Who is Better Shopify or BigCommerce?

Online shopping is possible with many different options. Shopify offers an all-in-one eCommerce solution. Since 2009, we have used Shopify with multiple online shops and consulted for clients. This is our Shopify review. 11+ Shopify pros and cons for your online shop.

Some background.

There are many platforms that you can use to run an online store. The right platform can make a big difference in your business. You can either increase or decrease sales.

What’s Shopify?

Shopify allows you to create an online storefront using an eCommerce platform hosted on Shopify.

Set up an online product catalog and start selling it. Shopify has many plans.

This is like hiring a general contractor to manage your project instead of hiring sub-contractors. our favorite analog real estate.

This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. These are the pros and cons of Shopify vs Volusion. However, all three offer complete eCommerce solutions. These solutions are competitive with other solutions, such as setting up a shop with WordPress + WooCommerce.

These hosted solutions are competing against eCommerce “marketplaces”, like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Shopify integrates with Etsy. Shopify also compares to other website builders like Wix.

Shopify offers a “Buy Button”, which allows you to use Shopify as a Point of Sale (POS) or Inventory option. Click on the button to allow customers to buy your products online (Pinterest, Facebook, WordPress blog, and Tumblr). Online (Farmer’s Markets and tradeshows)

Shopify will focus our attention on its complete online store package, but less.

Shopify, a publicly traded company, offers industry-leading security and audited software.

Be aware that Shopify could be involved in get-rich-quick schemes. Shopify is a popular dropshipping platform and can cause chargeback problems.

Shopify software is only available to Shopify store owners who are authorized. Shopify makes it easier to search for the right product and market.

Shopify: Is it worth it?

It all depends.

A WooCommerce plugin or a PayPal button could be used on your WordPress site. Shopify is a great choice if you want to manage an eCommerce shop that sells multiple products and has marketing tools, customer records, and inventory.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify has only four plans. The Shopify Lite plan does not come with a product catalog and can be used in place of Stripe or PayPal.

Employee Accounts12515
Stock locations458
Online Credit Card Rates2.9% + $0.302.9% + $0.302.6% + $0.302.4% + $0.30
Rates for In-Person Credit Cards2.7%2.7%2.5%2.4%
Non-Shopify payment fee2.0%2.0%1.0%0.5%
Domains that are specific to a countryYesYes

Pros Of Shopify

There are many Shopify reviews online. There are many Shopify reviews online. As a Shopify store owner, we also worked as a consultant. Based on your goals, resources, and preferences, you choose the best option for your store.

Fast Web Hosting & Security

These are the results of a speed test that we conducted for Shopify, our local coffee shop.

You have to run an online store.

Each tenth of a second that it takes for a page to load means that customers could abandon your site or go to the competitor. This holds even more for eCommerce websites.

You must route your credit cards through additional security layers to ensure they are PCI-compliant.

Website speed can be a complicated issue. Shopify can handle website speed at a global platform level. This means customers won’t have long waits for pages to load.

All the Essential Features

No matter if your goal is to create an eCommerce platform yourself or if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, it can be difficult to set up an online store.

It is possible to have a product for sale and allow someone to pay. You will need additional features to make the product work.

You want integrated payments. Customers should be able to easily add or remove products. You want to be able to customize your store’s appearance. You want easy-to-use analytics to track everything. Volusion can be difficult to implement.

Shopify was an excellent platform that allowed me to manage online shops for clients and myself. were able to upgrade and remove key features easily without incurring additional charges.

Amazing Customer Support

Having built an eCommerce website with WordPress + WooCommerce, and then having it run by Shopify, our experience with Shopify has shown me that customer service is what makes Shopify our top choice.

Shopify has great customer service. Shopify’s customer service is fast, accurate, and very helpful, both from a storeowner’s perspective and as a developer.

They have a huge database of FAQs and chat support…and you can even call a real person to help you.

Shopify’s monthly subscription is worth it if your business is online.


Shopify is a great platform for marketing. Although they don’t offer advanced tools (the App Marketplace has more), they offer the basics. This is what Shopify does well. SEO is just one example.

Shopify makes it easy for you to create landing pages for your marketing campaigns. This is a significant difference between some DIY platforms and all-in-one platforms.

Shopify’s clean and easily crawlable code makes it ideal for SEO. These are in addition to sitemaps and Search Console.

Although they don’t allow root access or FTP, we are able to use their front-end code editor to implement technical items as a consultant. Schema, SSL, Canonicals, and Sitemaps allow me to focus on content strategy.

Shopify can be a great choice if all you need is a platform to manage your marketing including SEO and Google Ads.


Two levels of customization are essential for any web platform to be considered a good one. It should look great right out of the box. It should also be simple to modify, even without the assistance of a professional graphic designer or developer.

WordPress is a great example. It is beautiful right out of the box. There are many themes that you can choose from and you can then use them. You also have the option of hiring a professional to create a website.

