Incredible Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire You

Facebook ads are hard to make compelling. There are too many factors to consider when determining whether an ad is good or not.

Did the copywriting work brilliantly? The copywriting worked brilliantly. Did the copywriting work brilliantly?

Hard to say.

Pablo Picasso is quoted saying: “Good Artists copy, great artists steal.” “

Take a look at these examples to get some inspiration. Take their ideas and make them your own.

The best Facebook ads will show you what’s working. To learn more, look at the most successful Facebook ads.

Best practices for Facebook ads that you should keep in mind

Before we look at some Facebook ads, let’s talk about best practices. In this article, we’ll examine the common features of successful Facebook ads.

Choose the best Facebook Ad Format

You can use videos or GIFs to attract your audience. It may be more effective than News Feed.

Consider using video ads, Messenger ads, or story advertisements. Consider using Messenger ads, story ads, or video ads.

Facebook’s dynamic creative ads can help you create ads with the best performance. They test out different text combinations, images, and CTAs. This is done automatically without having to compare and create 50+ variants.

Short and sweet

You can truncate the text if you have a lengthy description but Facebook limits it to 140 characters. The reader will need to click on the button to read more.

Facebook advertisements should be kept as simple as possible. Facebook users aren’t typically on Facebook to purchase sponsored posts. They’re most likely on Facebook for a chat, a laugh and to get back to their work.

To get them to click your advertisement, you must grab their attention immediately.

Select Power Words

If you want to use our copywriting advice, make sure your texts are punchy.

Use Strong Visuals

Using eye-catching illustrations and photography will make your ads more successful.

If possible, invest in video advertisements. Make a video of high quality and split it up into multiple formats and lengths so you can share it across different channels. Videos are engaging and less expensive.

The best video format is vertical video. This format should be prioritized because the majority of Facebook users access their platform via mobile devices. Using the editing tools on the platform, you can adjust your photo as desired.

Target desktop users with ads.

Offer Value

Remember that each Facebook advertisement your clients see will take time from what they are trying to accomplish on Facebook. Be sure you post something valuable.

You should only show ads that are relevant to your target audience. Don’t waste money by showing soccer cleats to basketball players.

What’s In It For Me? Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” In the creative and copy content, include reasons why they should buy your product, sign up for your mailing list, click your link, or activate their free trial.

Track and test your Ads

How do you know what resonates with the audience that is your goal?

Invest more in a copy or tactic that is working. Do not leave the campaign unattended. Instead, monitor its progress from week to week and day to day.

If the effectiveness of your advertisement drops, make sure to adjust your copy or placement to prevent wasting money.

Eight Best Facebook Ad Examples

Do you like my Facebook Ads? Please don’t be too harsh.

1. Facebook Ad Example

Huel’s Facebook Stories brought their brand in front of the public. Despite not using any interactive elements such as GIFs, stickers, or videos, they created a clean, eye-catching story.

Huel’s ad speaks to the product’s unique selling proposition and illustrates the value of simplicity. The ad has a straightforward, brand-consistent message.

Takeaway For You

  • Be true to your brand no matter the format.
  • It’s important to talk about the unique features of your product, as it is likely that other products will be targeted towards the same market.
  • Don’t be shy about mentioning your price Some brands have a unique selling point.

2. Influencer Ad Example

Alex Honnold, is a famous big-wall climber from the United States. Alex Honnold partnered up with Omaze to raise funds for the Honnold Foundation.

This is a fantastic way to encourage people to give to a worthy cause. If the money is going to a reputable charity, you can’t lose.

Takeaway For You

  • Partnering with brands who share your values will double the impact of advertising.
  • Use influencers to tap into communities–consumers tend to Please ask Congress to do something.”
    It isn’t as strong.
    Wilderness Society uses powerful words to inspire action in its ad: “threat now, deadly and demand”. In the bold, red text in the ad copy, it tells people what to do. “Sign This Petition”. The Facebook ads were also set up with an appropriate CTA button (call to action).
    Takeaway For You
    • Add emotion to your marketing and create urgency.
    • Select your words carefully. Your words can make a big impact.
    • Be clear with your CTA.

4. Advertisement Comparing Competitors

This video shows the comparison between Atlas Bar’s protein bar and its competition.
Do not be shy about telling your audience that your product is better. Avoid vague language. Be direct and concise.
Atlas Bar, for instance, does not claim that it has more protein. It shows the actual numbers, not hyperbole.
Takeaway For You

  • Let your audience know that you’re the most suitable choice compared to other competitors.
  • Back up your claim with numbers, data, and facts.
  • Discuss the issues that are most important to your clients.

5. Compelling Offer Ad Example

Do not hide your offers. Stryve Biltong placed their offer in front of the Facebook advertisement.
Although 20% is not much, it still beats nothing. To get customers excited about the brand’s beef jerky, it also offers several other selling points.
Takeaway For You

  • Be sure that your offer is easy to understand and accessible. An attractive discount may be all it takes for a customer to complete the purchase.
  • This 60-second ad shows the beef stick being cut from various angles. The ad is strangely satisfying to watch.

6. Engagement Ad Example

Noom’s ad is interactive by adding a question to the participants: “What contains more calories?” “
This can be done by adding questions, polls, and answers or by deeper engagement in comments.
Takeaway For You

  • Add interactive elements to ads
  • Try using videos with other elements to see if you can keep participants engaged for longer.
  • Noom has no description. This is because the advertisement speaks for itself.

7. Copy Ad Example

Public Goods’ copy is concise by using powerful words such as “free”, “natural”, and “protection”.
Don’t settle for inferior ads.
Takeaway For You

  • The words in your ad must be consistent from the beginning and end. They should also adhere to one theme.
  • Hire a freelancer if you’re not confident with your writing style.

8. Strong Visuals Ad Example

Daily Harvest’s Facebook ad highlights the beauty of their dishes. Businesses that have difficulty illustrating difficult-to-describe digital products or services will benefit from this.
Daily Harvest is to be commended. The box that the customers receive at the door could have been simpler. If your product doesn’t look appealing, consider illustrating the benefits or results (such as confidence, happiness, or strength).
Takeaway For You

  • Learn how to bring your product alive with video and photography. If it’s visually pleasing, you should capture the moment.
  • Focus on benefits instead of tangibles.

These Facebook ads are great examples.
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