Pandora Advertising: How can I Advertise on It?

Radio was the most popular platform for advertising in the 20th century.

Radio is a powerful medium to build a brand and drive awareness about products and services.

Radio, the only form that can be carried around, is the best. All other media like television and digital require that you pay attention to what is on the page.

Radio ads did have their faults. People often switched stations to get rid of the ads.

Radio advertising has been declining in popularity as new products become available.

While traditional radio is declining in popularity, there are still new ways to listen to that allow you to hear radio and make radio a more effective advertising medium.

Internet radio can solve many of the problems associated with traditional radio advertising. Pandora, the most popular and best-known internet radio provider, is the best option for advertisers of all sizes.

Pandora has a wide range of advertising products that will suit your needs.

How can you advertise on Pandora? Let’s talk about the details of advertising on Pandora, and the products it offers.

What’s Pandora?

Pandora was created by Jon Kraft and Will Glaser.

Initial funding was two million dollars. The founders and 50 employees received the funding. They began developing Pandora. Within a year, Pandora was in deep trouble. To reach their goal of launching Pandora, the employees worked for two years without receiving any compensation.

Pandora was initially launched as a paid service in 2004. After trying to find its niche, the company quickly abandoned the paid model and adopted an advertising-based one. We know Pandora today because of this.

Pandora became a public company in 2011. It has maintained its position as the undisputed leader in internet radio. Pandora’s popularity as a place to advertise is evident with more than 81 million users each month.

How Does Pandora Work?

Pandora works just like other radio stations, but listeners can create their stations by focusing on a particular song, artist, or genre. Pandora will play songs it has categorized as similar.

Pandora broadcasts over the internet. Pandora broadcasts via the internet.

Users can give a song a thumbs up, which indicates they like it and want to hear more. This skips the song, allowing Pandora to determine which songs to avoid.

Pandora users are exposed to advertisements about three times an hour while listening to the free service. All ads are removed from this subscription. However, most Pandora users prefer the paid version.

Pandora: Why Advertise?

Pandora’s advertising has many distinct advantages over terrestrial radio.

Pandora users will need to provide certain data to sign up for the service. When signing up for Pandora, users must provide some key data. This includes their age, gender, and zip code.

Krux has partnered with the company to provide more data than Pandora’s basic data.

This information can include shopping habits, education level, profession, and other lifestyle factors like income, lifestyle, and income.

Pandora has more advertising products than terrestrial radio. Advertisers can choose to advertise in audio, video, or print format with Pandora.

Nearly 90 million people use Pandora each month on mobile, desktop, and via the Pandora App. Pandora is the most popular internet radio station, with nearly 90 million users per month. It has a greater reach than any terrestrial radio station.

Pandora is available on over 190 vehicles and more than 2,000 connected devices. This is more than YouTube and Spotify combined.

Pandora has over 2,000 listeners and is the most popular radio advertising platform.

It’s not clear if listeners of terrestrial radio hear the ads.

Edison Research Group has estimated that the average listener switches radio stations an average of 22x every day on their commute to work. Another factor is an annoying radio DJ or string music that is too loud.

Pandora’s advertisement model is however quite different. Pandora users cannot change the station to get rid of the ads like traditional radio.

The fact that Pandora stations can be customized to the tastes of each listener means there’s no DJ to stop music from playing. This creates a more welcoming environment for advertisers to be heard.

Pandora Advertising: How do I choose an ad?

Pandora lets you advertise visually, in audio, or video on their platform. Pandora lets you choose the best ads to communicate your message.

Display ads

Pandora offers a range of visual ads you can use to reach listeners through traditional banner ads or web ads.

Pandora’s display advertisements have one advantage. They are only shown to Pandora listeners who use the interface actively.

It is difficult to tell if someone has left their room or turned off their phone. However, it is possible to get good reach if they do not.

Web Skins

Web skins are great for Pandora listeners connected to their computers. You can choose from, HTML3_ and HTML4_.

  • Basic
  • Enhanced
  • Custom

Basic Web Skin

A simple web skin will advertise in the same spot it uses for the album artwork. You can display your ad either vertically or in a billboard format, as shown in this photo.

Enhanced Web Skin

The enhanced skin makes it easier to integrate the skin into the user experience. Listeners still have access to the various buttons on the player.

Custom web skin

You can integrate your brand into the listening experience by creating a custom skin. The background is a combination of two ad units.

Mobile Ads

Pandora users can listen to Pandora on their mobile site or app.

Non-responsive ads

This unit replaces the 300×250 album art window with your display ad. You can also use these units to increase brand awareness or product awareness.

To close an ad, swipe it off the screen. This allows for better engagement statistics to track the success of your campaign.

Responsive ads

Responsive mobile ads have the same functionality and interface as non-responsive ones.

Express’s example shows how to interact and interact with ads. This can help you achieve other advertising goals, beyond brand or product awareness.

Audio Ads

Pandora, an audio platform by design, offers Pandora users audio ad options. These are some of the best ways to reach Pandora users through the radio.

Audio advertising offers the advantage of allowing users to hear and see your message from anywhere.

Audio Everywhere

Pandora’s Audio Everywhere Ad Product provides audio ads lasting 15-30 seconds to Pandora users. Display advertising is also included to supplement the audio ads.

The above image shows the audio advertising’s display parts. They can replace album artwork. Secondary display ads can also be available in certain formats, such as on a desktop.

The Display components can be found in many formats. No album art tile is available for connected home products.

Pandora audio ads can be distinguished from terrestrial radio advertisements by the display advertising that they include. Users can click the display ads to find out more about the product or service if they are interested in it.

Audio ads may be broadcast in any format or restricted to a specific format depending on the advertiser.

