Trends That Will Shape the Blogging & Business Industry

December 2019 was the 10th anniversary of Investor Junkie’s foundation.

Investor Junkie was purchased in 2018. we look forward to starting another business. we hope the next 10 years will be just as good, if perhaps better.

While the sun and you may look similar in many ways, you are much older, more conscious, and less likely to die.


What do YOU believe the future holds?

I’ve been fascinated by the idea and possibilities of the future since I was a child. You can view the Imagineering Story on Disney+.

This series is about Walt Disney World’s dreams, which were never fulfilled. Walt imagined EPCOT to be a futuristic, fully functioning city.

However, his ideas were a little too futuristic. Walt was able to envision a company town in the future. This vision is what inspired EPCOT, today’s theme park.

It has been hard to maintain the parks, even though Walt’s futuristic designs were created. Disney World built a gondola system to connect different areas of the park instead of expanding the Monorail.

The Future may not always be what we expected

Investor Junkie’s initial article was “2010 Is Here!” “Where’s The Monolith?” This article refers to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

we were annoyed in 2010 that there wasn’t a HAL 9000 supercomputer. To be fair though, 2001 was only 13 years behind. The first Amazon Echo was launched in 2014.

Blade Runner was believed to have taken place in November 2019. However, we don’t possess replicants of flying cars or flying cars anymore. Back to the Future 2 was also said to have taken place in 2015.

While we may not be able to predict the future, We can try.

Our Predictions For The Next 10 Years

People underestimate how much work they can do in a year but underestimate what they can do in 10

Think about how blogging and online businesses have changed in the past ten years. The next ten years will see similar disruptions.

These are our future trends. These trends will profoundly affect the world, much like how smartphones and social media have changed our lives.

It should be possible to see where the puck goes, not where it’s been.


These are eight top trends you should be following over the next ten years.

1. Automation

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been a science fiction foe for decades.

The Luddites believed that there will be no jobs in the future, and computers will take care of everything.

Could this be possible?

we believe that we will more rely on A.I., pseudo-A.I., and statistics for everything from writing copy to predicting what customers will buy.

we don’t believe in A.I., but we do not agree with Elon Musk. A.I. has the potential to take over the world as demonstrated in Terminator.

STEM skills are more in demand than ever.

It might be worth considering building a career and business around automating tasks or creating something that requires creativity.

2. Personal Brands

People are always looking for quick solutions. “

Expertise has never been more important. Create a business around someone you trust.

It’s becoming harder to tell the difference between computer-generated content and real life. These are some links.

You may even be able to become Max Headroom.

It will be easier to create a personal brand in the future. Your brand can be accessed from anywhere.

3. Organic Search has lower traffic

Search engines and social media will take away the traffic you receive from

Google is the most used search engine for business owners.

However, there is a trend. Organic search is not generating as much traffic. The number of organic search results was 39 %.

The No. The No. 1 position has an average CTR of 31%, which is a decrease of 8 spans>

Search results are reducing the organic search page. Google callouts, paid ads, and featured snippets can affect the organic search page.

These numbers don’t account for the increase in voice searches using tools like Amazon Echo or Google Home. To “pay for to be played” with Google and Facebook (two of the largest sellers of ad space),

The future audiences will be even smaller. You need to find ways that reach these smaller groups and tailor your messages accordingly.

You must consider paid traffic as a part of your audience-building strategy. This traffic is yours to cancel at any time.

But, we believe that SEO traffic is going to continue to drop if you don’t optimize for Google. You are missing out on a large audience.

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4. Additional Gated Content

In the future, both privacy concerns and free content will be problems. They want privacy.

Visitors are increasingly using Ad blocking.

If they feel they have the information they need, they can share it more easily. Your website will get visited by more anonymous users

This will result in more content being made public.

In the next 10 years, there will be more content locked down. To get “free” content you’ll need to pay either the traditional paywall or request personal information.

Affiliate marketing is not going away. Monetization through ad banners will also be less effective.

5. All Things

It’s a fact that we are all connected.

The Internet of Things is a collection of smart devices that share data and connect.

For example, an Apple Watch can tell you whether your AFib has been injured or is present.

The Internet of Things may allow your smartwatch to monitor and predict potential health issues before they become serious.

5G wireless technology and microsatellites enable wired connectivity around the globe.

These privacy concerns are legitimate. We have to admit that we may need to give up some privacy to make progress in areas such as health care.

