What Are Menus and How to Use Them in WordPress

This tutorial is part of the Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Series. This tutorial will show you how to use WordPress menus.

Visitors won’t be able to find their way around your website content, so it doesn’t really matter what you have to say. Cue Menus with WordPress. This tutorial will show you how to manage and customize your WordPress website menus.

How to create and manage custom navigation menus

Your menu, like I mentioned, is a great way for visitors to navigate your site and complete the overall design. Go to Appearances on the sidebar and choose Menus. Click Create Menu to enter a name for the menu.

You can select from a list Pages pages to add to your menu. Select the pages you wish to add, then click Add To Menu.

Click on Link to add links from other websites. Simply type the URL of the site and the name you want it to appear in your menu and then click add to menu.

The Category box allows you to add any category you already have. Simply select the item you wish to add to the menu.

After you have added items to your menu, you can arrange them in any order you wish. To create sub-menus, click and drag the items to the right. You can see more options for your item by clicking the drop-down arrow.

To remove an item click Remove. To cancel any modifications you have made to an item, click Cancel.

This option allows you to add the pages you create to your menu automatically.

You may be able to choose from different locations where your menu will appear depending on the theme. You can find more menu options by clicking the Screen Option tab near the top of this page.

After you are done, click Save to save any changes you made. Click the name of your website at the top to see all your changes.

Next steps

Now is a great time for you to create a basic plan for your website. Once you have that done, you can start setting up your menus in a single session.

We’ll now be talking about some amazing little fillers called widgets. You can also check out the rest of the series.

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