How to Start a Side Hustle in 30 Days or Less?

Are you sure there are only 65 of the “bests”? No, I’m not convinced.

By overcoming the sheer volume of this list, you’ll find gems like:

  • Doing surveys
  • Becoming a Mermaid
  • Shovel snow

Name one billionaire from Forbes’ list who has benefitted from this.

But even if you’re not looking to become a billionaire, this list represents a huge misconception that plagues entrepreneurship–that you need some genius idea (or 65! This list is a great example of a common misconception that plagues entrepreneurship: the idea that you need some genius idea. Start your own business.

It’s much easier to start a home-based side business than you think. What you need is a clear path to hit real, significant milestones–preferably fast, too.

I will share with you today a legit, tried, and true method to start a business at home, no matter how limited your budget may be.

In this post, you will learn how to earn your first dollar within 30 days. This is useful if you want to start a business to earn an additional $1000 per month or quit working.

I am not unique!

Day 1 – Step one: Find out the true reason for starting a business and then finance it

When starting a business at home, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the small details, like building a site, calling customers, and creating Facebook ads.

Plan a bit, and take a few extra days to do it.

It’s true. A few years ago I was convinced that I would be able to make money by opening a social skill-building business. At the time, I believed that people were eager to learn how to better their social abilities.

I discovered that I wasn’t passionate about my social skills site six months after launching it. I also didn’t find the niche profitable.

I only had two copies of the eBook that I produced for $17 and an old domain name to show for half a year of work.

You can avoid this mistake by doing some planning in advance. The first step is to determine why you are interested in a side business.

  • Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
  • Your goal is to create a successful business that will enable you to leave your current job.
  • Want to make extra money for vacations and lifestyle?

The motivation you have for starting your business will determine how successful you are.

To achieve the goal of being your boss, you’ll have to devote at least two hours per week.

If you’re looking to make money quickly, take a short break before starting your side business.

I failed to build a social skills site because I was only interested in making quick cash. I made decisions that hurt me later on. If you’re just looking for a quick dollar, you won’t be able to create anything that you enjoy.

As you start your side business, you will maintain calm and level-headedness.

With these three ways of funding a new side business, you can get started right away.

  • Spending money on things you do not need is a good way to save.
  • LinkedIn Premium: $29.99/month
  • Winc a subscription wine box: $59.00/month
  • It costs $22.95/month. If you are behind on the books that you want to read, it’s fine to temporarily stop.
  • A sleep aid supplement: $26.95/month

I spent $138.89 a month on these four items without even realizing it. By cutting back, you could save $1,666.68 yearly. Even if budget isn’t an issue, this exercise is worth doing. Your business might benefit from the investment.

  1. It is possible to negotiate your salary with your employer. This can result in an additional $1,000-$10,000 per year.
  2. This is not a huge amount of money.

The second step is to move on.

Step 2: Forming You, Inc.

You don’t need a big idea to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship does not need to be complex. You don’t need an app or even a web page. I didn’t have an app when I made my first $50,000 from a side business.

To find problems and earn money for them, you need to use a simple system.

If you’re looking to get started quickly, consider becoming a freelancer or consultant.

A good reputation is not required.

As a freelancer or consultant, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any formal education. You only need to be able to produce results. That is what clients are looking for.

What can consultants make? A millionaire consultant shares his secrets to becoming a successful advisor. Charge up to $1500 per hour and get out of the “time versus money” equation.

It is possible to add digital products, software, and other items from ecommerce to your consulting or freelance business at a later date. Launching a side business in the home can be done quickly.

Draw a line down the center of a sheet of paper. One side should be labeled “Skills I Have”, and the other “Problems I Can Solve”. “

Where do you excel? If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some simple questions that will help.

  • Which book do you choose to read when the rest of your family is asleep on Saturday mornings?
  • What’s your occupation?
  • Would you be willing to spend many hours talking about a particular topic?
  • Which of your skills do you most want to develop?
  • Which problems have you solved for your business already (i.e., what is your job?

Check out these 31 blogs and books that I found useful to learn how to be a successful copywriter.

I’m confident that content can be used to help businesses increase sales and leads. I would like to position myself at a higher level as a content marketing consultant.

Your skills can be used in many ways. You could help streamline financial processes for businesses and do video editing or design.

Common Question

People start their home businesses by turning a portion of their day job into a side business. I’m an example. Freelancers, consultants, and professionals often begin this way.

Decide which problems you can solve for others and what you are willing to charge. Choose whether you’re a consultant, or freelancer, before moving on.

Step 3: Discovering your MVS (Minimum Viable Skillset) (Days 5-7).

Once you have decided what kind of freelancer or consultant you want to be, determine which services people will pay money for. In the world of products, this is called creating a minimum viable product (or MVP).

You are the product as a freelancer or consultant. This is like determining your Minimum Viable Skillset, or MVS.

Consider your freelance or consulting business as a restaurant. This is where you decide on the menu that will be served. Don’t serve something that no one orders.

There are two easy ways to tell whether someone is going to pay for your service:

  1. If you search for copywriting jobs on Upwork, there are 796 results.

Copywriters are in demand.

  1. If you talk to others, you will see that they are interested in your ideas. They may even ask you about how you can pay for them.

It is possible to adapt the services you offer in the future. However, it’s important that you first understand them.