It’s a hard reality to face, but we have to live with it.

What does mean for your career?

Security services are more important for businesses that store sensitive information.

It is important to consider all possible ways your content could be used.

6. Higher Education Bubble

Higher education has bright prospects.

The inflation rate is two to three times higher than college costs. This is not sustainable.

One day, a degree will not be worth the cost. we believe we will see student loan jubilee and mass debt forgiveness.

Even though higher education is more expensive, it is still possible to get the skills needed to succeed in the marketplace. We need people that can think with logic, and reason and not just emote, which is what higher education teaches.

Education is becoming more essential than ever. It will not be offered by a traditional four-year college.

Online education is expected to complement or replace traditional higher education.

Traditional labor skills such as plumbing and carpentering will continue to be popular. But tech will play a greater role in manual labor jobs.

There are many ways to take advantage of this opportunity. Over the next ten years, online education is expected to grow in popularity.

7. Higher taxes

By 2030, the national debt will exceed $33 trillion. As a country increasingly leans towards socialist ideals and expects more from the government,

we think taxes in the United States will rise faster than we are now. Without increasing taxes, we cannot finance the deficits of today or provide the entitlements people want.

Today, capitalism is seen as a dirty word that causes society to have problems. Individuals will pay more taxes.

Not only will it not be the rich, but everyone will need to pay more taxes.

we believe that we will get something comparable to the Value Added Tax, (VAT) that the European Union has — a nationally based tax based on consumption.

This will impact Roth IRAs, which are expected to be tax-free upon withdrawal. But this won’t be fair to those who have enough saved for retirement and played the right games.

Diversifying your portfolio should not be limited to stock and bond markets. It is a smart decision for many people to increase their investments in taxable accounts.

The U.S. government is unpredictable.

8. Lower Returns on Investment

The current bull markets are the longest in history. Since December 2009, Dow Jones has seen a 170% increase in its stock market.

The Shiller PE Ratio at 31.1 has one of the highest historical values. Mathematically, it is clear that the 40-year bull bond market must end.

This is bad news for investors.

The next 10-year investment period will be very different than the previous 10. Stock investors have had a wonderful 10 years. It doesn’t seem so bright.

Stock market returns from less than 10 years ago are hard to predict. However, historical returns should be a reasonable estimate.

It is almost certain that at least one recession will occur within the next ten years.

While we won’t go into technical details, this Morningstar article highlights various forecasts for future returns.

After inflation, real terms returns are around 4% for stocks and 2% for bonds.

This is a key point to remember when you plan to withdraw your retirement funds in the next 10 years. If you still have many years to live, you should consider investing in the stock market.

In addition, lower returns than expected will cause problems with what we consider to be one of the most serious crises in the future.

Pension plans are expected to earn huge returns but are often underfunded. We will be watching how this plays out during the next recession.

Similar to Ourprediction. This could mean that you are subject to higher taxes, fewer services, or both.

People will often ask me what we should be doing. Learn new skills to add value to others.

we believe that everyone should have a side hustle. Side gigs can be a source of income.

Scott Adams is a cartoonist who has spoken out on talent stacking. Our strengths include being a programmer and an SEO expert. All of these qualities have made me a formidable affiliate marketer.

Discover your superpowers and combine them to create an unstoppable force.

It’s the best time to start your own business. But not everyone should.

Our 10-Year Objectives

These were Our financial objectives for the next 10 years in December 2009.

  • Our businesses should generate at least $200,000 per year in passive income via stocks, bonds, and real estate, and Our business
  • To make a minimum contribution of $75,000 for each child’s 529 education (the oldest will turn 14 years old).
  • To have enough money to retire.

It’s funny, we did all of them!

we wrote in 2009 “A lot can still be done in ten years” and have never spoken more truthfully.

Jim Carrey inspired me to foredate a $ 1 million check-in in 2009. It was due to be cashed on January 1, 2011, as it was written during the Great Recession when everything was in ruins.

we set a goal to make $1 million by 2011. we achieved it by 2015.

These are our financial goals for the next ten year

  • To begin from zero and build a personal brand in digital marketing
  • To make revenue through affiliate marketing and Our courses and/or services
  • To make at least $500,000 annually from passive or active income sources

Readers: What do you think of Ourpredictions? Which trends will YOU see over the next 10 Years? How do you envision your personal goals for the next 10 years?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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