How Do I Make My Instagram Feed Look Aesthetic?

Sunny Co Clothing increased its following from just 8,000 to over 750,000 in 48 hours.

With the Instagram market becoming more competitive and customers getting used to using it for commercial purposes as well, businesses face a new challenge. They must retain their Instagram followers.

Not convinced yet? Check out the continued decline of Sunny Co since it rose to prominence. Although the video was viral, the band failed to live up to the expectations set by their fans.

It’s possible that you already have an impressive following on Instagram, or know a lot of Instagram growth strategies.

You need to keep your audience interested by providing them with content. This will help you get to know them and will also allow you to build a relationship. By delivering great, consistent, and attractive content, you can turn the initial love for Instagram into loyal customers and profit.

The guide is a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to grow and maintain your Instagram account. This guide is detailed and interactive.

This guide can be used in several different ways. You will find a step at the end of each section to assist you in putting it together.

Step #1 Who is your Instagram audience?

Understanding your audience will help you be more successful.

Ask yourself these questions:

Which type of vacation are you planning?

What’s included in the package? How would you like to present it to your partner?

What excites them?

How would you like to be remembered by your family members and friends?

Content buckets, also called “postable content” or “content topics”, are organized based on your audience’s preferences. The topics you choose to define your content buckets will determine the type of post that your audience loves.

This feed still works, but shows me how to use what I’ve learned to make my tables of audience/content.

My target audience is millennial women who, like my models live in big cities and enjoy eating healthy food (coconuts, second grid photo). These women are educated (6th grid photo), they have good habits, and strive to improve themselves.

If you can post concise and targeted content, your following will increase and grow.

Create your content buckets, audience tables and

Make a table like the one above. On the left side, you should try to characterize and define the target audience.

Please answer the following questions and add any other information you feel is relevant.

  1. What age group are they? Their occupation and educational background.
  2. How do you describe their lifestyle?
  3. How would you describe their personalities? Which of their interests do they have? Why are they smiling?

Brainstorm the content types that your target audience would enjoy. Try to be as concise and descriptive as possible.

Step 2: Select an overall Instagram feed aesthetic

This is important, as it’s the first impression a user has of your Instagram feed. It will determine whether they click the “Follow” button or not.

A good first impression is now more important than ever. It only takes five seconds for a new user to become a fan.

The users have to like the content they are consuming and be able to trust them to provide great content.

Humans are not creatures of habit, but they indeed tend to be drawn toward people who post pictures they like.

Below are some cool Instagram aesthetic ideas that will work for every niche.

Feminine & Girly

The Instagram feed is full of kittens and pink pictures! This aesthetic is popular among younger women (college students, young professionals, etc.). You can see this in brands and beauty products (such as swimwear and lingerie). Brands that target a more mature market tend to opt for skin tones and nudes to achieve a feminine appearance without looking too girly.

Elegant and posh

There are many ways to make your Instagram feed appear glamorous and luxurious. You can make your feed look luxurious and glamorous in several ways.


The use of simple shapes and lines with clean edges, and limited color are the main characteristics.

Dark & Sensual

There are many ways to express sensuality. The word is defined as pleasure or enjoyment. Many fashion companies and lingerie brands use this Instagram aesthetic. But it is also applicable to music, food, or any other industry that is appealing to the senses.

Bohemian & Romantic

This style has many details and is very playful. Nature (flowers, deer trees, etc.) is a common theme. ). Common themes include music, everyday objects, or music. Bohemian style is characterized by a wide range of colors, though they are not usually bright.

Healthy & Natural

The focus is on nature and health. Lots of bright colors, and lots and lots and lots of nature. This includes trees, flowers, and animals. Fewer photos have been altered in general.

Choose the “target Instagram feed aesthetic” for your content categories and gather examples.

Choose one or more aesthetics. Identify the features of each aesthetic. Start by searching for relevant content to match both your aesthetic as well as the buckets you defined in Action Item #1.

Your buckets of content should contain one to five pieces of content. For example, if you want to combine minimalistic with feminine/girly style, then your bucket could be titled “home décor.” You would have examples like:

Once you’ve selected content visually pleasing, combine it with your mood board. Be sure to leave space for us to add more.

The mood board is an image collection that has a common theme. To create your mood board, you can use Canva. I will discuss in a future article how to incorporate your branding into your mood board.

Google Image Search can be used to fill your buckets with images. Pinterest can be a good place to find images. Enter your bucket name and aesthetic as the search term.

Step #3 Include Your graphic designer in the Instagram feed theme

We’ll talk quickly about the importance of graphic design in creating your brand. After all, great design is essential.

Choose the font, colors, and style of your logo.

When creating a brand, you must always keep in mind the basic rules of graphic design.

Colors & Fonts:

Colors are essential because they create an environment and can evoke feelings.

In each of the images below, you can see the company’s branding on the left and its Instagram pictures to the right.

Skimm, a digital magazine and news source.

KitKat – Product business

Duni Cheri Lifestyle Blog

Product Business Beats By Dre

Using fonts that match your brand, logo, and branding guide will help you to keep your Instagram account “on-brand”. Fonts can be chosen based on the fonts on your website or your logo.