Step 4: Get Your first paying client (Days 8-14).

Reply: “I will not complicate the first step of getting a client. “

Many people make the error of believing that they must have several expensive tools to get customers. In reality, none of this is necessary for those who are just starting.

I have documented how I earned $9,000 with just a Gmail account and Google Docs in one month.

The most important step is to get one paying customer, particularly when you’re just getting started.

Everything else before that is irrelevant.

What you should do.

Create a list of 30 clients that you would like to work with. “

Next, you need to locate the email of the person who will be making the final decision. Now, it’s time to determine how to reach out to these ideal clients. I am a copywriter and must contact the CMO, the marketer, or even the company founder.

I’d go directly to the About Us page of Foundr if I wanted to get in touch with them.

Scroll down to find the “Meet the Crews section”:

Hi, I’m looking for an experienced Marketing Manager. This would be David Hobson who is the Head of Digital Growth and Strategy.

You can ignore the fact that his email is not on the site. Download the Chrome extension Connect to find it. In case you still have trouble, follow the normal emailing rules.






It’s usually easy to figure out.

Use this script to send out cold emails. I’ve booked more than $ 37,700 worth of clients using the script.


SUBJ: [[Introduction]] [[your name/company]] <> [[their name/company]]

Hey [[NAME]]

Read quickly! It will only take 48 seconds.

I am [[YOURNAME]] and I [[help]] [[whom or what you are helping]].

I’m a consultant. Tell the audience about your consulting services and what they mean to you.

I saw that you mentioned a relevant recent action such as a tweet, email, or new product launch, so I knew I was able to help.

Are you willing to talk for 7 minutes if even a little bit of curiosity is there about the benefits [[your services]] can bring your business?

I’m happy for you to take my ideas. If you are lucky, the joke that comes out might be one of the best!

Finally, it’s time to unleash the weapon that I love.

Image of [[something Fun]].

The thing you’ve always desired.

[[fun picture]]

I await your profanity-filled response

Have a great day!

[[Your Name]]



The script has a simple and fun design.

This email is not a pitch. During the phone call, I will tell you how I can help. In my first email, I do not want to scare off potential customers with a hard sell.

It’s okay if not everyone responds to your email. Following up takes some time. One out of every five recipients will likely reply.

Don’t let this deter you. Instead, you should aim to reach 30 people with your initial outreach. At least 5 to 6 people will then call and you can close your first sale.

You will learn how to write cold email outreach which is a huge success in this post. This in-depth article on how to acquire consulting clients can be a valuable resource.

Step 5: Your first $1,000 in Your home business (Days 15-30)

What should you say? After booking a phone call with a prospective client, you might wonder “What should I say?” “

Don’t let the beginning of these conversations stress you out. Practice will make them more natural. Begin them like any other type of conversation. You can ask them questions about themselves and their company.

Connect with them. Once you’ve made a few small talks, find out what their biggest pain is.

Then you can use the phrase: “Gott ’em.” Which is the most important thing to you in terms of [[your service]]?

Position your offer according to their response.

It’s common to hear “I don’t have time” or “I do not organize myself”. “

Once they have finished speaking, ask them how they are feeling and confirm it. Then say, “I think I could help you.” ” Here’s how…”

Explain what service you offer and when it is available.

Would you agree to a test project, if I send you a proposal of how I can [[xyz services]] by [[such and such date]]?” “

Most people will either accept your offer or give you the information they require to begin. List out all of your services and come up with a reasonable price.

Because you listened to them, you won’t appear confrontational. Instead, you will be asking how you can help and addressing the concerns they already expressed.

This guide will give you more information about how to set rates and close customers, as well as send effective proposals.

Bonus! Bonus!

Since we’re talking about how to create a home-based side business, I wanted to tell you about the fuel that five freelancers and consultants use every day.

Steven Young is an SEO consultant who charges $1,000 an hour.

  • Timeular Time Tracker is a more physical time tracker that I find easier to use. “
  • The folding Bluetooth keyboard is small enough to fit into your bag, jacket, or back pocket. It’s portable and I can take it with me anywhere. “

Michael Nguyen, a consultant in video production who earns six figures, says: Michael Nguyen says, “When I look back at my business I realize that there are several things I don’t need.

  • I use Wunderlist to keep track of weekly tasks. This is a good way to set goals.
  • My OneDrive: Here I can receive and send the media files required for my project.
  • This device allows me to edit videos quickly because it has different macros and hotkeys. “

Kaleigh COX is a copywriter and professional who is in the Top 1% of Upwork’s users. She says, “I run my business from home using Google Drive and Slack. “

To keep productive on the go, former client Ryan Robinson and my friend recommend Trello and ToDo for iPhone.

I would like to recommend:

  1. Email tracking and scheduling are included in a service to help you track emails.
  2. The Lastpass. My passwords are the most difficult to remember. I use LastPass as my login method.
  3. Grammarly is a great tool for proofreading.

It is the entrepreneur who makes the tools. Tools are created by entrepreneurs.

Why are you waiting? You’ve already got a script, you have all the tools.

A little more

Do you have any questions about starting or expanding a home-based business,

As someone who is launching a side business at home, I’m here to help you.

Please send me an email if there are any questions you may have about copywriting or if you would like to learn more about how you can get clients in unconventional ways.

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