eBay Advertising|: How Do I Get My Listings Noticed?

eBay has been around for a while and is a trusted online marketplace.

While eBay was once seen as a place to connect people, it has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years.

eBay has been able to get rid of the stigma that it’s a marketplace for new, used, and collectible merchandise.

Many of America’s top manufacturers and retailers are using eBay today. This has proven to be a very profitable way for businesses to sell their products.

These companies have found eBay to be an excellent sales tool. eBay is also one of the most affordable places for sellers to sell products.

The year 2017 was a huge year for eBay’s seller network. They created a new advertising market.

Understanding These advertising tools is essential to maximizing sales.

We will be discussing the details of how you can promote your eBay products to increase sales.

The Why and How of eBay

Pierre Omidyar was a San Jose computer programmer who founded eBay more than 20 years ago. eBay survived the dotcom crash.

An avid collector’s market for Beanie Babies was a major factor in eBay’s early success. In 1997, this market represented approximately 10% of all product listings.

eBay’s growth has been steady despite increased competition. Both shareholders and users have enjoyed a lot of satisfaction from eBay’s reinvestment in the company through smart business acquisitions like PayPal, Skype, and StubHub.

eBay now has a presence in over 30 countries and offers services to more than 171 million customers around the world. eBay’s new advertising programs made it more appealing for sellers of merchandise.

What type of advertising is eBay offering?

There are two ways to advertise on eBay. The most popular is the promoted listing program. This is performance-based advertising that promotes your products.

eBay offers advertising solutions for larger brands. These solutions are designed to increase brand visibility throughout the buying process.

This program combines display advertising and content marketing to increase brand awareness. They also get the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Who should use eBay’s Ad Program?

Selling products on eBay is a profitable business. eBay has advertising that increases visibility by 30%

eBay advertising can be a great way of marketing new products. eBay advertising can help you increase sales velocity for your most-sold items.

A compelling product and an engaging campaign are key to getting the best digital advertising results.

eBay’s performance-based advertising is very popular with sellers of all sizes. They also offer a program that allows large brands and manufacturers to be prominently placed during the customer’s sale journey.

eBay offers brand solutions that include precise targeting, display advertising, and meaningful content. This includes the eBay app and desktop, mobile, as well as websites.

These tools can be especially helpful for large-scale brands that deal with high-value merchandise. This interactive demonstration with Trifex drones demonstrates how these types of campaigns work.

What’s Unique About eBay’s Ads

Two characteristics distinguish eBay’s advertising program from others in digital advertising. eBay however uses a CPS model.

Advertising costs per thousand (CPM) and allows advertisers to place a fixed amount of ads. This advertising type can be very useful for brands or stores who wish to increase their awareness of their products.

CPM Advertising is the most affordable type of digital advertising, but it is also the most costly. Banner ads can be used to illustrate this advertising.

CPC (cost per click) advertising charges advertisers for every click on their ads. CPM advertising has a fixed price per 1,000 impressions. CPC advertising works on an auction system. Your cost per click is determined by current market rates.

Depending on the industry, this cost may vary. It could be as low as a few pennies or as high as $20 depending on the industry. CPC advertising is more effective than CPM advertising. This is illustrated best by Amazon Sponsored Products or Google Adwords.

CPS (cost-per-sales) advertising is used by

While it’s the most expensive form of digital advertising, CPS advertising may be the best choice if you want to increase sales.

eBay advertising has a unique feature: you are charged for the advertising. This is unlike other networks, which charge for clicks or impressions. They keep everything in-house. They also take the advertising costs from every sale.

This simplifies things and allows small businesses to compete with larger sellers. The way eBay’s advertising system is set up makes it easy to scale your advertising.

How to Advertise on eBay: Brands

Large manufacturers can increase their sales and traction on eBay by using brand activation programs. eBay’s brand solutions give the seller more control over their campaigns than allowing them to manage them through their seller dashboard.

Large companies looking to advertise on eBay should contact eBay’s brand department to discuss options. eBay promotes listings that are more effective for most sellers.

Promoted Listings – How to Advertise on eBay

Promoted listings are the best way for you to promote your products on eBay.

eBay allows you to set a maximum percentage of the sale price that can be used for advertising. If someone clicks on your ad, eBay will subtract advertising costs.

CPC advertising works the same way that ad placement works. You will receive the ad spot on an auction basis if you can allocate at least 4% of the total sale price to advertising, and your competitor allocates at most 5%.

Advertisers can have a lower percentage of sales in areas with less competition.

eBay offers a weekly report which allows sellers to decide how much advertising they should spend on their sales.

This report shows how much eBay sellers spend on advertising. This number increases to 15-20% in the most competitive categories.

To create a promoted listing, you will need to log into your eBay seller account. Click the marketing tab to choose promoted listings.

Here you’ll find information on all current campaigns on the promoted listing page. Scroll to the bottom to click the button to create new campaigns.

You have the option to choose individual products or all listings. This bulk tool is ideal for advertising thousands of products at once.

It is possible to select the listing you want to advertise in this campaign but not have to do so individually. Each campaign can include up to 500 SKUs. This will save you time and effort.

Once you’ve selected the products you want to include in your campaign you can choose the ad rates that you would like to pay for each product.

eBay makes it simple by showing a trending price per product in a campaign. Use the +/- icons for adjusting the ad rates.

After you have established the ad rates, you can name the item and choose a start date. Then, launch your campaign.

It is easier to create an advertisement campaign on eBay than on other platforms or marketplaces.

