How to Upsell: 12 Genius Upselling Tips & Examples

You can achieve your goal by upselling.

It’s not bad to upsell. Upselling is a good way to improve sales, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Promises are a great way to increase sales, and this strategy can handle it.

This is an example of upselling.

Customers are hesitant to pay for shipping because they know that their product will expire in a few months. They add the larger supplement to their shopping cart.

Here is a non-pressured example of upselling.

Upselling is a common mistake that can make businesses appear aggressive, uncaring, and greedy for money. Instead, they should be helpful and caring, and customer-centric.

Help is at hand to achieve your goals.

Let’s start with a definition of upselling and then explore what that means. We’ll also give some advice on how to upsell.

Upselling – What does it mean? Upselling – What is it?

An upsell is when a customer is convinced to upgrade or buy a higher-priced product.

Both terms are often used interchangeably by marketers. The two strategies are different, and both increase sales.

Upselling vs. Cross-Selling

The cross-selling process involves the recommendation of products related to a purchase. A restaurant might recommend soft drinks and fries when someone buys a hamburger.

An upsell is recommending a price increase for an item. If someone orders a hamburger in a restaurant they may suggest toppings such as bacon, caramelized onions, and avocados.

Examples from Real Life of How to Upsell

Here are some examples of real-life upselling.


The rewards for users are attractive.

  • Your device can now download music
  • Enjoy Music Without Ads
  • Play any song
  • Skip as often as you want

Spotify pricing is straightforward. There are three types of accounts: individual, family, and duo. They all offer the same service.

Spotify welcomes new users but doesn’t try to sell its premium plans. Instead, they use banner ads and in-stream advertisements to remind music fans of the benefits that Premium will bring. Amazon Prime, for example, is required to shop on Amazon.

After choosing a bouquet, will offer a range of add-ons.

Upgrade your heartfelt gifts with fruit, chocolates, truffles, or a clear glass vase. These upgrades make the gift even more special.


Apple Store staff are not pushy. Apple can make the best suggestions.

How much will you pay for $200 extra? Are you right? Yes?

Apple will send you updates and notifications via email about new products, upgrades, and other Apple-related information.

Twelve Upselling Tips & Best Practices

1. Customize your Recommendations

If you suggest the wrong product, it could cost you your opportunity to sell or upsell.

Several factors go into personalizing recommendations.

  • Upgrade: Listen to the needs of your customers and make sure that you are providing them with what they want. Do not try to sell them something that is beyond what they need.
  • Start with a small price. If your customer has just purchased a camera, they might not be willing to spend twice as much on an upgrade. However, they might want a slightly better lens or case.
  • You need to be able to determine when to upsell. It could take a while.

Limiting options

Don’t overwhelm your customers with too many choices. Too many options can scare them away.

Make your suggestions more personal by using the first tip. Once you’ve found the best suggestion, perfect your pitch.

Go to the dealership, and find a vehicle you love. As you’re signing the contract the salesperson tells you you can upgrade to a leather interior for an extra few thousand dollars.

You are about to enter into a contract when the salesperson offers you 3 more expensive cars that might be better choices. This sounds overwhelming.

3. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

Do not sell them features, but new benefits.

Is it worth the cost to upgrade your software, hardware, or storage? Maybe yes. Not at all.

What are these benefits related to?

  • You can now capture even more memories with the upgraded cloud storage.
  • Download and upload speeds that are faster can save you valuable time every day.
  • Earn more money every month by finding higher-quality leads

Upgrading your products can help you to better communicate the value of upgrading.

4. Create product bundles

For example, you can sell two deodorants at $5 each or one stick of deodorant for $3.

That’s bundling.

Create a combination of similar products to make them more affordable. A bundle of body wash, conditioner, and shampoo could be created for a discounted price.

Customers prefer handcrafted bundles and discounts from brands they trust. Customers prefer to buy handcrafted bundles from trusted brands and receive discounts.

The entire kit is not necessary for the buyer, which includes the paddleboard, the life jackets, the waterproof case, the whistle, etc. The only thing they want is to be on the water.

Combining products can reduce your profit per unit but increase revenue.

5. Price Options Available

Offer your clients a range of options instead of just letting them choose.

Limit the options, but don’t go overboard.

Find the sweet spot that converts more visitors into customers.

6. Solve problems

Your upsells must alleviate your customer’s pain points. Identify your customers’ pain points and offer them different options to relieve them.

The fact that their customers are out of space on the cloud can be frustrating. It can be difficult for customers to determine what they should keep and what is best to delete.

The upsell is not a solution to any problem. This is a simple way of getting more money.

7. Use Social Proof

Use bullet points to show what the upgrade would do for the customer. The social proof tool is very useful.

Case studies and testimonials can be used to show how an upgrade to a product has helped others. “

People are more inclined to improve their situation when they see how an upgrade improved someone else’s life.

Integrate upsells into the customer experience

Incorporate them into the experience.

You will be limited to the basic features if you only have a plan that covers social media. Upgrade to get the advanced features.

Car dealerships know how to do this. When you are looking for a car to buy, you will often pass by stacks of high-performance tires. It is not necessary to ask the salesperson about these tires when discussing add-ons.

9. Create Urgency

You should avoid coming across as a pushy person. But creating an urgent situation can help convince someone to upgrade.

You can achieve this by offering limited quantities and time-sensitive offers. Customers will act more quickly if they are motivated to do so. Use targeted emails and social media advertising to create urgency.

Remember Rule 7.

The rule of 7 states that it usually takes seven interactions to get a client to purchase an upgrade or make a payment. You don’t have to convince the customer in your very first message, email, or text. This is okay.

11. Consider Other Upselling Alternatives

Think about what you can offer to grab your customers’ attention. For example, sign them up for your mailing list or your text-marketing campaigns. You can then upsell your customers.

It is possible to create customers for life with high-quality customer data. You may see them buying from you every month or even a year.

When Downselling is Appropriate

Downselling is the best way to provide excellent customer service.

You may find it counterintuitive, but we urge you to listen. Which is more valuable to you: extra monthly income or lifetime customers?

If you want to impress your clients, then encourage them to purchase a lower-tier product and upgrade it later, if the customer decides that it is too costly. This admiration will be more important than any slight sales increase.

Improve Your Selling Skills Like A Professional

You can learn how to utilize Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

In the future, you may get upsold to upgrade courses, but not right now.

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