Try These 4 Optimization Tricks to Increase Your ROI Through Ads

It may cause headaches or cause you to pull out your hair.

Why not test it and see what happens?

The ads you’re running don’t work.

This is bad. You can avoid it. Your ads could have a better return on investment. What’s important isn’t the specific ads, but what you do before creating them.

What’s the problem with your advertising?

James Dillon, a leading Internet user says that 47% use ad blockers. “The Skip Now button is an internet equivalent of the red buzzer for morphine used in hospitals.” We all want to end the suffering. “

When your customers are paying to not see your ads, something is wrong.

The market for online marketing is becoming more competitive, and your CAC will increase unless these ads are super-focused and effective.

You can. How?

  • By creating resonant campaigns, you can connect with your audience.
  • Do not abandon the long-term goal of creating an unforgettable, consistent brand identity.
  • Ad nauseam and ad fads have a short life span.
  • Use ads to target your audience that are not disturbing, but seen as entertaining interludes

You can use this process to improve the conversion rate of your ads. This is a procedure you need to implement before you run any advertisements.

1. Customer Voice Mining

Today, it is simple to spy on the audience you are trying to reach.

By watching online chats, you can find out a great deal about the needs of your clients.

Check out the forum to see what people have to say.

This includes:

  • Quora
  • Facebook groups
  • Reviews of products that you would like to buy on etc.
  • Discussions on LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Websites that are successful and you could target them

Imagine that you are a retailer of organic clothing. Google the term “organic blogs”.

Click on a couple of blogs that appear in your search results. Paste relevant posts and comments into an Excel spreadsheet.

Blog content can be gold. They often know what they are talking about.

Next, go to Amazon and Walmart to do another search. Also, look at negative reviews. It is important to know what your target audience values.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if they are sustainable or ethical. The only thing they care about is a comfortable product, that fits properly and has been made correctly.

These negative reviews often had sizing issues.

Filter the results on LinkedIn and Facebook by “content”. Search for user comments rather than manufacturers.

Before reading the comments, you may not have thought about this.

Organize Your Findings

Make a spreadsheet that has four columns: words, phrases, and what the people want. Include what their passions are.

Now you can easily identify the language that your audience resonates with. We will soon discuss how to integrate this language into your advertising.

Now let’s get to the next part of preparing your advertising campaign.

2. Create an identifiable and consistent persona using a guide to brand voice

The global marketplace is intense. If you’re not recognizable, your business will be lost in the sea of other similar companies.

It takes five to seven brand impressions to build brand recognition. A consistent voice and visual image can help “smidgens”, become “lots”. An average 23% increase in revenue is possible by consistently presenting the brand.

Your brand voice is important.

Most brands sound the same. You wouldn’t be able to distinguish five accountants if it weren’t for their logos.

What can you do to avoid this trap?

The brand voice and positioning manual can help you define your brand. You will need to decide for yourself how your brand should be expressed.

These are the components that make up a voice guide I developed for a real estate agency:

A. Voice Summary

What is your general brand sound? Do you want to be sophisticated, or are you fun? Is it funny?

Use the spreadsheet you made earlier to check out what voices your customers should be using. :

B. USP – Unique Selling Point

Many companies sell products similar to yours. Unless you are a revolutionary company, what are you focused on? The Unique Selling Point.

C. Customer Base

Who is your ideal customer? Are these clients newly retired grandmothers? Do they have multiples in their family? Small dentist offices?

D. Positioning

How do you compare to other companies? Do you have a larger or smaller size? Is your size or price higher or lower? Does your size or price benefit the client?

E. Brand persona

Which person would you choose to represent your company? :

F. Tones and Language

What’s your favorite style of writing to use? Which style do you prefer? Is your writing formal or informal? Are you concise? Or detailed? And what is the tone of your writing?

G. Content Goals

What is the main goal you are aiming for?

H. Voice Analysis in Detail

How does your voice sound? In what way does it NOT sound? Be as detailed and thorough as you can.

I. Message

What message do you want to convey to your customers/clients through your content? For example, if you sell easy-care clothing for babies, it doesn’t take hours to dress children well.

J. How You Make Them Feel

How do you wish to make them feel: happy? relieved? hopeful? energetic?

K. Dos and Don’ts

Tell us what you do and don’t.

A clearly defined brand voice can increase the ROI of your advertising. Your customers will not ignore your advertisements if you know how to talk to them. They are more likely to purchase your product if they pay attention to your ads.

Before creating any ads, you must first:

3. Tell a story about your brand using an actual event

Do you know that stories are more memorable than facts and figures? The public enjoys stories. Hollywood has a billion-dollar industry.

