LinkedIn Tips: Things To Immediately Do

LinkedIn is not as flashy or glamorous as Instagram or TikTok, but it’s a great platform to generate leads, build relationships and develop a career.

LinkedIn does not announce many new tools or solutions. However, the rarely updated interface conceals an abundance of useful information. The majority of users don’t know that these tools exist.

LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool. You can take full advantage of LinkedIn.

Digging deeper Uncovering LinkedIn secrets you’ve (probably) never heard of before.

Let’s start by looking at the reasons why you value LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn is Important for 2023

LinkedIn rarely makes headlines when it comes to digital marketing. If used properly, LinkedIn can be a great social media platform for founders and startups.

This is a bold claim (we admit it), but here’s the meaning:

Your Brand

If you are looking to create a brand for your business, LinkedIn will help. But not any brand.

If you are an entrepreneur, LinkedIn can help you get your business noticed.

Finding New Leads

For 52% of buyers in the B2B market, LinkedIn is the channel that has the greatest influence on their decision-making. LinkedIn generates nearly 90% of the leads for B2B marketers, with 62% stating it produces twice as many leads as the second most popular channel.

That’s a lot.

Who are the right people to network with?

About 25% of LinkedIn users are senior executives: decision-makers, business builders, and C-level executives. These people should be in your network.

Post valuable content on your profile. Join other professionals in networking.

Hire a team with diverse skills

LinkedIn should be your first stop when you’re looking for new work. You can also use it to find new staff, post job openings, or search for recommendations.

The most useful LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn is a well-established platform, and we won’t bore you by mentioning the usual optimization methods.

Your profile photo should be high-resolution. Of course, you should write a compelling summary. Include all your relevant experience.

Let’s go deeper.

Here are some LinkedIn tips that you may not have heard of before. You can use these tips to grow your brand, boost sales, make connections, and further your career.

1. Increase Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Do you know about LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index It’s okay if your answer is “no”, as many people don’t.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator will show you your SSI. This tool measures your social selling ability and execution by looking at four main components:

  • The first step in establishing your brand is to complete your LinkedIn profile. Fill out the whole page. Include everything: summary, education, group, recommendation, skills, etc. You should then start regularly publishing LinkedIn articles.
  • LinkedIn encourages you to utilize Lead Builder to locate the best people. You can receive valuable insights by saving leads.
  • This will show LinkedIn that you are active and participating in the community. It will demonstrate to LinkedIn that you’re active in the community and are participating.
  • There are two ways to build relationships: The right way or the wrong way. Don’t send your connection request to just anyone. Think carefully before sending, and make sure to include personal messages. LinkedIn is interested in knowing that you have a lot of connections.

This score is important.

LinkedIn is concerned. LinkedIn uses this score, regardless of whether it admits to doing so or not.

LinkedIn recommends your profile to those seeking to connect with others and recruiters.

You will be successful on LinkedIn if you improve your SSI and follow LinkedIn’s advice.

2. Career Explorer – Explore Job Transitions.

Use it

  1. Choose your city. This is the place where you work or live.
  2. Select a Position: Choose the job you’re interested in.
  3. Determine the skills needed for the job: Look at what skills are already present and which skills will be required to transition.
  4. Search for Job Openings or Connections: Select the title of the position to find current job openings or connections.

Use to engage in every message, job request, and connection invitation

LinkedIn is encouraging you to interact with its platform. It wants to hear from you even if you don’t want to. “

Respond to any job requests you receive. If you’re not interested, you can decline the request politely. Do not leave unanswered invitations in “My Networks”. Either “Ignore”, or “Accept”.

LinkedIn boosts your profile when it interacts with its community. You now get more exposure, connections, and profile views.

Do you not believe us? Try it yourself.

Post consistently every day for a month. At the end of the day, there are no invitations left unanswered or messages unanswered. The LinkedIn profile is shown to the right and upward.

4. Capitalize on Your Cover Image Real Estate

LinkedIn users understand the value of a good profile photo. Your profile photo is often the first image that users see on the platform.

Cover images are still the most valuable real estate. Your cover image will be the first thing that users notice on your profile (even before your profile photo). Most people do not take full advantage of all the space available at the top.

Find the best results

You can narrow down your search by using a variety of modifiers.

Here is some

  • An example is “founder”.
  • You can also search by using “AND” in the capitals between two terms, such as “Founder” or “Tech”. “
  • OR: Enter OR between two terms, for example, “Founder”, “Entrepreneur”, or “Co-Founder”. “
  • Use parentheses to narrow down your search. For example, Founder OR (“Tech OR SaaS”)
  • Type the word “NOT” in large letters before your term. For example, “Founder”, is not CEO.

