Steps to Start Digital Marketing Agency at Young Age

Do you have marketing skills? Would you like to start a digital marketing agency?

There is one problem.

What happens if you have no experience with digital marketing?

Digital marketing offers more opportunities than ever to make your success a reality. What can you do to scale up?

It is essential to have a strategy in place and to continue learning as you go. This will help you build trust with clients.

Many people believe that setting up a digital agency is a complicated process. This includes building a large company, hiring all clients, and so on.

A digital agency might be just what you are looking for. Helping people is the most important thing.

The business model of an agency is very simple. One-person agencies and 10,000-person agencies work the same.

This is how you start a digital marketing agency.

1. Set your business goals

Planning is essential before anything else. What’s your ultimate goal? How do you envision it?

Starting a digital marketing agency without a clear plan is like trying to find a restaurant without an address or navigation. You won’t be able to succeed.

Agencies with competing goals will often be in trouble. Those who stay true to their vision are the ones that succeed.

  • Some agencies want to improve their reputation. They are looking for clients with recognizable names who are open to interesting work.
  • Agents might want to maximize their profits. They don’t like boring clients but are open to high-growth opportunities and high-opportunity clients.
  • Agents might want to maximize autonomy. They focus on clients who are consistent and low-maintenance.
  • Some agencies want to maximize their business value. These agencies are focused on strong branding and cash flow.

There’s no right goal. You just need to choose one and stick with it.

No matter how big or small your agency is, there is no one solution. Full-service agencies offer design, development, paid media, content marketing, and SEO.

“Landscapers” is the industry buzzword. Nick Eubanks introduced me to the term.

An agency called “Landscapers” focuses on solving specific business problems. They come in and follow a checklist, add services, and then leave. They arrive, cut the grass, apply fertilizer, and then leave. They call to arrange for trimming or leaf raking.

The goal of a gardening agency is to gain a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and then use that knowledge to help them grow their businesses. They will arrive on time and discuss the potential of your property before working towards that goal.

You choose who and how to serve them.

Take These Factors

  • Do you want to expand your horizons or work with local clients?
  • Are you a specialist in one industry?
  • Do you want to offer a specific digital marketing service?
  • Does it make sense for potential clients to have their budget?
  • Are you offering services you don’t want to provide?

Here are the Things to Avoid

  • Don’t try to be all things to all people You are not a master of any trade.
  • Don’t try to change direction. Follow a specific direction until you have enough experience and information to make a difference.

The rest of the story is “… oftentimes worse than a master at any one. Consider whether you want to be an “SEO Agency”, or a digital agency that focuses solely on one industry.

2. Define Your Target Audience

Irony breeds irony: Marketers often fail to market themselves. They don’t always follow their own path.

Marketing experts will tell you that identifying your target audience is a key part of any marketing campaign.

Who is your ideal client?

Now that you’ve decided who you want, it is time for you to get to know them a bit more. How are they feeling?

Define the wants and needs of your ideal client.

Tell us about their marketing goals and needs. How can you help them reach them with the service that you offer?

Don’t just visualize your vision. Talk to potential customers about the obstacles they face in spreading the word about their company.

What do they want to be helped with? How can they expect a digital marketing agency to help them?

Targeting 2 to 4 people is the best strategy. However, this does not mean that you can’t expand.

We are aware that the first years of our existence were spent serving everyone. We ended up with a diverse range of clients.

  • Solo yoga business owner without a budget who wanted to give her customers a brand identity
  • A Midwest manufacturer wanted his website designed to attract potential leads and vendors for his sales team.
  • An automotive company in rapid growth that wanted to increase market share at all cost
  • A church with very specific requirements for a content management system
  • An eCommerce website that is focused on SEO and payment gateway issues. It also offers seasonal sales.

There were too many demands, overhead, and tools. There weren’t enough ideas to grow the business or hire staff.

