Ideas for Creating a Professional Email Address

At some point, every business owner must find an email for partnership, media outreach, or influencer outreach.

As a marketing advisor, I’ve had to do it countless times over the past four years. In particular, I’ve used this skill to reach out to journalists and influencers regarding a launch.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to find anyone’s email address (especially if you are an influencer, journalist, or journalist). It also includes what else can be done if all other methods fail.

Avoid spam by following these three rules

When we discuss finding someone’s email, we don’t like to see junk emails.

The tutorial below will teach you how to locate anyone’s email. Great power brings great responsibility.

Avoid being that person by following these three simple principles.

Find out if the person prefers to be contacted in another way.

Listen to their requests and respect their communication style.

If you have any questions, he prefers that you comment on his website.

Brennan Dunn is a consultant who offers a variety of ways to reach him, depending on your needs. You can email him for a partnership. For advice or information, he recommends Twitter.

It is crucial to do your research before you contact an influencer. It’s important to not ruin the first impression.

Think about how you would feel if you asked people not to email you, but still received hundreds of emails.

Follow the law.

When you operate in the U.S., you must comply with the Federal Trade Commission CAN-SPAM Act.

The law covers any commercial email, defined as ‘an electronic message with the primary purpose of advertising or promoting’ a product or service’. This includes emails that advertise content on commercial sites. “

Spammers who don’t meet the requirements for commercial messages are punished by law.

Learn more about the anti-spam legislation in Australia Canada, and European Union.

I’m not an attorney and this post does not replace legal advice. This assumes you want to find an email to reach out to someone for a potential interview or discuss ways of working together. You are not looking to increase your list illegally. The new emails found should not be used. They must opt-in to join your list.

3. Be sure to offer value.

Do your research to ensure that you have the right pitch for the individual you’re pitching.

Do not ask for a blogger who specializes in vegan foods to write an article on your brand of paleo beef jerky. Do not request a luxury fashion consultant to interview you about how to grow a website design business. By making such irrelevant requests, not only will it show that you have not done any research, but the recipient may also mark your message as spam.

Congratulations! Let’s now see seven ways to find an email address.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address

1. Google It

This is the first step. It’s easy and you won’t have to do steps 2-7.

To find out your email address, use the “search formula”: “Email Address”.

Clicking through results is fine. If you can’t find your email in the Google results, move on to step 2.

2. Use Hunter

Hunter lets you find an email for free 100 times a month. This was enough for me.

Download the Chrome extension to access it easily.

After installing, you can search any website for email addresses.

Hunter may not always be able to find an email. To help, you can use the tool within Hunter to guess an address without having sent any emails.

The email address will be displayed in green.

The address will be highlighted in red if the email is invalid.

Save time by avoiding guesswork about non-working emails.

3. Check Social Media Bios

Many influencers, journalists, and other social media users will include their email addresses in their profiles.

Most Instagram or YouTube influencers will list their contact information so you can collaborate with them.

On YouTube, email addresses can be hidden until the user clicks the button or passes the reCAPTCHA.

An email address on a social network profile is a sign of someone open to collaborations or being contacted.

4. Sign up for their newsletter to find out about what they’re doing

The majority of influential people blog. Most blogs have a newsletter or opt-in feature.

You will receive a confirmation email. Look at the email address in the “From section” of the email. It could be either a fake email address that was created for mailing lists or a real address to encourage participation.

5. Find the website of a company in the WHOIS database

The person who registers a domain must provide contact details that will appear in WHOIS. This includes their name, address, and email address.

You can find contact information for someone if you have their website. This is true unless the person has purchased domain privacy to hide their information.

6. Search Twitter.

Search for Twitter using. Enter the Twitter handle you wish to contact + “email” or “email this person” on the Twitter page.

Most likely, you’ll find a tweet from the influencer that includes their email.

This is an example response from a Founder editor in chief:

7. If You’re Not Sure, Check Their Bylines

Most publications have an email address next to the byline of the journalist or contact information in their biography when you click on the title.

This is an article from the Los Angeles Times:

What should you do if you cannot find a valid email address?

There are many ways to reach someone via social media.

You can also find us on LinkedIn.

To send a LinkedIn message, you must have a first-degree connection. If you want to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn, it’s not likely that you will be connected. Ask someone with whom you share a connection for an introduction.

If you don’t have a mutual connection, try adding the person directly or someone connected to them. This will (hopefully!) Get an introduction.


Mentioning someone on Twitter when you’re interested in a collaboration or interview is common. See if they have any open direct messages and then send them a DM.

Click on their “Messages button” to check if they have any open messages.

If the option isn’t available, you can tweet directly to them.


If you’re not already following the influencer, it will be filed in a different tab until they “Allow”. If you are not following an influencer yet, your comment will appear in another tab.


Try contacting them through their Facebook business page. Click on the “Messages” button in their profile.

Influencers may block posts from showing up on their page. In this case, you can try to post directly onto their timeline.

Click on “Posts” from the menu at the top of the Facebook page.

Like with Facebook messages, page administrators can disable visitor postings.

Your Blog

If you can’t reach the person through social media, leave a message on one of their blog posts or their “About Us page”. Don’t forget to include all your contact details. Your information will be visible to anyone who visits this page.

What to write in an email to get the response you want

Now that you have received the email, what do you do? Use these tips to make sure your email conversation is successful.


Personalizing an email takes time, but it is well worth the effort.

Learn the name of your contact, get to know their work, and see if there are any shared interests.

Think as the recipient

Everyone asks, “What is in it for me?” When they get a request, they ask themselves “What’s in it for me?” ). You may think that your product is amazing, but the journalist or influencer you’re reaching out to doesn’t share similar interests.

Focus on what the influencer can gain from it or how they will benefit. You can offer product samples, money, or a combination of both.

Do not follow up too frequently! )

If you don’t hear from someone, follow up. Always. Once or twice. It becomes annoying when you repeat it.

This is the template you can use for all of my points.


I was interested to hear that you were a writer.

You can receive some samples next week.

Would you like to learn more about HTML0?


Make it short and simple.

The article concludes with:

Now that you know how to find someone’s email address, avoid spamming and get a reply, email is not always the best way to reach someone. Try social media, or if the person in question has a large following, try contacting their gatekeepers.

Make sure you are sending a message that is relevant and has good intentions. Don’t spam people by adding them without permission to your mailing list or sending an unhelpful email.

If you do not, you will waste time.

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