Increase Your Brand Awareness With These 8 Foolproof Tips

Even if you have the most innovative products, it doesn’t guarantee success. It’s possible that your business will not make even a single sale.

There are many businesses, online and in-person. Amazon Marketplace has over 353 million products while Walmart offers approximately 120,000.

With so many competitors, how can you expect customers to find your business?

It is essential to have a brand awareness.

When customers are hungry, they will think of Big Macs. When they need a moving van they think of U-Haul.

Brand awareness is in action.

Below, we’ll provide an answer to that question.

These 8 tactics are surefire ways to increase brand recognition.

Brand Awareness is a term that describes the awareness of a brand.

Brand awareness refers to the level of recognition that a brand has among customers.

  • Brand Name: Do customers know exactly what your company offers when they hear the name of your business?
  • Logo. Logo.
  • You will understand what we are saying when we say “Just Do It” or “Can you hear me now?” ” “
  • Colors. Pepsi is usually a deep, rich blue.
  • Product: If someone recognizes an automobile manufacturer by simply looking at its motor.
  • Services – Tie your brand to a specific service. You can tell if someone is hopping out of their vehicle while looking down at their smartphone.

We did not know it either but will tell you shortly.

  • They also encourage friends and strangers to make purchases. These people also influence their friends to buy.
  • When the name of a brand or product becomes common, it is called an eponym. When someone uses the word “Tissue” instead of “Kleenex”. When someone calls out “Coke” when what they want is a soft drink, once you achieve this status, your brand becomes immortal.

Brand awareness can be aided and unaided.

Aided awareness: This measure determines if a respondent can recognize your brand when you present the logo or name. Do they know what you do or sell? Have you heard?
Unaided awareness (UAA), also known as unaided recall, is a measure that measures how well respondents can remember your brand after a brief hint. For example: “Tell me which DSLR camera brands you are familiar with.” ” “

Measure brand awareness

The key to brand awareness is measurement.

It can be difficult to measure brand awareness. The results are often distorted by subtle bias. To get a perfect image, you’ll need many participants. It is an expensive endeavor.

Here are a few free and low-cost ways you can measure the awareness of your brand.

Direct Traffic

An increase in direct traffic means more visitors have found you on the internet or offline and visited your website with a purpose.

Social Engagement

The number of users who engage with your brand through likes, comments, and tweets Shows the brand’s awareness.

Google Alerts

Set up Google Alerts to be notified when your brand name is mentioned. Your brand will become more well-known as you see it being featured in the news, blogs, and other sites.

Social Listening

This will show you how often your name is mentioned.

Eight Strategies for increasing brand awareness

We understand your limited budget, so we will not recommend purchasing a Super Bowl advertisement or having Kim K endorse your product.

It would be great if this were true.

Here are some cheap ways to build your brand. They may not yield results as fast as an ad on TV that is seen by millions, but they can have a huge impact if you put in the work.

Get ready to get down to business!

1. Put Your Name Out There

You can’t just wait for others to find you. They won’t follow your Instagram account or accidentally type your URL. You have to work hard to make your name known.

That includes:

  • Create a social media account and become active within the community
  • Shareable and unique content on your website or blog
  • How to increase organic traffic on your site using search engine optimization techniques
  • Blog on another website and introduce your brand to new audiences
  • An affiliate marketing campaign to get brands to promote you
  • Use social media to promote your brand with videos and display advertisements
  • Sponsoring online and local events where your target audience will be attending

You can test many other ideas to see which ones work best. Local sponsorships may not be as effective, but guest blogging might. It all depends on your brand, target audience, and industry.

Your customers will notice your company if you spread your logo, brand, and product information to the entire world both in physical and digital ways.

2. Tell a Story

Storys are far more memorable than features, products, and money. Brands that are bigger than life will be remembered.

Take TOMS. Customer reviews were not raving about their durability (because that wasn’t the case). Brands’ Buy One-Give One model encouraged customers to buy and share.

Nike is a good example. Nike products focus more on how you can benefit from them. Nike will help you run faster, play harder, and jump higher. Look at any Nike advertisement or commercial and you’ll find they are telling you this.

How can you make your brand memorable? The process of creating a story takes some time. Don’t get discouraged.

3. Create a product to solve a specific problem

Brand recognition is not always guaranteed by top-notch product quality, although it can be. Tesla is a good example. People naturally share the products of a brand that has a game-changing product and relates incredibly compelling stories (saving the world).

An innovative product can reach your market. However, don’t expect it to market itself. Think of the product as a marketing catalyst.

4. Invest in Public Relations

Except for your time.

Inform journalists, publications, and bloggers of your company, products, or mission. Craft a story that will make them want to share it.

Press releases and media outreach are not the only forms of public relations. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Did your friends pour buckets of ice water on their heads while donating money? It was an excellent public relations campaign.

5. Sponsor a Person or Event

Sponsorship can help you reach the people who matter most.

Sponsoring a large event is not necessary. For instance, if you are targeting parents in your locality, an agreement to work with the baseball team of the Little League will keep your brand on their minds when they wash their clothes and do the Saturday morning chores.

Marc-Andre Leclerc is a Canadian rock climber and alpinist who holds many records in the world. Arc’teryx has sponsored Leclerc’s adventures and equipment to help him achieve his goals.

Leclerc has passed away, but The Alpinist is a documentary that documents his achievements. Arc’teryx is the brand that everyone wants to learn more about.

6. Choose Keywords

Attract a new market to increase brand recognition.

Discover the words that your target audience is using. If you’re selling a stand mixer, for example, you might want to use terms like “stand-mixer bread dough”, “stand-mixer pizza crust”, or “mashed potatoes in a mixer”. Your audience might stumble across your site when they are searching for information.

7. Try out traditional advertising

Your target audience will see your advertisement several times a day if you choose the correct location.

They will recognize your brand if they see it or hear about it. Even if they don’t buy right away, at some point they will.

8. Start a Podcast

By 2021, podcasts will be listened to by 57% of US customers. In 2020, 55% of US consumers listened to podcasts.

Concentrate on your content, not your brand.

Sponsoring a podcast is an alternative to producing and hosting your own.

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