Squarespace Website: 12 Beautiful Examples for Inspiration

You’re thinking of Squarespace to build your website. Now you want to see Squarespace examples so you can get an idea and confirm that you made the right decision.

Squarespace is a well-known brand in the web builder industry.

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Squarespace is the best website builder out there. It offers everything you need to start and grow your site. This makes it easy to create a beautiful website while leaving the hard work (i.e. hosting, functionality, and coding) to professionals. This contrasts with other solutions that require you to purchase, install, and maintain each “piece” of your website individually.

Squarespace works in a similar way to customizing and leasing an apartment. Squarespace allows you to control decor, cleaning, and all aspects of living. However, the property owner will take care of the plumbing, security, infrastructure, and construction. While you have some flexibility, you must give up some control in order to be convenient.

Before we get into Squarespace’s examples of how Squarespace’s templates look in the wild internet, one thing you need to remember when evaluating a website platform is that it’s not about the look of the websites. It’s also important to consider the functionality. Squarespace is not the same as Wix or Weebly. I have also written a Squarespace review.

In short, it’s like buying a car. You may have a particular make/model in mind and are looking to see the car drive on the road. But you care about their operation. Is it able to accelerate quickly? Is it capable of hauling heavy loads? What is the gas mileage?

It is important to look at website platforms in the same manner. These Squarespace examples are not only to show you how Squarespace websites look but also how Squarespace websites work so that you can make sure your website is both stylish and functional.

Squarespace website examples

Let’s begin with a list of solid Squarespace websites. These websites all use Squarespace templates. These examples were selected based on usability, website design, functionality, and usability.

Active Schools

Active Schools’ website is an excellent example of how easy and simple a Squarespace site can be. It conveys all the information and creativity needed, but also looks professional. Websites don’t have to be beautiful. This site is focused on what really matters: text that explains the company’s mission and icons that inform visitors about it. This template is a great example of what you can do with a basic website.

Beautiful Destinations

Squarespace makes it simple for DIYers to create stunning websites. Squarespace is great for brands that are more visual-oriented (like this travel brand). You can do amazing things with your design and not have to hire a professional designer. This Squarespace example shows how a site can be both simple and visually appealing. You should see that video header!

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Squarespace Wedding Website Examples

Wedding websites are a great way to give guests information about the big day, show off your personality, and post updates/pictures/anything else you may want to share with those who are involved with your wedding. This website will be more useful for a short time than a business website. It should be easy to edit and maintain. This is a great example of how Squarespace can help you create a wedding website.

Anya & Deven

Anya & Deven’s website shows how a simple theme can suffice to do the job without needing to build something complicated. The homepage contains all the important information, including the date, location and link to the RSVP page. It is professional, reflects their style and uses their photos and colors. However, it also allows you to save money on custom-designed websites that you will only update once or twice a year.

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Squarespace Photography Website Examples

Portfolios are the heart of photography websites. Look at Squarespace websites to get inspiration for your photography. Pay attention to the layout options. Your photos should be displayed in a creative manner without compromising the user experience (e.g. fast photo loading speed, easy navigation, high quality images, etc.). These are some Squarespace photography websites that we like:

Erika El Photography

Erika’s website stands out because it has clear copy and great photos. The homepage features a large image that instantly reveals her work. Erika also includes text information about her services and a gallery of her photos. This website is great for showing off your work and providing context about your approach.

Julie Harmsen

Squarespace’s website is different, especially the homepage. Julie’s work is the focus of the entire homepage. The grid helps keep the attention on the photography. The navigation at the top makes it easy for visitors to find more information.

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Squarespace eCommerce Website Examples

eCommerce websites should be all about the products. An eCommerce store that is successful should feature high-quality product images and be easy to navigate. The focus should remain on the products you offer to your customers. Strong product descriptions are essential, as well as an easy checkout process. These are some of our favourite Squarespace ecommerce websites:

Simple Form

An eCommerce website that is great can be described as easy to navigate, high-quality product images, and simple checkout. Simple Shape’s website checks all those boxes. We were particularly impressed by the simplicity of the homepage. The online shop section is simple to use and clearly breaks down product categories. The collection page is simple and clear.