Video ads

Video ads, Pandora’s newest ad product, allows advertisers to communicate directly with Pandora users using video. CPM starts around $12-25.

Pandora has video ad programs you can limit to just one platform, but that will work across all platforms. Video ads cannot be used in Connected Cars as you might think.

Pandora provides video ads to users who are highly engaged. Users will see video advertisements after changing between songs or stations. This will increase the user’s engagement with the screen.

After video ads have ended, display ads are served. They boost engagement and reinforce your message.

Advertisers have the option to run muted ads through Pandora’s platform-specific video advertising program. This allows users to listen to their music while watching the ads.

This is a picture of all Pandora video ads products including the new muted product.

Pandora Advertising: How To Manage Creative

Once you’ve decided how to best communicate your message to Pandora listeners, you will need to design the creative for your ads.

Before you create any content, make sure you are familiar with Pandora’s specifications. You will need to review the specifications of existing content to ensure that it meets Pandora’s standards.

These are the ad specifications of Pandora’s products.

Tracking the effectiveness of your ad on Pandora

Radio advertising can be a complicated medium. Radio advertising is a complex medium. Their tracking and reporting capabilities are limited.

Without a discount or promo code, it’s nearly impossible to track engagement and ROI. Pandora makes data extraction easy for brands.

Access to a variety of data points in the Pandora dashboard for advertisers This information is for web ads:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Completion rate
  • Quartile rate

These metrics will not be the only data that you have when creating mobile-only ads.

  • Spend time reading an advertisement
  • Time spent on landing pages
  • Social shares
  • Unmute rate (only for muted video ads).

These metrics give you an insight into how effective your ads are and whether Pandora advertising is delivering tangible results for your company.

Other advertising options

Pandora also offers other promotional options, such as audio and video ads, display, audio, video ads, and audio ads.


Pandora offers advertisers the chance to sponsor a station or sponsor an uninterrupted listening time for users.

Sponsored stations let advertisers control the advertising shown to listeners.

Listening sponsorships allow listeners to choose to either listen or watch an ad to receive uninterrupted listening. You can practically guarantee that listeners will pay close attention to your ads.

Branded Stations

A brand-named station is an option for businesses that want to be more in line with their target audience. Branded stations allow companies to create playlists, and make a station that listeners will enjoy.

This type of advertising is still relatively young and becoming more popular among brands that want to reach younger consumers. It remains to see if these young consumers will connect with the advertising.

Experiential advertising

This promotion aligns with marketing efforts like the branded stations we just mentioned. Create an experiential event that connects your band with popular culture via Pandora and their fans

Pandora has a wide range of concert series and other events that you may be interested in discussing with young people.

Pandora Advertising: Making The Most of It

No matter how small your budget is, it doesn’t matter whether you place $50 ads in your local newspaper or manage a large budget for an international corporation. These tips will help maximize the value of Pandora’s advertising.

For Local Businesses

There are many ways to reach local audiences via the internet.

Pandora’s targeting changed this.

You also have the option to target ads based on gender and age using Pandora’s data points

Maximize Mobile

Without a mobile strategy, your business could be in serious trouble. Your competition may be already using mobile advertising to your advantage.

Pandora is an excellent option for those who have been involved in mobile marketing for years. They offer mobile-specific ads that are audio and video.

An audio-only strategy might be an option.

Pandora makes a compelling case for the value of their display advertising products. Pandora audio advertising allows you to connect with your audience according to their terms.

Pandora has systems that display video and display ads when users have the most engagement, but it is not guaranteed that they will be viewing your ad or understanding what you are saying.

Audio ads still work well to reach your target audience.

Send an ad

This applies to both video and displays advertising. This is true for both video and display advertising.

There are many methods to make an ad memorable and draw people in. Make sure your ad grabs someone’s attention.

The ad doesn’t have to be catchy. It is crucial to make your ads conversational and directly address your target, especially when you only have 15-30 seconds.

When to Negotiate

Radio advertising is highly flexible. There is sometimes a shortage of advertisers. You can use this fact to your advantage when you negotiate advertising packages with Spotify and other radio providers.

CPM estimates have been provided for Pandora’s advertising products. These rates are subject to change so you should be able to negotiate a good deal with your account representative.

Smart marketers may find it easier to land a Pandora deal. Pandora launched a pilot program that allows advertisers to bid in real time for ad space.

Contact your account representative to obtain the best advertising price until all Pandora’s advertisers have access to that market.

Track engagement using landing pages

Pandora’s data points are a great way to track the success or failure of your campaigns. You can also expand the data by creating a landing page and tracking them via Google Analytics.

A landing page can be created for Pandora ads. You can also add a Google Analytics tag. This will enable you to monitor the success of your campaigns more closely. This will give you additional information about each person who clicked on your advertisement.

To boost your landing page, you can use a coupon or other special offer. This is a great way for users to sign up for your email marketing.

Test and Iterate

It is unlikely that you will score a grand slam with just your first swing. Gaining a better understanding of your audience over time will allow you to use that information to create effective advertisements that drive results.

Next steps

There are many strong arguments against advertising on terrestrial radio. You should not overlook the advantages that internet radio providers like Pandora offer to your business.

Pandora offers a wide range of advertising products that are perfect for all businesses, regardless of whether they are a local business looking to raise awareness or make a sale or an eCommerce brand looking to strengthen their market position.

Pandora offers a lot of value to advertisers. Pandora offers advertisers a strong targeting capability, a strong listener base that represents about 1/4 of the US population, as well as tracking that is superior to terrestrial radio.

If you have any questions regarding advertising on Pandora, Pandora can contact you to talk about your options and create a plan that suits your advertising goals

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