Take These Factors

  • Start small and grow (i.e. Being a local digital marketing agency that assists dentists in getting more patients via organic search, rather than trying to help everyone all the time and getting lost in all the noise (i.e. Being a digital marketer capable ).
  • Remember that not all markets are equal. You can use this as a starting point for your marketing and lead-generation efforts.

Here are the Things to Avoid

  • Avoid working alongside businesses that aren’t in line with your overall business strategy. Do not offer a service if it’s not possible to provide it.
  • Avoid businesses that don’t provide testimonials, case studies, or good word-of-mouth. They are likely to lose money long-term.

3. Create an online presence

Once your agency type and the people you serve are known, you can begin to plan how you will present this information.

This is the way you can increase your online presence through your website and social media channels.

Set up your website

A website is not necessary for a digital marketing agency. But, people must find you online.

If you are focused, you can create a Yelp or Facebook profile. (More about that later ).

A professional website will allow you to stay ahead of your competition and maximize your marketing potential.

We recommend that you set up WordPress to host your website.

This route provides a technical foundation, a simple setup, and access to additional tools like email storage and digital storage.

A website can be attractive enough to sell, without having to spend a lot of time or money on custom-designed designs.

Hosting WordPress yourself can be difficult. If you work with clients that use certain platforms, such as Squarespace or Shopify, it is possible.

Self-hosting can also offer recurring maintenance revenue. Reseller Hosting plans are available for those who have a website builder.

Setting up focused pages (or “Landing”)

We’ve already said that targeted landing pages make a huge difference to your website. These pages address specific needs.

We don’t mean “landing pages”, but we don’t mean something too difficult or that you don’t need to A/B test.

These are pages people can use to find what they need by using a search engine.

Why? Here’s why.

Your homepage was designed for people who already know you. You can use it to rank businesses offering a particular service.

Your homepage isn’t enough. Landing pages go beyond a page.

You can use landing pages to convert new visitors to your website (or returning customers).

Service-specific webpages – These pages should promote your services. You can offer SEO but not make websites searchable or relevant.

Demography and Geography Specific – These pages provide information about how to obtain services from your agency. If you’re able, you can focus on a particular demographic.

Specific to an industry – These pages will highlight the expertise of your industry. Clients are looking for someone who can understand their perspective.

Combining buckets to go deeper within each one is the key to creating pages that are highly targeted.

The Travel Industry’s Digital Marketing will not bring you the first client.


The goal here is to sell to the lowest sales level, the clients most likely to convert and succeed.

Take These Factors

  • Blogs and detailed content can help you make your website more visible. This will help to choose the right platform.
  • Copywriting agencies must practice what they preach.
  • You don’t have to be everywhere. Choose your channels and expand as necessary.

Here are the Things to Avoid

  • Don’t be perfect. Although the goal is to build a trusted online presence, perfection is not what you should strive for. The agency is not about billing hours. Don’t spend more time on the client’s site than you do on yours.

4. Getting Leads & Clients

Now it’s time to generate leads and clients.

Marketing is not a well-known skill. It is imperative to do something to grow your client base and gain clients.

These steps will help you spread the word about digital marketing agencies.

Referrals & Word of Mouth

Success in an agency is dependent upon referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. These agencies can target specific markets and know how to get more referrals.

The main point should be the focus of your landing pages. Because you will build a simple reputation, this will increase word-of-mouth.

Referring clients is key to getting referrals.

Direct Outreach

Also known as hustlin’. The pitching is straightforward and direct-response.

Not necessarily spamming. This refers to reaching out to your target market directly and doing the right outreach.

You should also email and message potential customers on Facebook about your services.

This is a way to help others in the industry forums.

If you have no experience, direct outreach can be a great way of quickly obtaining clients. This will enable you to quickly turn referrals into customers.

You can reach out to your network to find opportunities that you are qualified for. You can continue your marketing efforts with no need to spend money on ads or wait for the Inbound Strategy to develop.

