GoDaddy Website: Steal These 11+ Ideas for Website Design Inspiration

You’re thinking of using GoDaddy to build your website. Now you want to see GoDaddy examples so you can get an idea and confirm that you made the right decision.

GoDaddy is the biggest brand in the web services industry. They are the most popular choice for GoDaddy domains and hosting, GoDaddy website builders, online stores, productivity products, and TV advertising.

GoDaddy’s current plans and pricing

GoDaddy’s website builder, also known as “Websites + marketing”, is a package that offers a complete solution. GoDaddy’s biggest advantage is its easy-to-use setup (fill-in the blank style), which makes them very appealing for DIY-ers who have limited experience with website building.

While simplicity is great, there are major tradeoffs and cons, especially in terms of functionality.

We’ll be looking at examples of GoDaddy websites in the wild. But, it’s more than how they look. It’s also important to see how they work. This is the key consideration in all my website builders reviews and my guide to finding the best website builder.

It’s like buying a car. You may have an idea of the make/model you want, and are looking to drive them on the road to get a better idea of how they look. But you care about their operation. Is it able to accelerate quickly? Is it capable of hauling heavy loads? What is the gas mileage?

It is important to look at website platforms in the same manner. The following GoDaddy Websites + marketing (their brand name) examples were collected to show you how they look. We also showed you how GoDaddy websites function so that you can make sure your website fits both your style and the functionality you require.

Some examples of general websites

Let’s begin with a list of solid GoDaddy website builders examples. These examples were selected based on usability, design, functionality. GoDaddy is a great choice for DIY-ers looking for a simple website they can create on their own, without needing to know the intricacies. Be aware, however, that there are trade-offs. You give up control, functionality and customization. ).

Citizen Restaurant

This GoDaddy example website is great for inspiration if you are looking for a simple website that allows you to post content (such as menus). It has a simple homepage with an easy call to action to join the email list. It is easy to navigate, with the Dine and Drink tabs leading visitors to pages that allow them to download PDF versions of the menus.

Augusta Blues Company

We love the simplicity of this GoDaddy website. Augusta Blues Company added a personal touch to the simple template by using a custom graphic as the homepage’s header image. The navigation was also easy to use and simple, which is an important characteristic of a great website.

This GoDaddy example shows how to integrate a map onto your website’s homepage for those who require directions. We loved the way August Blues Company combined the map with other contact information.

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Example of a Wedding Website

Websites for weddings are a great way of sharing information with guests, showing off your personality and posting updates / photos / any other information you wish to share with others involved in your wedding. This website will be more useful for a short time than a business website. It should be easy to edit and maintain. This is a great example what you can do on a GoDaddy GoCentral website for weddings:

Dave and Nuria

This example is from Dave and Nuria. It’s a great starting point for inspiration if you are looking for an easy, clean, professional, and simple wedding website. The website contains all the information you need, including the itinerary and how to plan your trip. This template is a great example for a plug-and-play website. It saves time and money.

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Photography Website Example

Portfolios are the heart of photography websites. Look at the layout options available for your work when you are looking for inspiration from a GoDaddy site builder. It is important to show your photos creatively without losing the user experience. These are some GoDaddy photography websites that we like:

Anthony Friend

The layout of the portfolio page on the GoDaddy website is what makes it a great example for photographers. It’s easy to see the portfolio page in grid format. This allows visitors to easily get an overview of the photographer without overwhelming the functionality.

Richard Eads

Richard’s website is another example of photography inspiration, especially in the way that Richard displays his work. This GoDaddy website features a carousel that displays photos. The bar beneath the photos changes with their movement. This is a unique way for Richard to show his work interactively without making it overwhelming.

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Example eCommerce Website

Ecommerce websites should be all about the products. An online store that is successful should feature high-quality product images and be easy to navigate. The focus should remain on the products you offer to your customers. Strong product descriptions are essential, as well as an easy checkout process. These are some of our favourite GoDaddy online store examples.