Monitoring Your Campaign

eBay provides easy-to-understand tools to help you monitor your campaign’s success and optimize it.

You will see the number of campaigns and listings you have, how many clicks they’ve received, how many units you’ve sold, and the ad fees you’ll be charged for each one.

The dashboard can show results for the last 7, 14, or 31 days. A date range can also be set.

Scrolling down past the advertising dashboard will provide you with more information about each campaign you are running.

From the actions tab, you can pause, stop, or download detailed reports about each campaign. This allows you to easily track the success or failure of each campaign.

Other promotional materials

You have many other promotional tools than the products that are offered by eBay.

eBay Promotions

Promoting products on eBay can increase sales. There are four promotions options:

  • Get a 20% Discount on All Orders
  • Shipping Discount – This offers buyers a shipping discount or free delivery
  • You can create unique URLs with a coupon code using this promotion. These URLs can be shared on social media and with your friends.
  • Category Markdown: This promotion allows you to create a sale for a whole product category such as “25% discount on all laptops” or “25% off any other products”.

To create a promotion, click the marketing tab from your seller dashboard. To create a promotion, click the marketing tab in your seller dashboard.

Click the blue button to “create a promotion” at the top of this page. You can choose to create an order discount, shipping discount, codeless coupon, or sale event.

Take a Discount on Your Purchase

Select “order discount” from the drop-down menu. You will need to choose what type of promotion you want. Here is a picture of the options.

Depending on your promotion goals, one of these sales types may be more appropriate for you. If you’re looking to increase awareness about your products among your customers.

Once you’ve chosen the promotion you wish to run, you can choose which products or categories you want it to apply to. You can also create rules based on filters or categories. eBay will include any product that matches your criteria in the promotion. This applies to any new products you might add that comply with the same rules.

Once you’ve selected the products you want to promote, you need to set the time and add copy. Click the Launch button to activate your promotion.

Get a shipping discount

To create a shipping discount, select “shipping discount” from the drop-down menu. First, determine the parameters for your discount.

Shipping discounts can be provided by setting a minimum order amount or dollar amount. Flat-rate shipping discounts are also possible.

You might offer $5 shipping if you charge $12 shipping.

Once you’ve chosen the shipping discount you would like, it is time to choose which products you wish to exclude.

Next, write a short description of your promotion. For example, you might use “FREE Shipping on All Marc Jacobs Handbags.”

Next, set the start and end dates for your promotion. eBay will automatically insert a picture from your listing into this field.

Prioritizing your promotions is the last step before creating them. The promotion that appears first to potential customers will be selected.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can launch your promotion.

Create a codeless coupon

This promotion can be especially useful if your customers or relatives want to receive a discount. To create a coupon, navigate to the promotions drop-down menu.

First, you must define the terms of your discount. Customers who spend a certain amount or offer a specific number of products can get a dollar discount.

Once you’ve defined your terms, you’ll select the products from your store to which you want the offer to apply. Next, you’ll create a description of the campaign and schedule it.

Once you’ve completed the campaign, eBay will send you a link to use by your customers for this discount.

This link can be embedded in emails, on your website, or in any other advertising your store does that is not eBay. It will be only available to select shoppers who have a link to the promotion.

Create a category markdown

This promotion is for people who are interested in getting discounts on all products that you sell on eBay. Click the blue promotional button and select “sale event + Discount”

Next, determine the discount. A percentage discount or a dollar amount can be offered. This is particularly useful for a shop that sells cameras. A 20% discount on a new camera purchase and 50% off accessories purchases are possible.

Bold Titles and Subtitles

You have many promotional options when revising an eBay listing. A subtitle can be added to your listing title.

These steps will help you increase your listing’s visibility. You can only promote smaller items with this $6 per bolded title approach.

Optimizing Your Listings

Optimizing your listings can increase your item’s visibility. This is in addition to the many advertising and promotional tools that eBay offers.

eBay searches the web for relevant search terms, much like Google. This could lead to increased views, which in turn should translate into more sales.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

To guarantee a high rank in search results, you used keywords in your title. Keyword stuffing is not allowed on eBay search results.

Upload Tons of Photos

Listings with 8-12 photos are given priority by eBay’s search engine. Additional photos can help you rank higher on search results.

Please complete all information

eBay allows you to choose from a range of optional values depending on the item you’re selling. Listings that have been filled out completely by eBay’s search engine are prioritized.

Your item can be returned within 30 days.

Sellers do not have to offer a return policy on eBay. Be sure to describe your items accurately and completely.

Use Markdown Manager to accelerate your sales.

eBay will prioritize listings that have large inventories. It is assumed that you have a large inventory of products and provide great service and value.

Fast processing of orders

If an item takes more than seven days to arrive, buyers shouldn’t be disappointed. Sellers that ship quickly are more likely to be found in search results.

Most orders are processed within one day if your goal is to provide an exceptional experience. If you want to improve your search engine ranking, it’s worth improving your processing speed at eBay.

Order shipping and provide a tracking code even if it is not possible to ship within a specified timeframe. To keep customers happy, eBay needs a tracking number.

Shipping free of charge

Free shipping is preferred by buyers. Buyers prefer listings that include free shipping.

Next steps

eBay is attracting more sellers to maximize their sales. eBay will only continue to grow its popularity as it reinvests into the platform and reinvents itself in eCommerce.

eBay makes selling easy by making it easy to open a store and promote its products.

It’s your responsibility to find out about the tools eBay has available for you if you want to sell on eBay.

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