KWFinder: The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

KWFinder, a Google SEO tool, helps you to find keywords that will bring you paid traffic.

Ahrefs is our main tool but their data on search volume per month and difficulty rank were not reliable. Ahrefs also failed to provide long-tail keywords. How can a search result return zero results?

We were looking for another SEO keyword research tool and came across KWFinder from Mangools.

KWFinder provided more data for keyword research. This review will concentrate on KWFinder’s key functionality.


Our Take

Mangools’ KWFinder, an alternative to Ahrefs, is a great choice. It only allows you to search keywords.


  • Unrivaled keyword research — KWFinder has produced some of the most remarkable keyword research results
  • You may tie in with other services — Links To Mangools tools.
  • Excellent Long-Tail Data — KWFinder offers data that is not available from Ahrefs.


  • Ahrefs is a better way to search for blogs from competitors. It is better to use it.
  • Other Mangools Are OK at Best — I don’t like Mangools and other SEO tools, prefer Ahrefs.

What’s KWFinder?

KWFinder SEO keyword search tool is part of Mangools’ toolkit. In August 2014, Peter Hrbacik developed KWFinder. The suite evolved into Mangools.


  • Keyword Research — Determine the monthly search volume and difficulty ranking for the keyword.
  • Search by Place — City, Regions and County, Stats and Country
  • Search by Domain – Find out the keywords that rank websites for.
  • Keyword Lists — Create keyword lists for future articles and competitive research
  • Export — You can upload your keywords into Google Sheets and export them to a CSV file.

KWFinder Pricing

FeatureMangools BasicMangools PremiumBangools Agency
Keyword Searches100 / 24 hours500 / 24 hours1,200 / 24 hours
Keyword Suggestions200700700

KWFinder pricing can be significantly lower than Ahrefs. Save 40% on KWFinder annual plans.

You get access to KWFinder and Mangools suite which includes SERPWatcher/SERPWatcher LinkMiner and SiteProfiler.

Our recommendation

Based on our antidotal tests, I found KWfinder’s data on search volume to be more reliable than Ahrefs. Mangools KWFinder provided more data about the search terms we required.

KWFinder can be used for keyword research. KWFinder is an excellent tool. Ahrefs works better than Mangools.

Use KWFinder to perform keyword research and Ahrefs for other features.

KWFinder is the best tool for keyword research if you are just starting.

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