Ideas You Should Try For Evergreen Marketing

Think about marketing campaigns. People think of flash sales, giveaways, and flash sales.

At what point does your discount turn into your regular price At what point does your coupon become your regular price?

Did you know there was a better way? How could you build a long-lasting marketing campaign that will benefit your company for many years?

It’s your lucky day.


It may sound silly, but evergreen marketing refers to an evergreen tree. It doesn’t go dormant each season.

This concept is the heart of evergreen marketing.

A great way to frame evergreen marketing is with an example of evergreen material.

Let’s suppose you own a dog grooming business and wish to create content that is more than the latest trends in pop culture.

One topic that will never go out of style is “how to remove dog hair off furniture”. The topic might be “how do you get rid of dog hair off furniture?”

The benefits

What are the advantages of an evergreen tree and how can they help you market your eCommerce business or local business?

Let’s return to the example of dog grooming.

You decide to tackle the topic of dog hair removal from furniture. Add photos and videos. You can then publish the article on your website.

This is a timeless article. This post will generate significant web traffic and possibly new customers each month.

The unspoken truth is that only 20% of your pages will drive 80% of your traffic.

Your marketing strategy should focus on 20% that can be sustained for at least 20 years. To make it more durable, you can expand it.

This is the beauty and power of evergreen advertising. Your business will continue reaping the rewards of an evergreen campaign every month. This could come in the form of increased site traffic, conversions, or more customers coming to your doors.

The dangers

Does evergreen advertising sound appeal to you? Yes! A successful marketing campaign should last for years.

You might find that the topic you’re looking for is already covered. Most campaigns revolve around evergreen topics.

You can find a way that makes things better. Your job: To find a new angle and to dig deeper.

We have demonstrated in our example of dog grooming how to remove hair from furniture.

A list format can be used to create a comprehensive resource. It can include instructional videos and photographs. This is better than 50 articles that only use paragraphs to explain how to remove dog hair from a couch.

A tip for evergreen marketing: Consider using a content approach to content creation. This will ensure that you have the right research and tools in place to help you choose the best content ideas.

You can also find niches within your market. This makes your evergreen campaigns more valuable.

Keep in mind that your evergreen campaigns must be relevant to the client or business.

It’s possible to find something timeless you love but it might not be in the limited options.

This is a risky way to rely on one-size fits all marketing strategies. If your foundation is evergreen, you can use short-term promotions to build your base.

How to do

These three things are essential to keep in mind when you create your campaign

1) Target Selected Markets

The basics

As we have discussed, an evergreen topic might not be popular or trending at the moment. It can’t be based on any particular product, season, or period.

Take into consideration

You don’t have to reach every customer with your evergreen campaigns. This will make your topic more relatable, and it will increase brand awareness.

Inspirational Examples

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign celebrated its 10th anniversary. It has been through many stages, including print ads and public relations commercials.

Dove would not have been able to reach every person in their target audience, even men. This campaign is powerful and timeless, because it only focuses on women, particularly grown women who are still struggling with stereotypical notions of beauty.

2) Compete in Overall Value

The basics

Marketing campaigns often compete based on value. Think about it: most campaigns focus on some sort of promotion, like two-for-the-price-of-one sales, BYGO free, or some % off this weekend only. True evergreen campaigns compete based on value and not pricing or gimmicks. This means that the campaign revolves around understanding your target market and then orienting your marketing to reflect this.

Take into consideration

It is important to know your target market to understand its true values.

Inspirational Examples

Listen to REI. Full podcast interview here.

3) Explore New Ways to Do Business

The basics

Once your audience is well-informed and you feel confident that your products are valued over gimmicks, you can begin to explore new business ideas.

Members of the Club can receive exclusive content, discounts, and access to elite events. This campaign is targeted at loyalty shoppers and offers customers unique opportunities.

Take into consideration

Understanding your audience is the first step.

This step will require you to heavily rely upon your audience research and personas. Don’t get too creative. Although creativity can be powerful in connecting with your audience for many years, it can also keep them interested for many years. Customers will quickly turn away if your business approach is too complex or gimmicky.

Inspirational Examples

Is there any loyalty program better than Amazon Prime?

Amazon isn’t the only place you can explore new ways to do business. Huckberry, Trunk Club, and Trunk Shop are just a few of the many new retailers that have taken a different approach to traditional retail.

Next steps

Long-term marketing strategies can make a big difference, but they can also prove very rewarding.

If you do your research, identify your audience, and create lasting campaigns that will have a positive impact on your business for many decades to come.

Learn more about how to create a marketing strategy for eCommerce.

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