Incredible Instagram Hacks to Get Tons of Followers

Get more Instagram Followers without paying for advertising.

Here is a little secret everyone would like to hear: the best way to increase your Instagram following is by having a large number of loyal followers.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they aren’t interested in what you post. These bots do not engage with your content.

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes posts according to how many users engage with them. The algorithm will not like a large number of followers who aren’t engaged.

In this article, we will provide you with Instagram growth strategies that can help you grow a following.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Function

Before you use our Instagram growth tips, it’s important to understand how Instagram works. Instagram has confirmed that your Instagram feed will be sorted by your interest and relationship with the posters.

In 2018 TechCrunch disclosed details regarding the algorithm during a press conference organized by Instagram.

  • Based on your past behavior, Instagram may serve similar content to you.
  • Relationship: The algorithm prioritizes posts that come from users with whom you regularly interact, such as through comments and likes.
  • Priority: The most recent posts are given priority over the older ones.

It’s simple if you have a regular account, it will be moved to the front of the queue.

Your content should engage the audience so they can push your message forward.

Instagram’s algorithm is mysterious. The app shows you the things it thinks you will like.

How to increase your Instagram following with these hacks

1. How to get the best out of Instagram Stories

In a study on Instagram, over 500,000,000 Instagram Stories were viewed by users every day. That’s half the Instagram user base!

24-hour snapshots give you a look behind the scenes of your business through photos and videos.

Stickers in your stories allow you to engage with fans. Simple tools can increase engagement, such as a survey, a quiz, or a poll, asking for DMs, emoji sliders, and quizzes.

While a Q&A takes the most effort and time, you will be able to talk directly with your customers and followers.

Q&As are a great way to engage your audience. They can be as specific as “Ask us Anything! “, or as general as “Who’s your hero?” What’s your favorite recipe on rainy days? “

Asking a question that people will want to respond to is crucial. Take the time to reply, either in your story or via DM.

It’s a great way to get people involved and to gather market data.

Although the countdown sticker is not interactive, it will help create buzz around an upcoming launch. For good branding purposes, include key hashtags and any relevant mentions.

If you’re tagged by someone or they mention your name, share the content. This can be done via an Instagram or story post.

Share your posts from your feed on your Stories to encourage interactivity.

It is a good way to show that you’re an active Instagram user, and also let your followers know about your brand’s values. Instead of sharing a screenshot with your audience, share their original content so they can see the full article and not just a screen capture.

Instagram’s algorithm is based on the relationship between users. This means that every interaction with a user (such as when they comment or like your picture, or answer a question using the sticker) will increase their exposure. Instagram’s algorithm focuses on user relationships. It means every time a user interacts with you (like liking your photo or submitting a sticker question-answer etc.), they will be rewarded. Your reach will increase.

You can be found by users who don’t follow you on social media using location and hashtag tags.

2. Reels and IGTV can be launched

Instagram prioritizes video content.

Instagram released Reels to try and compete with TikTok. Reels offer the same creative freedom as TikTok and allow for the use of video formats.

Create video content as a priority.

By creating an IGTV Reel, or Channel you can reach more people.

IGTV video length is not 15 seconds like in stories or one minute like on your feed. You will receive notifications when new videos are posted. It is a good way to grow your audience. Unlike Instagram stories, IGTV videos stay on your account for as long as you want.

3. Influencers can help you grow your following

If you’re just starting or looking for user-generated content, working with influencers can be a good way to spread your message.

You can find micro-influencers to work with instead of big names. They have loyal followers because they don’t wear out their audience through sponsored posts.

To find micro-influencers in your niche:

  • Look at the posts you’ve been tagged with. Work within the limitations of the tools you have. Search through the tagged posts you made to find out who mentioned your brand.
  • Find popular hashtags within your niche. Check the most recent posts to see if they are on-brand and whether the account is a fit for you.
  • Look at the suggested accounts. There may be a few influencers aligned with your brand.

Influencers prefer to be contacted via DMs rather than emailing them, or worse still, by calling or texting them. Let them know how to contact you.

Even if your brand cannot afford to pay for an influencer’s blog, they will often offer them free goods as payment. To grow the influencer’s brand you can use their content on your account.

Build long-term partnerships as these are the ones that benefit both brands and influencers.

Having a pool of reliable influencers will help you save time.

4. A great way to increase your Instagram following is by cross-promotion.

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram followers, you should be promoting your account every time you can.

Use hashtags that are popular within your niche, just like when you follow someone, posts containing hashtags will appear in your news feed. Scroll down to easily comment and like the posts.

