Squarespace Pricing: Expert Tips to Get the Best Deals

Squarespace is a top-quality website builder that can help you create your business.

Squarespace pricing is quite simple. There are four plans available that you can try for free within the 14-day trial period. Select your preferred plan, and you’ll pay $12-$40 per month when you select their annual payment option.

All plans include a free domain and unlimited bandwidth, storage, SSL certificate technology and mobile-ready templates. Quality customer support is included.

Squarespace excels in the area of design and template design. There are many design options available so you won’t be disappointed. Check out my Squarespace review.

How much does Squarespace cost? This article will cover everything you need about Squarespace pricing. This information will help you compare Squarespace plans to make an informed decision about the best plan for your needs.

Sezmi’s Take

Squarespace is focused on creating beautiful web pages, without the need to hire a web designer. The site includes a simple-to-use editor and an eCommerce storefront option with limited features. Although you will not find a website builder, there are limitations to hosted solutions. However, Squarespace is an excellent alternative to WordPress for most websites.

Squarespace Review

8.5 Out Of 10

Price$12 – $40 per month
Annual DiscountNo
Promotion20% Off Promo 

Squarespace Pricing

PlanPersonalBusinessBasic CommerceAdvanced Commerce
Yearly price (discount).$12.00/mo.$18.00/mo.$26.00/mo.$40.00/mo.
Email accounts
Domain Name Design
No cost domain name1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
SSL Free
Display ads

Get a Free Trial with Squarespace

Squarespace offers four plans. For individuals, businesses and enterprises who need more support, there is a premium plan.

Each plan offers all you need to build a website. They all offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, SSL security technology and 24/7 customer support.

Take the time to read through each Squarespace plan’s details and decide which one is best for you. You can always start with the plan that gives you the best start and upgrade to a premium plan as your needs change.

Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial. This is a nice feature. You can test it all before you commit to long-term use of the website builder.

Squarespace Personal Plan

Squarespace’s personal plan starts at $12/month when you pay for the annual plan. This price is 25% off the monthly payments plan. Everything you need to get started with a website.

Squarespace Personal Plan:

  • One custom domain is yours for free
  • Domain registration is free the first year. Squarespace standard rates will apply to your renewal.
  • A Google Workspace account won’t allow you to set up professional email.
  • Squarespace’s Integrations and Blocks feature is not available in this plan. This feature unlocks restaurant-reservation booking capability, for example.
  • You won’t be able to use customized JavaScript and CSS.
  • Advanced website analytics is not available.
  • Access to list-building tools such as banners and pop-ups will not be available.
  • The Personal Plan doesn’t include E-commerce tools. The Personal Plan doesn’t include E-Commerce tools or the ability to sell unlimited items.

Squarespace Business Plan

Squarespace Business Plans start at $18 per Month. Squarespace customers who are looking to grow beyond a website and create a business solution that is more comprehensive use this plan.

Squarespace Business Plan requires you to:

  • E-Commerce functionality is available, allowing you to accept donations and sell unlimited products.
  • Transaction fees equal 3%
  • When you are ready to test paid ads campaigns, you can get up to $100 in Google Ads credit.
  • At the Business Plan level, website analytics functionality is activated.
  • Square cannot accept in-person point of sale payments.
  • This plan does not allow you to accept payment on your domain. This could cause customer anxiety at checkout.
  • Squarespace’s merchandising tools, which allow customers to join waitlists and display similar products, are not available to you.

Squarespace Basic Commerce Plan

Squarespace Basic Commerce Plan starts at $26 per Month and includes additional E-Commerce functionality that is not available in the Business Plan.

Squarespace Basic Commerce Plan requires you to:

  • To connect your IG account with Facebook’s Product Catalog, use the Products on Instagram feature.
  • You can use Square to accept payments offline and sync your customers, products, and sales analytics.
  • Customers can set up their own accounts to speed up checkout, which will help you make more sales.
  • To track the performance of your store, you can use the E-Commerce Analytics Dashboard. This feature allows you to track conversion statistics and identify the best-selling products.
  • Customers can now checkout from your website. This increases trust in the ordering process.
  • Transaction fees are 0%
  • To increase the sale value, you can show customers-related products. Spreadsheet bulk editing allows you to better manage inventory.

Squarespace Advanced Commerce Plan

Squarespace Advanced Commerce Plan is $40 per month. It offers 0% transaction fees, similar to the Basic Commerce Plan.

Squarespace Advanced Commerce Plan requires you to:

  • Strong SSL security technology is still available, as well as mobile-optimized websites and a free custom domain.
  • Display products with rich product marketing tools.
  • To remind customers to return to their checkout, send them automated emails using the abandoned cart recovery feature.
  • Start selling subscriptions to products or services. To reach your recurring revenue goals, you can offer them on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • In real-time, automatically calculate shipping rates. This includes shipping rates to UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service.
  • Promos can be controlled more effectively by offering discounts for a limited time or applying discounts to specific order sizes.
  • You can customize your backend using the API functionality by integrating third-party systems to help with order fulfillment or inventory management.

