The Ultimate SlideShare SEO Tutorial

SlideShare is a standard of the Internet. It has been around for many years.

SlideShare is a platform that allows users to share and upload presentations. It is owned by LinkedIn. SlideShare is open to all and free.

It’s also an excellent resource for content strategy, and SEO, and is similar to Quora and Wikipedia.

SlideShare is a tool for keyword research, content creation, and link building.

Slideshare can be used to research and develop content

I’m sure you’ve seen our posts about content development on Reddit and Quora.

Slideshare is different. You can use these tactics to Slideshare with all your research to generate new ideas that will blow apart your competitors.

Drop Landing Page in Keyword Planner/Keyword Tool

we discussed keyword research in our post about keyword research. The biggest obstacle to keyword research is not knowing the keywords.

This is especially important for industries that you don’t know.

Anyone working in the industry or searching for information about it should be familiar with its jargon. It can be difficult for marketers and outsiders to grasp the terminology. It can be difficult to find creative ways of searching keywords.

It’s possible to consult on and manage a plumbing website.

SlideShare allows you to create presentation decks from the conference and internal meetings. You can search for the most relevant topics and industry jargon.

Drag a SlideShare presentation or page into Keyword Planner.

Next, take a look at keywords to find the ones that are relevant to your topic.

These keywords are easily incorporated into other keyword research methods.

Search for new keywords & concepts

To find out the keywords SlideShare ranks for, you can also use premium tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush. This information can be used to identify keywords that are relevant to your website.

This can be used for a content gap analysis of your competitors. You don’t.

You can still use Google Search Operator to search for “keyword”

Search for relevant slides and then manually search the web for more information.

Slideshare is similar in concept to Quora, but it’s organized around “Topics.” Slideshare lets you search for relevant topics and automatically scrape interesting presentations from those topics.

Use the filter function to locate what you’re looking for. View the most popular items in a specific period, language, or format.

Search Slideshare using sharing links, link growth on Ahrefs, and SEMRush to search for general keyword ideas.

These decks are often the most popular or interesting. This information could be a great resource for creating better content.

Slides for your Industry Manually –

When you look at slides manually, you’re trying to find certain things.

First, you’ll want to look at keywords that you don’t know. You have two options.

Second is –

  • How content is presented
  • What are the questions to ask?
  • What keywords can be used?
  • Are any credible sources that you are able
  • Resources for further research on this topic.

Convert slides from your industry into web content

Slideshare can be used to make better content. You can convert slides into pages or posts.

Decks can be fun to use but they can be frustrating for web users and search engines.

While you won’t be able to duplicate any presentation or make it HTML-friendly, you can use the core idea of SlideShare’s most popular content to make it more accessible.

This tactic is especially useful if you have more information, better formatting, or clearer explanations.

SlideShare is not just a tool to create content. SlideShare can be used to help you promote your content.

Slide Embeds can be found everywhere on the Web

SlideShare lets anyone who has a web browser embed slide decks on their website.

These embeds have a text footprint that you can use to find websites interested in similar content

In the example, we use the search operator “keyword” – though this will only give you sites that are asking readers to re-embed.

Search for sites with this deck embedded by typing intext: “[slideshare name] From [slideshare username]”

It is worth creating a SlideShare account even if you don’t create slideshows of photos or presentations for conferences very often.

Profile links will allow you to increase your online presence. Slideshare lets you add the most popular content to your site to increase your audience.

This is especially useful if SlideShare is used by your audience, or if you have information that works well in slide format (e.g. A conference Powerpoint ).

This is like starting a YouTube channel. Small Podcast. With a little investment, you can increase your reach.

You can add Nofollow hyperlinks to your website. This includes information on your profiles and slides. If your deck has been shared, you can add links to your slides.

Link building can be hard because it can be hard to identify the type of content website owners wants to link to.

SlideShare allows you to see which websites are linking to your presentations, and what their interests are.

To determine who is linking with SlideShare, you would use premium tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush. This will enable you to determine which websites are interested to link to your presentation, or which websites prefer to link directly to a new piece.

Slideshare spam has become a common problem. Excel users can access these opportunities if they can select a broad topic.

As we have mentioned in our posts on broken link construction and our post about Ahrefs, it is best to look at large websites that contain many links to find which ones are broken. From there, you can continue your search.

SlideShare is a huge website with many links.

There are two ways to look for broken links. You can either manually repair them or use Ahrefs which is a premium tool that searches for all broken links. It will then sort the most relevant links to your site.

This will allow you to see which websites have broken links and help you increase your reach.

You can find this tactic in our Ahrefs and broken link-building guides.

Slideshare spam has become a common problem. Excel users can access these opportunities if they can select a broad topic.

SEOs are often concerned about the number of different link types and categories.

Linking can be done from news sites, resource pages, bloggers, or the unicorn of links,

There are nearly infinite link types. This is the difficult part of building a strategy around them.

Slideshare can be a great resource for links as you can see all the links from other sites. This allows you to create a unique link-building strategy that is not possible for others.

Next steps

SlideShare can be a great tool for content development. SlideShare offers a wealth of information in both format and content.

Register and create an account. After you’ve created an account, go to and explore the site.

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