Shoppers have the option to jump to different product categories using the navigation at top of the page. Or, they can use the main navigation for other areas of this site.

Little Clay Land

Another example of an eCommerce site that ticks all the boxes is The Little Clay Land. The main header’s large image is actually the products. This is in conjunction with the primary call-to-action of “Order Now”, which is, on an eCommerce website, the most important action you want your visitors to take. ).

We liked that the artist added a behind-the scenes video to the homepage, along with a link to learn more about herself and her process.

This is a great way for eCommerce companies to show visitors a peek at their production!

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Personal & Portfolio Website Examples

Portfolio and personal websites are just what they sound like: personal. This type of website is for you to build your brand online. An easy-to-edit, manage and customize personal website is important. These are some Squarespace portfolio and personal websites that you can use as inspiration.

Darren Booth

Sometimes less is more… that’s what makes Darren Booth’s website so powerful. The simple layout draws you in to Booth’s illustration. It also makes it easy to navigate the website. This Squarespace portfolio website is an excellent example. It’s perfect for DIY-ers who need a place to show their work in an easy-to-read format.

Susannah Rigg

Squarespace’s personal website is unique for several reasons. The homepage. Clear navigation and a simple header image with a strong call-to-action button make the homepage stand out. Visitors will find what they are looking for easily.

The portfolio page is another great example of how to use a card layout with images, text and text to showcase your work.

This site can be a great resource for inspiration if you are looking to create a website that is intuitive, clear, and polished.

Ruben Stom Design

Although technically it is a business website, it’s still a single operation. This website stands out because it is 100% DIY. It uses eCommerce functionality, blog and portfolio in one. It is simple and solid.

Squarespace Lawyer Website Examples

Your website should showcase your practice areas and give potential clients the chance to get in touch with you. It also needs to build social proof. Visitors should be able identify you and your services when they visit your website. They should also be able navigate to the information they need from your homepage. This is an example of a Squarespace lawyer website.

The Law Office of Christopher Duby LLC

Are you ever overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on a website? Squarespace’s lawyer website is a great example of how to provide just enough information on the homepage and clear calls for action. A short About paragraph can be a great way of introducing what you are all about. You have the option to learn more or to contact us using the contact information to the side.

Squarespace Fitness Website Example

There are a few key factors that make a strong website for fitness. Visitors should know who you are and what your business is before they visit your website. They should also be able navigate easily to the information they need from your homepage. Visitors should be able visit your contact page to book a session or request additional details. You will need to include information such as hours and location if you have a physical address. Squarespace’s fitness website is an excellent example:

Fitness by Design

Video is a great way for your audience to learn more about you. We particularly loved how Squarespace used video on their homepage, and then paired it with an appealing offer to get a personal training session free of charge! This is a great way to reach potential customers and show them how you can help. It also gives them a clear next step.

Squarespace Blog Website Examples

Your content is the most important part of a blog website. Your blog does not have to be complicated. Good user experience should be your main focus (i.e. straightforward navigation, search functionality, etc. You can upload new content quickly and easily on this site.

Style Transplant

This example from The Style Transplant shows how you can showcase your blog posts content. It is easy to navigate and clear on the homepage. We loved the fact that visitors could view the most recent posts from the Stay Updated section of the homepage menu.

A blog website is not just about its homepage. It’s about what you can do to the posts. Squarespace’s Squarespace blog uses photos and even a “shop for the look” feature on its blog page. This adds two valuable elements of content to the posts.

Next steps

Choosing a website builder is more than just design. Why? All web pages are HTML and CSS, with some scripts added. Any website template can be used on any web platform.

You should be focusing on the functionality and design elements available on the platform that you choose.

Squarespace templates are available if you feel Squarespace meets your design and functionality requirements.

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