Legitimate Freelance Jobs That Can Pay $100k+

As a freelancing professional, you could make $100k a year.

Freelancing could bring you $100k per annum.

Crazy, right?

It is possible to make $100k a year in entrepreneurship. You can earn $100k per year by selling products or services.

Five freelance jobs You should consider

You can start these service businesses right away. You only need to have the skills and connect with people.

While I was putting together this list, the idea occurred to me that you could be hired as a freelancer by larger companies.

Offer your services to companies that make a large amount of money and get a portion.

Assume you make $100k per annum. You can round that to $8300 per month. A service provider with the correct skills and guidance could achieve this.

Shooting Video and Editing

Video content is in high demand right now.

While web 2.0, 1.0, and the current platform are all about writing, blogging, and SEO, they now vie for our attention with engaging videos.

Now is the perfect time to learn how to edit and shoot amazing videos.

Final Cut Pro is expensive, but it is a great way to start. Final Cut Pro will, however, cost some cash.

Spend six to twelve months learning the basic skills of photography and editing. Shooting is fun, so you’ll become great at it. Once you are good, you can shop on your own.

Send companies little teasers and promos based on the latest video trends.

The skill you possess is highly adaptable and versatile. If you can get eight to ten clients each month paying between $800 and $1,000 for projects, then your monthly income will be $100,000.

Coaching and consulting

To help those in need, you can offer them coaching or consulting. But first, it is important to understand the differences between people.

Consultancy is the act of telling someone what they should do and helping them implement it.

I think it’s best to mix the two, but to be clearer about their differences I prefer to keep them separate.

In what areas of life would people need to hire a consultant or coach? I’ll give you some general verticals.

  • Relationships, love, and sex
  • Make Money or Start a Business
  • Fitness, health, and beauty
  • Self-discovery, self-improvement
  • Life coaching and spirituality

If you are interested in coaching, you should read The Prosperous Coach.

It is important to note that you should not copy the advice of other coaches. Instead, you need personal experience to give clients good advice.

Marketing and PR

More people are starting up businesses today than ever, which means that they need to get noticed. This will bring them prospects and new leads. Some of these leads will lead to sales. Marketing and PR are needed.

Marketing and public relations are two different things.

The process of marketing is to convert prospective customers into clients. This can be done by using copywriting, landing pages, and funnels. Understanding current marketing trends is essential to being able to implement them effectively.

Public relations is essentially reputation management. It’s important to know how to generate buzz about a product and understand the media cycle.

Many people in the past few years have claimed to be marketers. “I’ve watched or read some marketing videos. You can ask me for help.

Never pretend to be a professional when you’re not. With the correct knowledge, you could easily earn $100k per annum if you are an authority in your field.

For me, understanding and learning about marketing is the way to begin.

Learn about the current web-based economic environment, including how to use a funnel to show how someone can go from being unaware of you to know that you exist, to being interested in you as a freelancer, to wanting you to work for them.

Choose a niche and an industry within the industry you have chosen.

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