You should know your voice if your ads are not converting. Then, craft your story using this voice.

Let me tell you about Simms Fishing Waders.

Simms waders are priced at over $700 per pair.

What is the best way to convince customers to pay more for quality?

Tell a story. Tell a story. Here is the tale.

They know the demands of the angler community since they are anglers. The waders are made with love by American anglers.

Summary This is the story of an angler club that uses gear created by other anglers.

This is what advertising looks like:

Passion, passion, passion.

We understand you. Your dreams are ours.

Meet another member of the club!

Each advertisement is filled with passion. “

Simms tells the story of their life with great power.

Can you think of another brand that is an expert at telling stories? Patagonia, a seller of outdoor gear. Share their story.

Outdoor enthusiasts now have the option to do their favorite activities in environmentally friendly and durable gear.

Summary This story is about outdoor enthusiasts, who are eco-conscious and enjoy sports.

Here is the way they tell their stories:

Our concern for the environment is greater than our desire to make money.

Amy’s jacket can withstand her extreme running and she wears it to protect the nature she loves.

The two brands are both clothing brands. Don’t be alarmed–it’s not just consumer product brands that can tell great stories. Check out

The team has several tasks to complete. They are unable to accomplish anything until they sign up for Soon, everyone is happy with how the project turned out.

In summary, a chaotic team can be transformed into an effective one.’s advertising, unlike other software for project management, ALWAYS features the story of the team.

How should you tell your story?

Develop a client-specific mission.

What’s the issue of your customer? How is your client currently living? Tell them a story of how their life will be with your service/product. Your goal is to turn that into reality.

She can be helped by giving her clothing made of only healthy materials.

Show empathy for the individual.

How does your customer feel? what do they think? Your ads should convey these emotions.


Clothing for mothers who are concerned about their baby’s exposure

Calm, confident, and calm

Understand why your version of events is different.

How are you better than your competitors and what should be highlighted in advertising?

For example, you can state: “Your product is both easy to maintain and organic.” They may be cheaper than organic clothes.

Write your story.

The organic clothes I designed for moms and babies are a great way to spread the word about healthy clothing.

Simple your story.

Summarize the story using a sentence. Use at most two sentences.

For example, women around the world feel secure and relaxed as they care for their infants.

Turn A bad Ad into a good Ad

Did you know?

  • How and what your customers speak.
  • The sound your business should have at all times.
  • Tell us about yourself!

Awesome! It’s awesome!

Now let’s start.

Etsy advertises on Facebook and Instagram. These are screenshots of ads. I’ve left notes below each image about voice and content.

Content: Fact driven

No Voice at All

Cultural References and Facts

Voice: A slightly playful

Benefits and Facts

Voice: Official

Content: Benefits

Voice: Friendly

As you can see, these ads are all different. Here is an example of a presentation on Etsy that shows different products with different voices and content.

This is

I’m not sure what to call this.

We are unable to understand Etsy.

Every advertisement is a sales pitch, but it also attempts to entertain.

What’s the solution? After some research, we’ll create an Etsy store and voice based on your customers’ voices. Here’s the condensed version.

I did some research and found this:

The energy on Etsy can be felt. This site is colorful and vibrant with an artistic feel.

Now, let’s create a tale.

Etsy’s mission is already stated on the “About” page. Giving creative artisans an easy online way to sell and giving consumers alternative mass-produced goods.

Empathize. Empathize.

Customers can select from an array of handmade items to help support creative efforts around the globe.

The storyline is: An artisan creates a beautiful piece of handcrafted furniture or an accessory in her workshop. People rush to buy it because it’s cheaper. But she wants people to value her hard work. So she goes to a gathering place for people who appreciate handmade items.

A simple story: an artisan devotes all his passion and love to a piece of artwork and hopes it finds a home that will appreciate it.

We now have an Etsy voice and story to share. Rewrite your ads using the new guidelines.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Curves handcrafted by @sophiandmia. Are you looking for a finger to hug?

Check out to see more options.

From @blueterracottas, your heart. Monarch lovers, meet your dream.

Nature’s brightest colors in the thread. Colors can be enjoyed even on cloudy days.

Advertisements are memorable. They become memorable. Their ads tell a story. It is in the audience’s language.

Your Turn

When you are finished and ready to launch your campaign, take into consideration:

  • Would my customers use this conversation in their native language?
  • Does this voice match the voice in the guide?
  • Tell us about your business.

If you answered yes to the three questions, then your campaign can be launched.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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