most popular content. Promotions based on data are possible

LinkedIn offers many advertising options to company page advertisers. Traditional display advertising, sponsorships email, and sponsored content updates are all options. If you feel that LinkedIn advertising is right for you, you can fine-tune your campaigns with additional tracking data and conversion data.

Tracking conversions

LinkedIn’s developers make it easy to embed code onto your website or landing page. This code will provide you with more information about how visitors use LinkedIn.

Refine and React

Your data from LinkedIn and other tracking efforts should inform all your decisions. This will ensure that you provide value to your followers, and maximize your LinkedIn presence.

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