Convert Instagram videos to YouTube or vice versa.

You can upload videos from your YouTube channels to IGTV. You can also upload videos from your YouTube channel to IGTV.

It is important to work with complementary brands. PopSugar Fitness featured Sweat’s content on its YouTube channel. The Sweat app is used by both brands.

We have social media channels on our website, email, and YouTube.

5. How to engage with Instagram accounts

The key to engagement is to engage.

Instagram’s algorithm is heavily influenced by relationships.

If you are more engaged with other users’ content, you will be shown more of it in your feed.

Third-party applications that like, follow, or comment on Instagram are being cracked down upon. If you want to maintain the authenticity of your account then perform all these actions manually.

Reply to each comment, DM, and share. If you simply say, “Thanks”, they are more likely to engage with your brand.

You can comment on other people’s posts. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t just say “Oh, so adorable!” Or “Wow!”. Say something relevant to your post, and demonstrate you’re not a machine.

Take some time to react. Scroll through the stories and use the emojis you have available by swiping up on your screen or sending a message.

6. Take care when using hashtags

The myth about “shadowbanning” has been dispelled by Instagram, so feel free to tag as many photos as you like (the limit is 30).

There is a debate among brands about whether hashtags should be hidden below captions or within comments.

AgoraPulse has gradually changed our minds.

According to the study, hashtags that are used as captions perform better than those used in comments. For accounts with less than 100,000 subscribers, using hashtags increases their reach.

Use hashtags for captions if you do not have over 100,000 followers.

Create a unique hashtag for your brand. When you do, two things will happen:

  • Brand awareness will grow.
  • We will now discuss the best way to find and share user-generated content.

Frank Bod’s #thefrankeffect Not only does it help you track the posts about your brand and account, but it also helps create an online tribe.

7. Promote the creation of user-generated content

Encourage the production of user-generated material.

You can encourage UGC in many different ways, such as:

Include it in your product. Send a postcard to your customers encouraging them to follow your Instagram account and post a photo of their purchases with the hashtag for your brand.

You can also be creative by creating an Instagram Wall for your brick-and-mortar business. It will enable customers to post their experience in-store.

Giveaways are another great way to boost UGC. A giveaway is another way to increase UGC.

8. Create content to stand out

Make sure your Instagram content is original. It’s surprising how many companies ignore this simple tip.

It is impossible to hide that the content published by a user account may be mediocre or subpar.

Jennelle’s video is an excellent example. Janelle, a woman living with her snake inside a GMC van that she renovated in the role of a “van lifer”, has exploded on to YouTube. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

It’s amazing how quickly she grew her YouTube account to over 2.4m subscribers in less than two years. She has also seen a boom on Instagram, where there are more than 350k followers.

#Vanlife is a trend that has gained popularity because many people travel in vans, live there, and post them on Instagram or YouTube their adventures.

Many people have offered explanations for why Eliana was able to so rapidly take off in a saturated market. Eliana is unique, and that’s what I think the answer to this question is.

  • Eliana is traveling with her pet snake.
  • Eliana is a solo traveler in a van full of couples.
  • Eliana’s van cost her only $8,000 Eliana did everything herself.

It’s not necessary to have a snake for a pet or live in a camper van, but it is important to find out the uniqueness of your business.

You can find unique angles by researching your competitors. Find out which posts receive the most likes and comments. Are they using IGTV or other video platforms?

9. Define your Customer Persona

Create a persona for your perfect customer. Use this person to create Instagram products and posts. Study demographics and psychographics to determine what your customers like.

This will give you direction, and ensure your Instagram content aligns with your brand.

10. Check your own Instagram activity

Why do you follow certain Instagram accounts? Browse through the posts you’ve liked and commented on. Which posts have you liked or commented on? Use your reflection to develop content you, your clients, will enjoy.

Think of ways you can stand out. Take into account your competition, your customer persona, and even your Instagram activity. Find a unique angle and new perspective. It will make users more likely to interact with your content and subscribe to it.

What Instagram growth hacks are you going to try in the next week?

You can tell from this that it’s more important to have loyal followers who engage with your content than just increase the number of your followers.

These Instagram growth hacking tips will increase your engagement, and you’ll gain more followers.

  • Use Instagram Stories
  • You can start IGTV or Reels
  • Micro-influencers can be a powerful way to spread your message.
  • Promote YouTube with other brands
  • Connect with other accounts
  • Be careful when using hashtags
  • Promote the creation of User-Generated Content
  • Stand out with content
  • Define your Customer Persona
  • Check out your Instagram Activity

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