When selecting fonts, there are five factors to take into consideration.

Is it easier to read?

Think of the font of “Wearable Design”, a company that makes clothing.

The font would immediately make the customer think of Walt Disney. Ask your customers to make mental associations when choosing fonts.

3. Do you need sans serifs? To create a minimalist and clean look.

4. Should serifs be used? Is it elegant or old-school?

How about handwriting or brush scripts? You can make this romantic and DIY.

Action item 3: Combining your mood board with branding

Use the mood board you made earlier to add different branding elements such as graphics and logos.

Images that do not match the brand, colors, or image colors.

Recreate any written content, such as quotes or memes, using fonts and colors that match your brand.

It doesn’t fit with my brand (remember that I am targeting fashion entrepreneurs). This image doesn’t fit my brand. (Remember, I am trying to reach fashion entrepreneurs ).

The color blends in beautifully!

To plan, I use only branded quotes. Keeping the font is a great way to achieve a clean, minimalist look.

If you are a playful brand or if your voice is open to humor, then it is okay to “break” the rules and use a quotation. It doesn’t matter if the font you use is serious and serif.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re breaking your brand by using a different font, try to keep the other elements as neutral and unobtrusive as possible. This includes colors and textures.

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Step four: Instagram feed tips for promoting your product

Decide what you’d like to share with your audience.

This list will give you ideas for more posts. This list will help you come up with more ideas.

Product Shots

Most ecommerce stores use product shots. Only the product should be highlighted. Backgrounds are only to serve as a background, and shouldn’t distract from the product.

While you can choose to use subtle textures or color contrasts, the most common choice is a plain white background.

Micro Shots

Micro shots are a great way to showcase your products.

Macro Shots

These are the opposite of micro-shots and show your profile or product in greater detail.


A flat lay is an image taken at a distance that shows a beautifully styled setting. This type of photo has become extremely popular in food, fashion, and office niches.

You can create flat lays from any visually appealing or styled item.


Instructional and informative content is very popular in the fitness and beauty industry. These mini-blog posts or videos on YouTube can be used to market products. Charlotte Tilbury, for cosmetics, and Dr. Jen Esquer – a fitness company – use it to promote their products.

Quotes & Memes

Quotes and memes are everywhere on Instagram. When used properly, memes and quotes can have a great impact, particularly for businesses that provide information or service.

They should inspire your target audience.

The mentor, a millionaire, posted an inspiring quote along with an image of a luxury vehicle. The message was aimed at men business owners.

The quality of the image is important. They should be avoided at all costs.

Action Item #4: Plan Out Your Posts

In step 1, you decided on which content buckets (the subjects you want to cover) you were going to use. You chose examples of blog posts for each bucket in steps 2 and 3.

Start by brainstorming ideas for content to promote your product or service.

Make your pictures to illustrate the different ways you could present your products.

You can reach out to people who have a below 50,000. Ask people who have below 50,000 to take pictures for you in exchange for your product.

Be clear with your expectations regarding deadlines, quality, and aesthetics. Also, let them know when they can post photos.

The downside of this strategy is that you’ll typically receive only macro lifestyle images. The other images will have to be gathered or created by you.

Step #5: How to create the perfect Instagram feed

Now that you know what your target audience is looking for, it’s easy to create the ideal Instagram account.

How to put it together.

Take a look at the mood board you made where you collected the data from actions 1 to 3 and your images for action 4. The images, even if not sorted should have the same feel and appearance.

Plan your dinner and get everything organized.

My personal favorite is Plann, which displays the grid layout and historical data exactly as you want it to appear in the future.

You should always check the aesthetic of your feed.

A few words on composition and flow. It’s not my style to have a lot of similar pictures in a row, or if the feed looks overly planned. Every second image is the same type “).

Although I prefer a more “natural” look, it is entirely up to the individual.

If you look at the two feeds that I have, one is from my venture to assist fashion entrepreneurs, mainly women, launch their businesses, and another is from Female Hustlers, who also target female entrepreneurs.

The first one looks less planned and more spontaneous, even though they both quote 50% of the time. The account is easier to understand because I used several different (branded) templates.

Note that the Female Hustlers have changed to a format that uses different quote templates but in a brand-new look.

It is all about taste.

Look at the feeds that your competitors use to generate movement, repetition, and flow.

Don’t copy. Just remember these lessons. Creating your authentic brand is all about you.

Now it’s time to upload your content into the planning app. Try rearranging the pictures to get the right order.

This can include flat lays, videos, or micro and macro photos. You can use flat lays, video, or macro and micro photos. The colors must be consistent throughout the feed.

Images will automatically rotate when you add new content.

How to create your perfect Instagram feed


This article will show you what to do to determine what kind of aesthetics and content your feed should contain (Step 2), as well as what type of audience it is.

In Step 4, you created different types of content to help market your product. You brought it all together in Step 5.

Now you’re ready to consistently post quality content to your Instagram profile. You only need to add content once per month.

By maintaining a consistent feed, you can not only convert users to followers but also manage your feed more easily.

Congratulations on this Double Victory!

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