Free Screen Recording Softwares: Useful List for Windows and Mac Users

Before you begin filming the screen of your smartphone, let us guide you.

Screen recording software evolved in recent years. Now you can record video on any device, whether it is a tablet or desktop. Most of this useful software comes free.

Here’s a comprehensive list of screen recording software for iPhones and Androids. You can record your recordings on PCs or Macs.

Screen Recording Software, or SCR?

First, let’s get on the same page. Screen recording software can be used to record your mobile or computer device.

The screen recording software allows you to record cursor movements, taps, and words. Audio can be recorded directly on the device or by the user.

What should you look out for when choosing a screen recorder

There are pros and cons to each screen recording application. Some allow you to record HD footage, others will let you export your footage in different formats, and others have so many features that it is difficult to use.

This is a checklist of the features you should look for when selecting the best screen recording software.

  • If it’s not easy to use, you will have headaches.
  • Recording options: You can record a specific window or even a portion of the screen. By capturing the area that you desire you don’t have to edit the video to remove the edge.
  • You can create tutorials or online courses by recording audio.
  • Export options are important. If you want to send the video directly to YouTube, or another platform without having to upload and download it first, then you’ll need to have a variety of export options.
  • Screen recording should not cost you a penny. You can find many free options.

Do not waste your time on substandard screen recording software. You have a wide range of options. The list below will allow you to choose the best option for you and avoid any substandard applications.

You can thank us later.

The Best Screen Recording Software

Now let’s start. This is the list of best screen recording software.

  • QuickTime Player is the most popular free Mac screen-recording software.
  • OBS Studio is the most popular free PC screen-recording software.
  • The best screen recording app for Android is AZ Screen Recorder.
  • Record It! Download Free Screen Recording Apps for iPhone
  • Download DU Recorder, the best free iPad screen recording application
  • ShadowPlay, the free gaming screen recorder software is the best.
  • Screen recorder is the most popular free screen recording tool for Chrome extensions.

Learn more about recording apps and the reasons they were included in our list.

QuickTime Player is a screen recording program for Macs.

The QuickTime Player is included in Mac OS X. This program comes pre-installed on all Mac OS X computers.

Yes, you’re correct. If you own a Mac this is already downloaded.

The interface of QuickTime Player is very straightforward. You can record a video in just 3 clicks. Although it’s not the most beautiful interface, that’s only because it’s unwilling to be.

QuickTime player allows you to change screen recording options quickly. Choose the audio recording source and microphone option from the dropdown menu.

You can record the entire screen by clicking once, or you can drag a rectangular shape around an area that you wish to capture.

This is as easy as it gets.

QuickTime Player has limited recording and editing features. It does not offer native export options to other platforms. Also, you can only record one screen.

OBS Studio PC Screen Recording Software

OBS studio is the most universal solution for screen recordings. This software works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. The video editing features and live streaming capabilities may be overwhelming, but the overall functionality will make it worth the effort.

OBS Studio can record HD and live streams without any restrictions on the duration of the recording. OBS allows you to record applications either in full-screen mode or a portion of your screen.

OBS is a powerful screen-recording program, but it’s not for everyone. It can be a bit difficult to use. However, the benefits it provides are worth it.

OBS lets you edit your screen recording instantly after recording.

OBS Studio can be used to record longer and more detailed recordings. FlashBack Express is a PC screen recording program that is easy to use for quick recordings.

Screen Recording Software

You can record HD videos in any format with this Android app.

In your options for recording, you can select the video resolution, frame rate, orientation, and bit rate. When ready, you can stop and restart the recording without starting over.

You can record external sounds or your internal sounds. You can stream live from your computer to Facebook.

AZ Screen Recorder comes with an optional Pro Version. The pro version is not necessary. It adds the countdown timer.

It is very easy to use. Although the software may appear overwhelming at first, it’s quite simple. No other app can record Android screens.

Record it! iPhone Screen Recording Software

iPhone offers a wide range of screen recording features. There are so many options that you can almost record everything.

Record It! Record it! allows you simultaneously to record your screen as well as your face cam. It is ideal for reaction or tutorial videos that require you to display your face.

Once you have finished recording your video, it is possible to edit the footage within the application. Trim, add filters, adjust the playback speed, or even change the color of the background. Upload the finished product to YouTube.

This app has tutorials you can use.

iPad Screen Recording Software DU Recorder

QuickTime Player can be used to record the screen. The Du Recorder app is another option for iPad screen recording. This application is better suited to iPad.

DU Recorder lets you record and live stream in HD. It can be recorded with an external mic or internal microphone. The editor allows for music to be added to the recording. Keep this option in mind, if you think it’s the right choice.

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ShadowPlay: Gaming Screen Recording Software

Screen capture is a more complex process. You need to have the ability to record HD video, audio and maintain a fast frame rate. ShadowPlay, the most popular option for this task, will allow you to do all these things without slowing down your device.

ShadowPlay offers several features to help you become an influencer in the gaming world, at least on the technical front. For example, you can set up a keyboard to retroactively save the last 30 seconds of screen activity.

Have you done something unexpectedly cool? Pressing the hotkey will save the game to your computer and allow it to be shared on Facebook and YouTube. The maximum frame rate is 8KHDR (30 FPS) or 4KHDR (60 FPS).

While you are still playing, you can share the GIF on social media.

Screen Recorder: Chrome extension screen recording software

You can record your screen directly in Chrome. It was more than adequate for our needs.

You can record the screen of any application or window outside your browser using Screen Recorder. Screen Recorder can be used for a desktop or an application window.

Screen Recorder has a simple interface and doesn’t have many of the advanced features you’ll find on-screen recorders that run on PCs or Macs. It is also the easiest to learn and use.

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