Squarespace Select Plan

Squarespace Select Plan provides an enterprise solution. Squarespace pricing is determined by your needs and will need to be negotiated with you.

Because you have a dedicated account manager, this plan provides a more personal business support solution. Your personal onboarding process is where your account manager spends time getting to know you and your business goals.

This option gives you access to Squarespace’s design team. You’ll get design advice and branding from them, as well as design best practices.

Squarespace Select Plan includes an SEO consultation. Squarespace’s marketing and SEO experts will help you optimize your website for search engines.

This option is great for businesses who want to have their website managed by experts. This option allows you to maximize the benefits of:

  • Analytics tools
  • Marketing strategies
  • Commerce results
  • Optimization of website performance

Squarespace engineers ensure that the Select Plan is secure. This plan allows you to assign roles such as store manager, billing, content editor, and store manager.

Squarespace: How Much Does It Cost?

Below is a brief overview of Squarespace’s pricing structure. You might still have questions about the cost of Squarespace.

Squarespace pricing is very straightforward. Squarespace doesn’t charge any hidden fees so it won’t affect your business budget. You can choose the plan that suits you best, budget your monthly expenses, and then you are good to go.

There are situations when you might want to add more features. You’ll need to think about the cost of these extra features.

Additional costs

The plan you choose will affect the upfront cost. Also, it will depend on whether you pay monthly or annually. You will get the best deal if you pay annually for your website’s maintenance fees.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Personal Plan: On the annual plan, the personal plan costs $12 per month. The annual fee is $144. You can choose to pay $16 per month if you opt for the monthly payment plan. Solopreneurs looking for a simple web hosting plan to help build their business around can benefit from this plan.

The annual plan ($216/year) is available for $18 per month. Monthly plans cost $26 per month. This plan is great if your business is not E-Commerce. This plan is best if you are selling coaching, courses, or other basic products to grow your business.

Basic Commerce Plan: The monthly cost of this plan is $26 (or $312 annually). You can also choose to go monthly for $35. If you have multiple products to sell, the Basic Commerce Plan is for you. All the integration accounting and mobile-optimized checkouts that you need to manage your business will be available.

Advanced Commerce Plan: The annual plan costs $40 per month ($480 annually). Monthly payments start at $54 per mois. This plan is for you if your ECommerce store is already up and running. This plan includes additional features to increase sales such as abandoned cart recovery and discount features.

Domain name costs

The first year you don’t have to pay for your domain name. You will need to pay a renewal fee for your domain the second year and each subsequent year.

These fees can range from $20 to $70 each year. The type of domain chosen will determine the difference in annual domain registration fees. A.org domain costs $20 annually, while a.com domain costs $20. You’ll be charged $50 per year if you select.photography or.media domain extensions.

Squarespace offers more than 200 domain extension options such as:

  • .academy
  • .bar
  • .care
  • .dating
  • .fund
  • .golf

It shouldn’t be difficult to find the right domain extension for your business.

Squarespace Transaction Fees

Squarespace charges a 3% transaction fee for E-Commerce sales if you select the Business Plan. You can avoid transaction fees by choosing one of the E-Commerce Plans.

These transaction fees should be taken into consideration when choosing the Business Plan. Squarespace charges 3% per sale for the plan, which works best for smaller stores. This helps Squarespace cover its transaction processing costs.

You can expect to make more transactions using the Advanced Commerce and Basic Commerce plans. Squarespace has eliminated the 3% transaction fee on these plans as you are paying more for them than the Business Plan.

Squarespace Email Marketing: How Much Does It Cost?

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with customers and prospects, regardless of your business type. Email marketing is often overlooked by E-Commerce businesses. It can increase repeat sales by offering discounts for customers who have already purchased. You can also send emails to invite prospects to return after they abandon their cart.

Squarespace offers a professional Gmail promotion and Google Workspace promotion to help you manage your email marketing campaigns. Sign up for the Advanced Commerce, Business or Basic Commerce plans to get one year free.

After your first year, you will need to renew your Gmail or Google Workspace account for the annual or standard monthly fee.

This offer is only valid if you are setting up a new Gmail or Google Workspace account, and not if your Squarespace account is being set up.

Squarespace also offers Squarespace email campaigns as an email marketing service. Some features are free while others cost $5-$48 per month (if you pay annually). Squarespace offers four pricing options for email.

  • Starter ($5/month), 3 monthly campaigns, 500 emails per months
  • Core ($10/month: 5 monthly campaigns, 5,000 emails per months
  • Pro ($24/month: 20 monthly campaigns, 50,000 emails per months
  • Maximum ($48/month), Unlimited Monthly Campaigns and 250,000 Emails per Month

Next steps

Now that you have a good understanding of Squarespace pricing, it’s time to get started. You can now analyze which Squarespace plan is best for you and get started with your website building journey.

View the Squarespace review.

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