Paid traffic

While Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be expensive, they provide a high return on your investment. This is particularly true for keywords close to conversion.

You should have a different goal when you use paid visitors if you want to create a long-term digital strategy.

Data is being purchased. Many data are available.

You should take a few steps to ensure your new traffic is successful.

  • Look at which keywords are driving the most leads.
  • You should be a local agency. Your local knowledge is better than the big guys.
  • See which landing pages drive sales or calls.
  • Have a look at the areas driving sales.
  • Review the ad copy for the best messaging. This information can be used to inform any print or display campaign.
  • Facebook allows you to be very specific in communicating with your audience.

Organic Search (SEO), Traffic

Organic traffic (SEO) is still an option, even if it’s not the best. If you’re just beginning to build your portfolio, or gaining some experience, this can be time-consuming.

It’s worthwhile to invest in SEO now if you want the long-term game.

Google processes over 3.5 million queries each day.

We don’t hide our passion for SEO and Inbound Marketing.

A strategy is not necessary to master digital marketing.

Sometimes, you only need to write a handful of helpful posts to demonstrate your expertise. A tutorial can be given about tools that you are familiar with.

Take These Factors

  • Your first goal when you start an agency is to get clients. This will enable you to invest in your marketing efforts.
  • Your network is the best source of leads.
  • Don’t tell anyone about your business. Let people know about what you do.
  • Although you need to live up to your promises, your business can grow outside your immediate area. Be prepared to talk with potential clients about this.

Here are the Things to Avoid

  • Be a specialist. You need clients and revenue, and you have to be clear about your business strategy.
  • Don’t add work to the client’s scope without first explaining how it affects your fees. Respect comes from results, not price or perceived responsiveness.

5. Plan Your Growth

It doesn’t take a Super Bowl commercial company to start a digital marketing agency.

But, you need to have a plan.

Consider the systems, people, and deliverables you will need to help your clients as you grow.

Could hiring a full-time copywriter for your marketing team increase your client signings? Fiverr could help with administrative tasks and design work. Are you a digital marketer?

What tools are most important for you?

Should you use a broad tool suite like Semrush which offers SEO, PPC, and Social? Or just a single SEO tool suite like Mangools

Do your needs require you to build specialized tools such as Ahrefs and Screaming Frog for search engine optimization? Would you consider saving money by purchasing the Mangools suite?

Would you rather save time with TailWind and AdEspresso for social media channels or would you prefer to get started manually?

What tools are best for your client? How can you make it simpler?

Have you created a system that clients can access to your systems?

You should have an internal project management system, even if you are just using Google Sheets.

Do your deliverables have value for clients? Are clients able to give feedback?

SEOs can benefit from written audits and keyword mapping. They will also be able to write outreach and develop content strategies that make SEO work for their clients.

Can you automate processes to scale your business, offer value to clients, and maintain a relationship with them while also automating their work? Semrush is used to send local SEO reports to our clients.

This applies to all marketing types. Who are the best industry contacts you can make to get a better understanding?

Advanced planning makes it much easier to scale up quickly than waiting for the workload to become too heavy.

Take These Factors

  • You can only complete certain tasks. Keep your eyes focused on the prize.
  • A larger agency does not always have a better reputation. Some of the most successful marketers work with smaller teams.
  • Think back to your business vision Can you hire people to cover other areas? An experienced writer in graphic design

Here are the Things to Avoid

  • Don’t get lost in the details
  • Outsourcing should not be viewed as an expense. Instead, think about value and reinvestment.
  • Don’t hire the cheapest option when hiring someone.
  • It is important to charge what you are truly worth. If you want to make clients happy, you should charge what it costs.

Next steps

Even if you have no experience, it is possible to set up a digital marketing agency.

It is important to be clear about the expectations of your agency, what you can do for them, and who you want to help.

These are the steps to start a digital agency.

Find out more about clients’ thoughts when they hire a digital agency and our top SEO Tools recommendations.

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