9 Effective Examples of Google Sites Templates

Look at some examples of websites when using a website builder such as Google Sites. These are great ways to get ideas and inspiration about the possibilities that Google Sites has.

Google Sites, Google’s website-building tool, is free. You have a set of templates that you can modify to some degree.

This allows DIY-ers to create beautiful designs while leaving the hard work (AKA website hosting functionality, coding, and coding) to professionals.

Anyone can create a Google Site, even the everyday user. we have a guide for creating a Google Sites website.

Google launched the new Google Site App several years ago to replace the older (not very good!) Google Site app. It is the same as other Google Workplace apps such as Google Sheets and Google Docs.

Before we dive into the details of Google Sites, let’s not forget one thing. It’s not just about how websites look. It is also important to think about functionality.

It’s like buying your car.

You must look at your website platform the same way. This will allow you to ensure that your website is both functional and stylish.

we don’t like Google Sites but we can recommend other web builders. we have found better alternatives.

Google Sites Examples

Let’s start with some solid examples of Google Site website designs

Google Sites can be a great tool for DIY-ers who want a simple website that they can build on their own. This means you may need to give up some functionality, customization, design options, and control.

Example scripts

It is even kept on their Google Sites subdomain (for good and for bad). It is even kept on their Google Sites subdomain (for good ).

Education/Classroom Website Example

Google Classroom can be used to organize lesson plans and collect student work.

Create a classroom website to show course information, create a syllabus and upload YouTube videos.

This is an excellent example of how Google Sites can help you create a class website.

Mr. Rees’ Social Studies Classes

This website for social studies demonstrates how Google Sites can help students organize their information.

This menu shows the lessons. You can store all your resources in one place.

Photography Website Example

Digital portfolios are the focus of photographer websites. Use a Google Site to get some inspiration. You should pay attention to page layouts and templates. This will allow you to showcase your photos creatively without compromising the user experience. Easy navigation, quick photo loading, high-quality images, etc.


When you have multiple sections in your portfolio, it is important to arrange them. ). This website will suit those who are looking for a simple yet effective way to present their work.

Example of a Church website

Websites designed for churches share information about the congregation with visitors.

Morton Park Hall

The best thing about Morton Park Hall’s website is its intuitive navigation. It makes it easy for both current and new members of the congregation to find what they need.

Example of a website for a business

Strong business websites can showcase your services, enable customers to contact you, and build trust. Visitors should be able to navigate from their homepage to the information they require.


PCS’s website stands apart because, although it uses the same grid-style layout that most Google Sites, it has its brand colors and icons making it stand out.

Flanders Hotel Bruges

Flanders Hotel Bruges’s website is another example of a business website that has a simple design and looks professional. The hotel is a trusted choice for visitors to the region because of its high-quality photographs.

Petits Gateaux

Petits Gateaux is a great example of a Google Sites website for a local business. It features a logo and a scalloped design. This gives the site a unique look and doesn’t require the creation of a custom or complex site. This gave customers an idea of what to expect.

An example of a personal website

Personal websites are for personal use. These websites should be simple to customize and manage.

Andy Wolber

Personal websites can be too focused on your creativity and personality. Andy’s homepage features his tweets. It has a simple layout that is easy to navigate.

Flavio Ciabattoni

Flavio excels at pushing Google Sites’ ability to keep up with current design trends, such as hero photos and typography. ). Flavio is an expert at pushing Google Sites’ ability to keep up with current design trends (hero photos, typography, etc.

The Goblins of Mordor

The site’s URL still uses the sites.google.com/website folder instead of a custom domain. It still works. It is a passion project. It doesn’t have any advertising and is purely for personal use.

Next steps

Choosing a website platform is more important than design. Every website page is HTML and CSS with some scripts added.

Focus on the features and design elements of the platform you choose.

Google Sites may be used if they meet your design and functionality needs.

Uncertain if Google Sites is the right choice for you? Other website builders might be worth considering

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