Quora Advertising: How to Use Quora Ads

Quora advertisements are only one way to advertise online. Quora, like Reddit or LinkedIn, feels dated but is still relevant.

Quora was founded in 2009, but the self-service Ad Platform was launched only in 2016. Although they have been around since 2009, Their costs and competition are still lower than those of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Why use Quora Ads?

Access to search intent and social data is available.

People can be reached using their demographic and psychographic information. You can also reach people who are actively looking for answers.

You also have a lot of access to organic traffic. This is their secret weapon.

Their brand is well-known and their extensive content ranks them highly in Google & Bing search results.

This is a difficult approach. Quora ads allow you to advertise on pages that rank highly for your target keywords.

It is possible to identify best practices and work with less competition.

Google and Facebook are the main platforms used by every major brand or agency. Quora requires more thought.

Hanapin Marketing’s State of Paid Social Report includes these words:

Quora is used daily by 5%, 31%, and 5% respectively of agencies and marketers. This channel has proven its value. We have seen a significant rise in the number of marketers who invest in it since last year. Quora releases new optimizations and features every day that continue to attract marketers.

we will be sharing our experiences but the main message of this post is that there is no one right answer. Quora can be a great place to start if your time/skills are more limited.

How Quora Ads work

Quora Ads display Quora text and image ads to a chosen Audience or Topic, or a combination of both.

There are many options available for audience targeting. These include retargeting (your audience via Quora), Quora Audiences (a group of people interested in a specific topic), and other options.

Target specific questions by using keywords or phrases in your answers or questions.

Quora ads can be created by anyone using their ad manager.

What does Quora advertising cost?

Quora Ads prices can vary depending on your ad settings. A bidding auction allows you to pay for impressions, clicks, or conversions.

The price of Quora ads depends on what topic you are trying to reach and how effective your ads are. we would suggest a $1.04 per click for Web Design in Atlanta. However, we could also bid as low as $0.31 to still get traffic.

Quora advertisers can run targeted campaigns that are small and easy to scale up.

Quora Ads

Quora’s ads can be very simple but still work.

Text ads are often the most effective. Promoted Answers are the least efficient. Each campaign and topic is different so it’s worth testing.

How to set up a Quora Ad campaign

Quora self-service ads are a huge success.

Basic business information is all you need to get started.

Manage ads, and Quora pixels and manage audience retargeting from your Ads Manager Dashboard. Create email reports.

It doesn’t matter if your ad campaign is successful, we recommend you immediately implement your Pixel, use Audiences, and create a few curated Email Reports.

Now you can start a campaign! Click Manage Ads to choose your goal.

Choose Conversions to select a type of conversion that will be passed on to your Quorapixel. Manually tag actions such as Add To Cart.

we use Traffic as our objective for all of our campaigns. To track conversions using our Google Analytics setup we tag all of our ads.

Now that you’ve created your Campaign objectives it’s time for you to create an Ad Set.

Each Ad Set is unique in its targeting and bidding. Every Ad will be written separately once you create an Ad Set.

Ad sets are however where the real fun lies.

There is a total of four primary targeting methods. In short, you can do the following:

  • Topic Targeting: Target content that falls under a particular category, regardless of the user’s interest.
  • Question Targeting: Target specific questions on Quora regardless of user or topic.
  • Audience Targeting- Target your audience anywhere on Quora (see below).
  • Interest targeting: Target people who are interested in a particular topic.

The secondary targeting options you have are endless. People who have bought successfully from your website ).

we love Topic and Question Targeting. These options target users based on their content.

This option is best if you are looking to expand your reach or target specific intent. Topic targeting lets you quickly target many questions.

Topic targeting means Quora will be provided with relevant keywords. You should try different combinations before you commit.

You should also ensure that you research the topics you are interested in manually to verify their audience.

Suggested Questions are the best way to target if you have the time.

This option lets you advertise on particular topics.

From a data perspective, this targeting option is the only one that gives you weekly view stats for Quora questions.

Interest targeting targets users, not content.

They can still be reached even if they’re not looking at the relevant questions.

Target an existing audience, or choose a Broad Topic option.

After you’ve selected your target and set your bids, it is time to start creating your ads

Quora has lots of space and encourages content like ads. These can be used with custom landing pages or educational content.

You can track visits using Google Analytics by adding UTM parameters to your landing page URL.

This is how you set up Quora ads. Each metric should be continuously improved.

How does Quora’s advertising perform in the wild? Let us start with an image advertisement that targets a larger audience than just one topic.

Here’s a Quora text ad example targeting a question.

This is a Promoted answer appearing in a Topic feed.

we have managed campaigns for clients, but also for myself. These are the results of our most recent campaign.

Quora Ads Example Campaign

we use almost exclusively Question Targeting for our Quora ads. we agree to spend too many hours researching for our small campaigns.

Here’s a content promotion campaign. This was to promote a new piece of content without traditional manual outreach.

There were many questions we felt were consistent with the content. we spent about $100 on promotion.

This campaign aligned with the common takeaways from our Quora campaigns.

  • Impressions were remarkable for such a niche subject and were consistent throughout.
  • Online ads had an unusually high CTR.
  • The conversions were flawless.
  • The cost per click was not as high as Google Ads, but it was still lower than we expected.

We were not able to filter or account for a lot of spam (Google Display and Facebook …).). ).

Quora was in perfect agreement with our Google Analytics numbers. The engagement was also high as we had hoped.

All our campaigns, as well as this campaign, all point back at the same general takeaways of Quora Ads.

  • Quora ads can be hard to scale up but are very effective if you take the time to research them and set them up.
  • These are great for advertising high-relevance products and reaching intelligent people.
  • You need the right content to create engaging landing pages.
  • Small campaigns are sometimes worth it just for the data.

They are reminiscent of Reddit Ads or Pinterest in many aspects. They offer solid opportunities to the right advertisers.

Are Quora Ads Worth It?

Quora ads may not be right for you. This takes time.

This market represents a strong opportunity in an increasingly competitive online advertising market.

To build your audience, you should create an account.

This will allow you to reach existing users on another platform. Based on small test results and time spent researching your interests, you can expand your reach.

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