How to Improve Your Company’s Client Acquisition Strategy?

Many people don’t know where to find clients.

Although you can work as a coach or consultant, I am sure that you would like to be paid for the great ideas you have.

The following seven techniques will allow you to find clients and customers who love and appreciate your work and will pay you for it. They will also help grow your business.

For many years, I’ve been teaching and using these seven techniques. These are the best ways to get clients, wherever you may be.

1. Leveraging Your Existing Network

By leveraging the network you already have, it is possible to reach out to new customers.

You likely have people in your network who would benefit from the expertise of someone like yourself. This could include friends, family, colleagues, etc. You must find them and make sure you can help.

Ask your network: “Who wants that?” You can ask your network “Who needs that? “

Let’s say you are looking for clients as a web designer. Ask your friends and family if anyone they know needs a new website.

2. Warm Canvassing

I developed this method from my experiences in selling door-to-door. When you sell door to door, it’s essentially a cold-canvassing.

The opposite of warm canvassing is the effect.

This is a bit different from leveraging your existing network. It’s possible to approach service providers with whom you have a close relationship, like doctors and dentists.

Find out with whom you work and see if there is a way you could add value.

When I started web development I noticed that my chiropractor’s website was badly in need of updating. I knew him well and had been seeing him regularly for years because of a back problem. I was able to easily start a conversation with him about my company’s potential benefits.

3. Los Lead Approach

When you are just starting as a provider of services, it can be difficult to know whether you will receive payment for your work.

The method of lost leads is the easiest way to fix this issue. It is easy and foolproof to increase your referral network.

Assume you’re a personal fitness trainer. Look for a group in need of your assistance. First, you offer free training. In exchange for free training, they must provide you with three to four other friends that can benefit as well.

Studies show that people trust a referral from a trusted friend more than any other recommendation.

Your great work will bring you, new clients.

4. Marsupial Method

In my book, I describe the marsupial strategy. Rich20Something is founded on the fact that every business needs other businesses’ help.

What is the name of this method? The marsupial method refers to a method that helps you to find an enterprise to take care of and nurture your company until it can stand on its own.

Look for businesses that offer complementary services. You don’t need to compete with anyone, but you should find something complementary. Like peanut butter and jelly ). The fastest way to expand your business is by joining forces with another company.

5. Online Job Boards

You may have noticed that the most-read article I’ve written in recent years was “Hacking E’lance”.

E-lance is no longer available, but you can still think about sites such as Fiverr and

Despite the stiff competition, you should use these sites for at least two reasons.

By bidding and submitting relevant projects, you will gain experience. This can be used to book clients over time.

6. Advanced Referral Systems

Over the years I have noticed people are often afraid to ask for work. If you’re good at what you do, you will be referred to friends by your customers.

Stop hoping your customers will send you referrals and ask them for them directly.

Ask your client to recommend you to other people they may know. And that’s all.

Create a client list by sitting next to the person, reading their phonebook, email, and other contacts.

Encourage your customers to recommend you by offering a bonus. Referrals will help you build stronger relationships with your clients.

To get a more detailed view of the advantages of a referral system, you should read Jay Abraham’s Getting All You Can from What You Have.

7. Cold Traffic

Contacting people you know, working for free to expand your network of clients, and offering referral bonuses are all ways that we can help. Referral bonuses, working free of charge to increase your client base, and contacting people you already know are all ways that you can expand your business.

You will find that some of your contacts are strangers. This can happen through Facebook or cold emailing. Cold traffic can come from door-to-door marketing, newspaper advertisements, and cold emailing.

You will be found if you have great products and excellent customer service. By following all the methods above, you are more likely to secure new customers.

While cold traffic is one way to find clients, it’s a network of excellent referrals and proven success that will bring you your next customer.

Choice of Method

There are 7 ways for service providers to get new customers and clients.

Your clientele will increase by leveraging the network you already have, asking others for opportunities and referrals, and working with other companies. Your customers will want to help you grow your business.

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