How Do You Increase Open and Click Rate in Email Marketing?

In marketing, there’s an important rule: go where the eyeballs are.

Email remains the most effective way of growing your business, and building relationships with customers.

Radicati Group Research shows that there are over 6.7 billion email accounts around the globe. That’s more than double the number of users who have Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Are businesses aware of it? Of course. On average, they send out 293 billion email messages a day to market their content and products. It’s difficult to get noticed among the many other emails that flood inboxes.

Do not worry. Stuart McKeown was in our studio recently to share some of his proven email marketing techniques for getting clicks, open rates, and more customers.

Stuart spent more than 14 years perfecting the art and science of email marketing. More than 2 billion conversions.

The video below will teach you six ways to enhance your email skills. The tips are easy to implement.

Tip # 1: Make the most of your time when sending

The one in Tokyo is the same as the address in Los Angeles.

Although it may seem like a small difference, there’s a 16-hour time difference between the two readers. For example, if you send an email at 10 am on Friday to your LA reader, Tokyo will receive it at 2 am on Saturday.

I don’t check my emails after 2 am on the weekend.

This is a reality for business. There are not just two time zones but many! Just imagine how this can be a big problem, especially if your users need to access a specific piece of information or you have an offer that has a time limit.

Enter Send Time Optimization.

Modern email clients offer an option called “Send Time Optimization” that allows users to choose the best time to send a message based on when people will be most likely to open it.

The algorithm takes into account the location of the recipient and their previous behaviors. When your subscribers check out emails late at night or in the early morning, the email will be sent automatically.

Stuart believes that sending emails at random times is not the best way to gain an edge. They are wasting a lot of opportunities.

The best time for sending an email used to be in the morning.

If he had not used the send time optimization, he would have never made this discovery.

Tip #2: Check your subject lines

Are you looking for a way to recognize a beginner email marketer? Take a look at the subject.

A novice is likely to make a mistake if they spend only a couple of minutes on the subject when creating an email.

Stuart is a seasoned email marketer who knows the importance of a well-written subject line.

Let’s say you sent an email to 100,000 recipients. Each 1% increase will lead to 1,000 additional people viewing your offers and content. Usually, this is directly related to sales.

Stuart has identified 3 ways to increase open rates.

  • Instead, say “Exactly how to get your 1st client in 30 Days.” You should instead say, “How to Get Your 1st Client in 30 Days.” Subject lines should clearly state the benefit the reader can expect from the email.
  • Use a word or phrase that will make your reader curious. For example, “I’m stunned” or “I cannot believe she said THAT.” Even though it’s a very extreme example, you still want to convey the benefits of your email. Curiosity can be powerful.
  • The subject line is casual. Stuart uses this style of writing in his emails. For example, “Dude!” was the email’s subject. You must have seen it. The subject line “New Course – Nine Client Generating Secrets” was 34% more open than the original. The reason is that the second one sounds like an advertisement and raises people’s defenses.

Don’t treat your subject line as an afterthought. Use them to boost the open rate and conversions of your emails.

Tip #3: Check Your Send Frequency

What is the best frequency to send your newsletter out? Stuart is often asked this question by business owners.

Many people recommend that you send emails every day because “more emails means more income”. “

According to some, you should send only a few dollars to prevent unsubscribes.

What is the truth about?

The list you have and the industry you work in will dictate what you can do. For example, if you run a clothing store, you might be able to get by with weekly sales.

You may find that your engagement levels and sales drop if you are always promoting new products or services. Some people may even stop subscribing.

You might even receive spam reports. Your email account could be closed. Stuart suggests that you take this warning as a caution and don’t send excessive emails just because you can.

A recent study suggests that B2C companies should email their customers between two and five times per month.

Stuart believes that there’s no one answer. You can start by asking the people on your mailing list how often they want to hear from you. A simple survey is an excellent way to get started.

Email volume can be compared to Goldilocks and the three bears, rather than just a prescription from a physician. Make sure that your email volume is right for the reader.

Tip#4: A.B.C.G would be a good alternative.

Salespeople are told to “Always Be Closing” an old saying. “

This isn’t true in the world of Email Marketing. If your emails consist of a barrage of offers, sales, and deadline-sensitive deals, people will stop reading them.

Stuart says that you should include valuable content in emails if you want to maintain interest. For example, if your supplement store is planning a big sale of probiotics within the next couple of weeks, don’t just send an email on that date.

Before your launch, send valuable content. Send valuable content leading up to your launch.

It has been proven in product launches. Sales always go up when I provide useful information before asking for a sale.

I used to work with a health supplement company. One product was launched with a webcast, while another one had a video series that customers could buy.

We got almost 10x the amount because we offered before we asked.

According to Stuarts, any company that does not use this method in its email marketing is missing out (and damaging relationships with loyal subscribers).

Don’t make this error. Give away valuable content. Switch from closing always to closing always and giving.

Tip #5: Focus on your KPIs

Pop quiz: Which email list would you prefer to subscribe to?

List A: 151 289 Subscribers

Or is also available for more information.

List B: 5854 Subscribers

List A is what you would say without further details.

Would your answer change if you were told List A’s subscribers are worth 59% more than List B’s?

It is not hypothetical. I used to have two clients with lists this size. The client who had 151 289 subscriptions generated less revenue.

It all comes down to how loyal your fans are.

He has discovered the importance of constantly grooming your list and optimizing it to improve engagement.

Stuart advises businesses to remove these customers from their list.

He claims that you’re paying too much for a large number of subscribers. Your metrics are also going down, which makes it difficult to determine the value of your list.

You should remove your email if someone no longer opens it.

You can eliminate bad readers with time.

Tip #6: Make the most of time-sensitive campaigns

According to Customer Growth Partners there is a reason for the Black Friday 2018 sales totaling around $60 billion.

When you tell people about a deadline, they will act.

Mckeown says that time-sensitive emails are important for any campaign. It’s surprising how many people wait until the very last minute to buy. Up to 70% of my sales have come within the final few hours of a sale.

A promotional campaign’s graph begins to resemble a “J”. “

This “J” or spike in sales is caused by a large increase on the last day. What causes this?

The scarcity of resources and the deadlines they set can influence people to take action.

You can play it whenever you like and sales will soar.

Do you have any hot email tips to share?

You can see that millions of people use email every day.

The businesses that stand out will succeed. They’ll get more views, clicks, and opens. Stuart McKeown can help you make sure that your message is the only thing that the readers notice.

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