Fashion Saga

Fashion Saga shows you how a simple, block-focused design can compliment your product’s look. Site navigation is easy and has a solid focus.

Popcorn Willy

The product page organization was what we loved about the GoDaddy online store. The categories make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Ratings add another layer of trust that is crucial for eCommerce websites. This website is a great place for inspiration if you are looking for an easy way to list products.

Better Living Market

Better Market Living is a great place to find a little more design flair. This eCommerce website has a beautiful header image that enhances the homepage. However, it keeps navigation simple with the “shop now” button.

One thing to remember about the GoDaddy website builder in general is that while GoDaddy is well-known for its simplicity, it does not mean you can customize your design or have limited functionality. Most websites use a block layout. The product pages on eCommerce websites are not affected by this layout.

You should not choose your website builder based on its design. Instead, consider the functionality and customizations you require. There are better options if you want a more custom eCommerce shop.

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Artist Website Example

You want to show off your artwork? A website for artists is a great way of displaying your art online. Websites should be simple to use, focus on your work, and make it easy for potential clients or commissioners to reach you. Here’s a GoDaddy example of an artist website:

Jules Art & Design

Jules’ website is a great example of this principle. Sometimes less is more. Her website’s clean layout draws attention to her artwork. The simple navigation at its top makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Another example of a GoDaddy portfolio site that works well for DIY-ers who only need a place to show their work in an easy-to-read format.

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Music Website Example

Music websites are similar to artist websites. They all focus on the music. A player is necessary for visitors to be able to listen to your music on your website. People will also love to be able to contact you via social media, including tour dates and where they can purchase your albums. This is an example of a GoDaddy-created music website:

Telekinetic Yeti

The music is the only focus of this GoDaddy music website. The music page actually contains an embedded music player that allows visitors to listen to the most recent album of the band. It could be more complex, but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on your needs. You may need more functionality for your music website, such as Spotify integrations, Eventbrite integrations and Ticketmaster integrations. GoDaddy might not be the right choice for you.

Example of a Business Website

Strong business websites showcase your services and give customers the chance to get in touch with you. They also build social proof. Visitors should be able identify you and your business when they visit your website. They should also be able navigate to the information they need from the homepage. These are some examples of GoDaddy Website Builder website examples that have been successful:

Fisher King Winery

The Fisher King Winery website demonstrates how to build a large website with lots of content on GoDaddy. It also includes built-in features such as contact forms, events, product sales, and contact forms.

Women in technology

The navigation system for Women Working in Technology is quite robust. This shows how many content you can put on your GoDaddy business website. The navigation organizes the site with sub-menus. This makes it easy to navigate the site, despite all the content.

We liked the video Women Working in Technology posted on their homepage. It explained what they were all about.

This is a great way for the site to be interactive, without needing to create something entirely new!

Crescent Flight Ops

GoDaddy is known for favoring block-style templates. This business website by Crescent Flight Ops may be a little too blocky. However, the color scheme and use of various media types helps with the flow. This website was included to demonstrate that even though the theme is simple, it can still be customized with colors and other content.

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Example of a personal website

Websites for personal use are just what they sound like: personal. This type of website is about building your brand online and claiming your space on the Internet. It should be simple to create, edit, and customize personal websites. This is an example of a GoDaddy personal site that you can use as inspiration.

Marc Whisnant

It is easy to get distracted by showcasing your creativity and personality on your website. While it’s fine to add some flair, clarity is not the same thing as creativity. Marc’s website has the perfect balance of both. We love how Marc’s work stands out against the black background but isn’t too overwhelming in its grid format.

Marc also included a downloadable copy of his resume on his homepage. We liked that. This is a great way for you to communicate your skills to those looking to hire.

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Next steps

Choosing your website platform is more than just design. Why? All web pages are HTML and CSS, with some scripts added. Any website template can be used on any web platform.

You should be focusing on the functionality and design elements available on the platform that you choose.

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