Take full advantage of employee advocacy

Your employees can help you market your company by participating in employee advocacy programs.

You can automate or schedule content.

By posting content relevant to their industry, these programs help your employees become thought leaders. These programs can also be used to get more people to see your company.

Edelman’s research shows that employee advocacy leads are 7x more likely to convert than other types of leads.

This is just the way it is.

Offer Only What You Can

Pick something you can only do.

On LinkedIn, how many first-generation entrepreneurs do you see? As the founder of an upcoming tech startup, what insights can this provide?

Have you ever had three kids and built an online business at the same time? Which challenges did you face? Tell us about some unique solutions that you came up with.

LinkedIn has only one person. Only you can provide what no one else can.

Yes. That sounds just like a fortune cookie.

Use the correct keywords everywhere

LinkedIn’s algorithm looks for keywords within your profile, experience, skills, and postings. It uses this information to learn about you and display relevant posts to users, promote connections, and display candidates who are good for recruiters.

Select the keywords with which you want to be associated. Optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it helps you to rank for keywords such as “freelance author”, “content creator”, “copywriting”, or “web writing”.

You can use keywords to enhance your profile in the following places:

  • Headline (most important)
  • Click here to learn more.
  • Experience
  • Learn more about
  • Recommendations
  • Interests

9. Reorder and Pin Your Top Skills

Select the Edit button under the Skills and Endorsements area of your profile.

Pin the skills that you want to highlight. Rearrange the skills to create a story.

Keywords can be added to your skill set. The algorithms on LinkedIn will then know that you’re a professional in the field.

10. Request Recommendations

You might get a LinkedIn recommendation at random from someone you enjoy working with. This doesn’t occur very often. Instead, ask for a referral.

Select a connection, and then choose the working relationship.

Request a referral. Send a request. Inquire if it is okay to use the recommendation in another way. Post it as a testimonial on your site or refer clients.

11. Open to Work

You can use the “Open to Work feature” to find new clients. Go to your account, and you will see a section called “Open to Work”. It is located under your title and contact information.

To complete your application, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Include the job titles you’d like to have. Think about the title that clients and companies who are looking for recruits might use.
  • Include the workplace you are looking for. Do you want to work in an office or remotely?
  • Where would you like to work? Recruiters can use this information to find candidates in certain geographic regions.
  • Remote job locations: where will you be working if you’re working from home?
  • Date of start: Do you want to get started right now, or are you just browsing the web?
  • Which type of work are you interested in? What type of job are you looking for?

All LinkedIn users can see that you are “Open to Work” if you make your status public. Your current coworkers can see your availability.

Take full advantage of LinkedIn groups

Quality LinkedIn groups are hard to find. The most promising group can become a feed of links for those who want to advertise their website or drive traffic.

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to network and save money.

LinkedIn lets you send messages to members in the same LinkedIn Group for free.

Go to a page of a group you have joined. Select “View All” from the tab Members. Free message other members.

13. Create a custom LinkedIn URL

It will help recruiters, connections and others recognize your profile. This makes it easier to share your profile without having random numbers or digits.

To get your LinkedIn profile URL customized, follow these simple steps:

  1. To access LinkedIn, click on “me”.
  2. Click “view profile”
  3. Select “Edit Public Profile URL” at the top right.
  4. A public profile editor will direct you to
  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the URL at the top right corner.

Click “Save” to save

Create a Mini-Portfolio using the Features Section

This section allows you to include:

  • Post on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Newsletter
  • Articles in LinkedIn
  • Hyperlink to an article or website
  • Upload media (photos, videos)

The Meta description should be added before adding a link in your Features section. This will allow users to see the main points you want to emphasize when scrolling through your profile. If you’re linking to another website, the generated images may not always work in LinkedIn’s features section.

Access clients using the services page

If you’re a freelancer, contractor, or manager of an agency, you can use the LinkedIn Services page to highlight your services. On the services page, you can specify your availability, specialization, and location. By indicating what you specialize in, you can make it easier for LinkedIn users to locate you. Your portfolio can include reviews, media, and other information. This is similar to the way we display our profile.

Once your service page is updated, you will see a gray box that says “providing services”.

Check your LinkedIn profile

Check our LinkedIn profile checklist.

  • Headline – Make sure you clearly describe the services that you provide to clients.
  • Cover Photo: Includes additional messages that connect to your brand.
  • Headshot: You look good, and you feel good.
  • Tell us about yourself, your business, and what you can do for a potential client.
  • List your achievements and the impact they had on you.
  • Ask for recommendations – Have your previous clients or network endorse your quality of work.
  • Featured Content: Showcase your best work in this “mini-portfolio”.
  • It’s okay to brag about awards and certifications.

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