This ability is also available in Shopify, and I’m proud to say that Shopify is an excellent example of it. Shopify’s theme system is open-source, so developers and designers can make any type of shop they like.

Start your website with a free theme and upgrade as many times as you wish. You can also drag and drop their layout tool.

Shopify App Store + Buy Button Add-Ons/Plugins

Shopify offers many features. Shopify created an App Store to follow the lead of Apple, Android, and Facebook.

Shopify provides the platform and all of its core features. Shopify offers the platform and all its core features.

This arrangement means you don’t have to worry about finding a developer to implement every feature that you request. You can be sure that Shopify App Store has it… and it’s likely to cost less. It will work as promised.

This is Shopify’s “killer” feature over the past year.

Shopify also offers Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert programs for contractors. Shopify merchants can get expert assistance in everything from setting up a Shopify account, optimizing SEO, building a product page, and designing a website.

Shopify also invested heavily in its Buy button. This allows merchants to have more control over their products if they already own a website.

Shopify is one platform that can do this easily. Shopify has a team of business developers who focus on creating apps and finding solutions to problems.

Size & Company Structure

Shopify, a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, is growing quickly.

Wall Street earnings pressure may have some adverse effects on customers (see Pricing section below Cons). This means that the company is mature and focuses primarily on capital access and eCommerce.

This is because Amazon, the giant elephant of eCommerce, is so important.

Amazon can either be a blessing or a curse for independent eCommerce sellers. Selling on Amazon can lead to a loss of control and a decrease in sales.

Shopify’s eCommerce heft makes it a great tool. Shopify is constantly working on new tools and big initiatives like 3rd-party fulfillment, POS systems, and business branding tools.

Cons of Shopify

Shopify isn’t the best platform. Shopify is not the best platform.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Pricing & Plans

Ecommerce pricing can be confusing. There are many subscriptions and fees.

Shopify can offer greater transparency in pricing and overall value than other companies. There are certain caveats. This is what makes Pricing a negative tradeoff.

These are the 4 key aspects of pricing you need to be aware of

Shopify’s monthly price is the cost you pay each month to use certain features.

Platform transaction fees are an additional fee you pay to a platform, in addition to a percentage of your sales. Shopify, your payment processor, no longer charges transaction fees.

Take these into account when cross-comparing.

Third-party fees apply to your credit card. Your credit card fees are third.

Comparing prices can be difficult and Shopify Payments may save you time and hassle if your processor has not been installed. It may cost more if the processor is already installed.

Fourth, add-on and plugin fees. Fourth, add-on fees and plugin fees.

Shopify’s apps are almost always better than native features built into other platforms – but can easily increase costs compared to native features…especially for inventory management & wholesaler features. Volusion and WooCommerce are two other Shopify options that offer native features.

Shopify’s pricing comes with a caveat. The scales can tip back at this point.

Shopify will cost more than a store that you own.

Shopify pricing can be more affordable if your shop is small and you have technical expertise.


Shopify’s greatest selling point is its ability to look great straight out of the box. It also offers amazing Shopify theme options that can be customized by developers/designers.

The customization setup is a problem. Their customization setup is a problem.

They are in PHP so I’m used to editing WordPress templates. Shopify Liquid is a new feature for me and other first-timers.

It is very easy to set it up and they provide amazing support through the Shopify forums. However, we find it somewhat confusing to have to learn Liquid to modify our store’s themes.

Content Marketing

eCommerce relies heavily on content marketing. Content marketing is a great way to increase traffic, and social shares, educate customers and grow your business.

Shopify comes with built-in blogging software. However, it is not as great as WordPress. It could be improved, however.

WooCommerce is an option if you have a website with a shop. Shopify can be a great choice if you use your online store primarily for marketing purposes.

Shopify Jargon

Shopify’s learning curve can be compared to any other eCommerce platform. Shopify’s learning curve is similar to any other eCommerce platform. Their store layout is not what we like.

They are easy to use once you have created Collections. Shopify’s categorization is often mentioned by readers, especially when compared with Volusion which tends to be more focused on inventory features.

Shopify Dashboard is not intuitive until you understand that it was created to view eCommerce businesses, not online stores. This channel level allows you to manage your store (see video).

This con is still available in Shopify 2

Vendor Lock-in

Lock-in isn’t a problem for all-in-one eCommerce platforms, but it is something that we had to mention in our Shopify Review. It is important to consider the future, not only how much money you have now.

Shopify is an excellent platform for growing your business. Everything is transparent and clear.

You can export product information to CSV if you want to leave Volusion or any other “hosted eCommerce platform”. It is important to remember this when shopping online for an eCommerce platform.

Initial Setup

Shopify’s initial setup is what makes Shopify 2 difficult to use to host your online shop. However, it is still not an easy process.

Shopify won’t make you a millionaire in 15 minutes. Shopify will take you a long time to get rich.

Shopify Video Review

Should Shopify use

Shopify can be a great option if you are looking for an eCommerce platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your online store.

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