The Complete Guide to WordPress Widgets

This article is part of the Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Series. This is how you can use widgets in WordPress.

You might like to have a small ad on your website. Widgets can be used to display small ads or information on the side of your website. Widgets can be small, fun, and functional widgets that are displayed in your sidebar, header, and footer of your website. WordPress provides a place to store all of them. Here are some tips for working with WordPress widgets.

How to Manage Widgets

First, click on the Appearance tab. Next, select Widgets. You can view all widgets that you can place on your website under Available Widgets. Each widget is listed alphabetically with a brief description.

There are several areas on the right side that you can place widgets, depending on the theme. Drag and drop widgets from the sidebar using your cursor. These widgets can be arranged however you like.

The drop-down arrow will open options for the widget. You will have different options depending on which widget you are using.

Clicking close to close all options, but not save them.

By clicking save, you can save your settings for this widget.

Drag the Inactive widgets to remove a widget but keep its settings. Drag the widget back to restore it. To delete the widget and all saved options, click Delete.

You can choose to enable accessibility mode by clicking the Screen Option button at the top. This is a new way to manage your widgets. It can be deactivated at any time by returning to Screen Option and clicking DisableAccessibility Mode.

After you’re done, click on your site name in the admin bar. You can then view your changes.

Next steps

Take a look at the widgets menu and take a moment to find what you like. You might be able to find what you need by using a plugin.

As an aside, we will be covering WordPress themes next. This may affect the appearance of widgets you choose. You can make a list of widgets you like to keep track of them in case you need them.

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