Simple Ways to Build Links With Images

No matter what your goal is, links from other websites are essential. “

Many industry professionals have written extensively on how building hyperlinks can be combined with images.

Website owners often overlook the importance of having link-worthy images. This can be a lot of work.

The truth is that you don’t need to create new marketing materials for every campaign. Reusing marketing assets from your existing marketing portfolios for SEO and referral linking is important.

How to create and automate image links using images your business has created for internal use or external use on Social Media.

tl;dr for SEO Veterans:

  • Make Flickr or any other CC platform default for Creative-Commons Attribution
  • Use IFTTT recipes to automate uploads on DropBox, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • Mark up images to maximize search results
  • At sufficient intervals, do a reverse Google image search for your images
  • To clean up the master link-building spreadsheet
  • Contact us to pitch attribution reclamation or a complementary pitch

Flickr and Images: The Power Of Flickr

Images are extremely popular on the internet. Images make it easier to share and read.

Finding the right images can be hard, especially if they are to be legally obtained.

Enter Creative Commons Attribution licensing.

These are links to attribution for photos that the owner permitted others to use provided they attribute the source. You don’t have to own all the rights to your photos.

Where can website owners find Creative Commons Attribution Photos


Flickr is still an important tool in our daily lives. Both search engines and website owners are familiar with the search by license-feature.

You have many options for attribution when you combine the legal and free nature of your photos with the discovery platform Flickr.

This technique works on all photo-sharing sites, including your website. Searchable photos should be available to users.

Use the Creative Commons Search engine to find the right “footprint”.

Flickr is the best option for simplicity. You can change any platform/footprint text.

Automating Images That You Already Take

This is the main question: “Where are we going to get all these pictures?” “

You already have Photos (and the copyrights to them) in other campaigns.

Do your photos have the potential to be used internally or for offline use? You can.

No additional work is required. Just use IFTTT to share photos from Instagram, DropBox, and Facebook, and then upload them onto Flickr.

After you have connected Instagram to IFTTT, this recipe will upload your photos automatically to Flickr.

DropBox will automatically upload all images in a DropBox folder from Flickr to Flickr after you have connected DropBox. IFTTT will take care of the rest.

Once you have connected to Facebook, you can use this recipe to upload any new Facebook pictures to Flickr.

Once you’ve connected your iOS account all images taken and placed in a folder to a folder will be uploaded directly to Flickr.

It doesn’t matter what camera you use, it matters that you are taking lots of photos.

Flickr Optimize Discovery

To increase your images’ visibility on Flickr, you will need to make some modifications.

Edit Global Setting. There are many options to change things but the most important are Privacy & Permissions.

Make sure your default permissions setting to Attribution

Tag your Photos. It is possible to do this in batches. Log in to Flickr every now to remove any automated tags.

Create detailed and descriptive descriptions. While you can automate an already-written description, additional information will enhance your image usage potential.

Ask for attribution in the description. Flickr requires that users credit Flickr’s image pages. This allows you to create passive links and decrease the amount of outreach you require later.

Protip – Make a Photo Permissions landing page to make the links more relevant.

Create your profile.

Quick Note on Google Policy

Google made some statements regarding attribution links.

A website owner should include a tag in the URL to indicate that the photo was not edited. The photo is paid for by the link.

Many SEOs from the past will tell you that nofollow hyperlinks are useless as they don’t pass PageRank and link equity. These can quickly become very complicated.

We believe linking to something that gives credit to someone else is something we should encourage, regardless of Google.

The website owner can decide whether the link is a nofollow or not. It’s worth trying to get more links from legitimate websites with real visitors.

Google’s policy on this tactic says that you shouldn’t spam Flickr with images you don’t wish your customers to see. Get in touch with website owners to introduce yourself. Be cool.

Return the guide…

This tactic works passively and you’ll get attribution links but not have to promote images.

The majority of the attribution links will link to your Flickr profile. Your site will receive the credit and not Flickr.

Depending upon how many photos you have, an Image Link Roundup can be done every few months or every few weeks.

Take the URLs to your photos on Flickr and search for them in Google.

You have two options: upload an image to Flickr or copy a URL from Flickr. Both work.

Advanced SEO Tip – If you’re comfortable coding, this guide can be used to perform bulk Google Image Searches.

Send an email to website owners asking for attribution. Thank them for their support and request attribution.

This guide will show you how to create image links.

Voila! You can now create images, and links for SEO and referral traffic

Next steps

Locate similar images to yours.

Conduct regular outreach and audits to claim any attribution links.

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