The Complete Guide to OutBrain Advertising

You might have noticed the words “From Around Web” and “Recommended Content” at end of the articles. These headlines can sometimes be shocking, and the images can often be eye-catching.

These are OutBrain ads or Taboola ads – OutBrain’s main competitor*.

There was almost an OutBrain Taboola merger in 2020. But they are still competitors.

Advertisers don’t use OutBrain and Taboola ads as they are too unusual, new, or difficult to do well.

These are affordable and give you access to premium online publishers.

In 2014, when OutBrain was still in its early days, we did a few experiments. These are the ones we share below. we hoped that it would mature over six years. Below are some screenshots of data and data from Our most recent campaign.

These are some OutBrain Ad examples.

What’s OutBrain?

OutBrain enables publishers to find similar posts functionality and make money from interested readers.

OutBrain allows publishers the ability to create widgets with native advertising placements and content recommendations. Advertisers have the same audience as Facebook ads but can reach them at a much greater scale than Google Display Ads.

OutBrain allows publishers to make more money regardless of whether people click and stay or leave (and see related posts and more ads),

OutBrain offers advertisers the opportunity to reach premium publishers at a very low price. OutBrain allows advertisers to access premium publishers at a low cost.

Share your content on other websites to increase your audience. Your audience is content-consuming and more likely to return.

An advertisement cannot be classified in the advertisement category.

The lines between advertisers and publishers can be blurred. OutBrain allows you to customize landing pages with your content, as long as they don’t contain ad+ offers.

OutBrain, whatever your preference, can be described as an internet advertising network that promotes content. It’s useful to see who is advertising on OutBrain, and what is working.

Who uses Brain Ads

OutBrain ads are a rate arbitrage game. Publishers get $0.XX per click through OutBrain’s native ads network. Premium ads cost $0.YY to monetize a visit to their website.

For $0.15 per click, a health site could advertise content that is general-purpose on a site. After a visitor has reached their site, they may then promote a high-dollar drug ad.

CNN would advertise that someone could click the link to “Foods That Could Cause an Irregular Hebeat”. This is what they land on:

Users could also click on OutBrain ads to land on a page with low-quality ads.

Arbitrage is valid so long as it makes sense. Publishers can still work. OutBrain advertisers will pay publishers for clicks that take them away from their site. The premium ads allow advertisers to monetize visitors.

This strategy indicates a great opportunity. Arbitrage refers to when the market isn’t working or something is priced too high based on its value.

OutBrain isn’t being used by enough companies. Companies are starting to notice.

HelloFresh offers high customer acquisition costs and high lifetime customer value.

Which one do you believe has the best ROI? Banner ads that inform people that they can get a HelloFresh coupon or positive PR that tells the readers how the author’s experience exceeds expectations for $0.20 per click.

(Think about promoting sponsored content. Think about promoting sponsored content ).

You don’t have to pay a lot, but it’s worth a try. Use your content to get people to visit your site.

OutBrain Advertising

Visit OutBrain first. Sign up on OutBrain for traffic.

Next, create campaign settings. This includes tracking and bids.

Configure your device, settings, and location.

You can create different campaigns by using different campaign settings.

You should also ensure that you have enough UTM codes to track all data. Optimizing traffic is key to obtaining qualified traffic.

Next, add content to promote. Please follow OutBrain guidelines. These should be content and not landing pages.

Smart marketers understand that this line blurs. Informational content is essential, even if you are trying to generate leads or sell products.

OutBrain has one improvement: the ability to upload bulk content and use its software to test different versions.

Once you’ve imported your content, you can edit the thumbnails or headlines. If you make enough ads, you’ll find a winner.

Stencil was utilized to create numerous 1200×800 images we could download and then test in bulk.

Consider the context in which your content will be seen

It’s also important to be aware of your goals. For example, do you want to generate leads or raw traffic?

Your content will be reviewed after you launch. Track your data and make improvements.

OutBrain Idea: How to Use It Effectively

OutBrain is a great way to get low-cost traffic for your content. If you don’t have a publishing-based company, you can still use OutBrain advertising to promote your business.

1. Social Media sharing and brand awareness are encouraged

It’s rare for viral content to become viral.

A paid “accelerant”, that can be paid for is a great way to try and generate organic social sharing.

OutBrain is a cost-effective and efficient way to increase organic social shares. “

It’s important to make sure that your content is easily shared. You should place your Twitter cards at the right location. Fix your Facebook markup.

OutBrain can track the reach of your content. It’s possible to calculate the CPM for each OutBrain user. The numbers behind the social-sharing strategy are clear.

2. Opt-in to the Opt-ins Program with a bribe

OutBrain’s target audience wants to read the content.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t be interested in your products. If they are interested, you can market to them later.

They visit your website because they like your content or at least the headline. OutBrain traffic can be measured by the cost of signing up.

This strategy is as direct as OutBrain. If you can get emails, OutBrain will work best to drive traffic to your site.

3. Create a retargeting audience

This strategy can be used to get opt-ins for a fee. Don’t buy OutBrain traffic that leaves your website with too many visitors.

Google Analytics allows you to easily create audiences based on the landing page. These audiences are then used to create retargeting ads later (ie “the advertisements that follow you around”) either alone or with other strategies.

Retargeting people who have previously visited your website is cheaper and more effective than other forms of paid advertising.

A campaign should be specific and not overly annoying to your OutBrain audience.

4. Users can test your content

OutBrain will require you to be able to edit premium content before it goes online. You can also use it to test user behavior.

Use multiple headlines to examine click-through rates. Install a scroll-depth plugin and Check your Google Analytics bounce rate to see how users interact with the site.

The OutBrain strategy is determined by how much time you can save and how much money you spend.

5. For direct response, use OutBrain CPA Bidding

OutBrain can be used by marketers for direct response. OutBrain allows you to track your OutBrain through Google Tag Manager. This is tedious but extremely powerful.

OutBrain optimizes your audiences and placements with a sufficient budget that is based on your landing page’s performance.

Next steps

You need to create content that’s useful and helpful for your website. Are you offering a bribe for email sign-ups? Does the content appeal to social media users?

Register at to create an account. After you approve the content, send it to be reviewed. After content goes live, analytics will be closely monitored. You can then analyze the data to determine what to do.

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