Does Surfer SEO Beats Other SEO Tools?

Our Take

Surfer is an addition to our SEO toolbox.


  • Surfer SEO analyses more than 500 ranking factors.
  • — Uses LSI Keyword Analysis for determining keywords, related topics, and content to include in an article.
  • Surfer’s SEO uses machine learning and AI to identify the most important keywords and phrases in the content.
  • Monthly plans offer a fixed number of query searches, so you only pay what your team needs.
  • Surfer saves time. Surfer is a time-saver. Instead of spending hours performing technical audits manually, Surfer will provide an audit report in just minutes. This will help you rank your content.
  • Google Chrome Extension allows you to use Surfer within WordPress or Google Docs.

Let’s face the facts, there are a lot of SEO tools out there.

I’m sure that you have many tools for SEO research. Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google Search Console are great options.

Ahrefs, Semrush, and other parts of the equation are just a part.

Do your research about keywords and determine which ones you should follow. How do you rank for these keywords after you have settled the matter?

Surfer specializes in SEO content creation. Search results pages (SERP) give clues as to what Google expects.

Previously, technical SEO audits took hours or even days to determine important search results metrics. A surfer can access this information in seconds.

This Surfer SEO Review will cover all of the functionality and features. We’ll also discuss pricing and if this tool is right for you.

What’s Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO uses data from the web to optimize search engines. Slawek Ciajkowski is the founder of Surfer. Surfer’s headquarters are in Wroclaw (Poland).


Surfer SEO has been our favorite tool for SERP analysis. we don’t want to focus on these other services.

These five features are what we want to highlight:

  1. SERP Analyzer
  2. Editor for Content
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Page Audit
  5. Content planner

Surfer SEO offers many more features and depth.

SERP Analyzer

Continue to manually search SERP results to find the top posts.

Surfer’s SEO tool, SERP Analyzer, analyzes 48 Google search results pertaining to a specific keyword and finds similarities between them. Surfer SEO considers over 500 ranking factors:

  • Wordcount
  • Page speed scores
  • Keyword density
  • Referring to URLs and domains
  • Meta tags
  • Natural Language Processing is a technique that recognizes the user’s intention, sentiment, and which words or phrases have the most meaning in content.
  • There are many headings
  • Alt image text
  • Title characters and Meta descriptions
  • Structured data

Finding the right data can be difficult. Not knowing how to use these metrics for SEO improvement can make it overwhelming.

The chart below shows how many words should be used to rank in the top 10 SERP positions.

The search results title, URL, and domain score can be accessed to determine if there are ways to rank higher.

Surfer SEO offers LSI keyword opportunities for content writing. Reports provide:

  • This list includes general keywords that are frequently found in the top search engine results pages.
  • Questions regarding your keyword.
  • These words and phrases are the most used.

Question tags and keywords are the best and most efficient and can help you to create topics for your posts.

More detailed data can be found

You may need to have more data. The SERP results can help you save a lot of time.

Editor for Content

While the SERP Analyzer can help improve your blog’s content, Surfer’s Content Editor is used to create new content which ranks in Google.

This editor takes you far beyond writing in Word or the WordPress backend. Surfer SEO calculates a content score for your keyword and gives tips for optimizing it.

  • Ideal word count.
  • How many headings and paragraphs do you need to achieve your goal?
  • This is a list of LSI keywords with frequency.

Sometimes the tool can be a little buggy, I’ll admit. You can also obtain vanity metrics.

For more information about “making money blogging”, see the screenshot below.

I manually checked the top positions in the SERPs of this keyword. 42 to 150 images seem excessive.

The keyword-tracking function of Surfer SEO is still very useful. we recommend hiring content writers to test whether the editor gives better results.

The Google Chrome SEO Extension integrates Google Docs and WordPress to offer a content editor.

Keyword Research

Surfer SEO has a keyword search tool, just like other SEO tools.

There are many similarities between the SERP Analyzer, keyword research tool, and. This tool allows you:

  • Search volume of single keywords and multiple keywords at the same time.
  • Search for keywords that are similar to your main search term.
  • Filter to display question-based keywords
  • Search volume and suggestions for country-specific searches
  • Support for more languages

It is very similar to any keyword search tool you might use.

A SERP Similarity Score is a useful metric highlighting LSI keywords most closely matching your main search term.

While this isn’t Surfer SEO’s main selling point, it can speed up keyword research.

However, the competition scores are still missing. But they are being planned for the future. This is a major weakness in the tool right now.

I recommend using other tools for keyword research such as Ahrefs or Semrush. Surfer doesn’t have the cross-referencing or interlinking capabilities that other tools do.

Audit of Pages & Articles

The Surfer SEO Audit Tool is an excellent tool to determine how optimized a piece or content for a specific keyword.

You can enter keywords and URLs into this tool to determine how optimized an article is for those keywords. Surfer SEO then performs a similar analysis on their SERP Anazer reports and breaks them down.

  • You may be unaware of backlinks common to your competitors.
  • LSI keywords you’re missing.
  • Heading words count word count, and bolded word count are all included.
  • Make sure you have enough headers and images.
  • The time it takes to load the page. The time it takes to load the first byte.
  • Suggestions to lengthen title and meta description

This is a poor tool.

This tool allows you to check if articles rank. This tool will help you determine if any LSI keywords are missing or backlinks are missing from your article.

Content planner

The beta version of this feature allows you to create topic clusters related to your head keyword.

It’s a great idea. Simply enter an affiliate marketing topic and the tool will suggest clusters for you. “

Clicking in a cluster will show you the keyword volume for each term. Although this feature isn’t a reason to buy Surfer, it does feel like one.

Additional SEO Features for Surfers

  • User-Friendly Interface – While reports can be complicated, Surfer SEO makes it easy to enter keywords and get into data.
  • Keyword Surfer Extension – Use this Google Chrome extension for keyword volume searches and other keyword ideas.
  • Visibility Analysis and Backlink — These features are still in beta for the SERP Analyzer but are becoming more valuable.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Many SEO tools can be very expensive. Surfer is slightly cheaper, with various plans for agencies and hobbyist bloggers.

Each plan has a different daily limit on the number of queries you can make. You can see what you are getting and how much.

FeatureNo costBasicProBusiness
Follow Websites12510
Content Editor (Monthly)0103070
Audits (Monthly)02060140
Content Editor (monthly).025100300
Team members01310
PriceNo cost$59/mo$119/mo$239/mo

There are also differences between plans. For example, the Hobby plan only considers 250 ranking factors with the SERP Analyzer tool. The Basic upgrade unlocks all features.

The key to selecting the right plan is knowing how many daily queries you have. You are aware of exactly what you’re paying for.

You could get as much as 20% off if your plan is paid annually. A free 7-day trial can be purchased for $1.

My Recommendation

The 500+ ranking factors analysis by Surfer and the in-depth audit tools make this platform a difficult choice.

While their content planner and editor aren’t as good, we recommend you pay attention to the SERP Analyzer. we believe this is the primary reason why you are purchasing their service.

Surfer is an essential tool for SEO and one that we use often.

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