Is Stencil App Really Worth for You?

Stencil is a web-based tool that allows you to create digital design assets quickly (website images, social media posts, etc.) without having to have any design skills.

I have been a Stencil customer since Share As Image was launched. Years ago, a rebrand promotion offered me a lifetime plan.

Stencil was used for creating every “featured picture” on this site. we also love Stencil and have used it for many years.

This is a quick overview of Stencil.

What’s the Stencil App?

“Stencil” is a graphic design tool that creates digital photos for sharing. These tools are different from their direct competitors. This is a brief overview.

The image can be edited quickly using clickable layers.

Stencil contains a variety of stock images, illustrations, and icons that you can use for commercial purposes. You can store settings, upload images, and create custom templates.

Background on Stencil App

Stencil used to be called Share As Image. There were many image editors.

But, the web and social media have become more visual. Resizing and resampling were a problem. This was made worse by the fact every social network changed its image specifications each month.

*Once more, DIYer is the focus. Adobe users had this functionality but you would need basic graphic design skills as well as an Adobe subscription.

Share as Image was a website that created images to be shared on websites. we found them after spending too much time using Mac Preview, creating, deleting, and getting frustrated with basic website images.

After a surge in popularity, Share As Image was rebranded to Stencil. The new branding includes a bigger stock image and font library as well as a better pricing plan.

How does the Stencil App work

Stencil’s interface makes it easy to use.

Register to access their website editor, browser extensions, or WordPress plugin.

You can use the same tool in all three locations. It doesn’t matter where the tool is loaded.

This tool shows a clickable image with layers. The layers make up your image.

You can save the image to be used as a template when creating images you will use often. You can also save the image or download it. You can also share the image on your social media accounts.

The Stencil App – Pros and Cons

There are many Stencil reviews online. These are our experiences over the past five years.

Let me start by saying that Stencil is a great tool. Try premium features for 7 days free.

Easy Use & Onboarding

Stencil makes it easy for non-designers to use.

Each feature is marked by a question mark. This pop-up help box provides information to make sure you aren’t left guessing.

Sign up to receive a tour and instructions on how to use the site. Very few issues remain unsolved.

Multifunctional Features

Every editing tool has multiple uses. A template can be saved to an image to be used for future images. The image can then be downloaded in different formats and shared with a social network.

The editing tool allows you to quickly test different design ideas without having to commit.

The editor provides helpful tips like element lines, which will help to keep your image centered. Upload your images and share them with others.

I have never had to stop trying to edit a design. The Stencil’s features are versatile enough to meet all our sharing image design needs.

Pricing Value

Stencil has a range of plans including a pro plan and an unlimited plan.

This free plan has surprising usage limits, especially when you consider that you can upload multiple images.

The unlimited plan offers more images than the pro plan. This plan is for those who have a set number of images to upload (50 images per month would be a good number).

The unlimited plan is best if you plan to use the tool. This will allow you to determine the value of your time and what you would need to pay for design work.

Stencils can be a powerful tool for those who use social media and website images to their profession.

Graphic assets

The Stencil has a huge library of graphic assets. There were 2.2 million images and illustrations when we created this image.

I used to use the Internet to find Creative Commons images. Now, we just hand our work to Stencil. They have a search tool that allows me to find images non-royal for commercial use.

You also have the option to use their icon and quote libraries This allows you to save time and create great images.

Product Focus

Stencil’s greatest asset, Stencil focuses on the product’s strengths and introduces new features.

Their goal is to help DIYers create images that they can share on social media.

The latest features focus on increasing resolution and stock images to improve their value.

Any feature that is not within their scope of operation is disowned (e.g images with links).

Cons Of Stencil App

Stencil is an excellent product. There are more mismatches between the product’s user and the product.

The Stencil may not be for everyone.

Pricing & Caps

Stencil offers great value, but their unlimited plan is more expensive than $144/year. Both the pro and free plans have very tight limits.

Stencil’s unlimited plans are a bit more expensive than other graphic tools like Canva (see alternative section), which offer more features. The cost of a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud is also comparable.

These price comparisons might not be apples and oranges because Stencil is a product-focused tool. Combining them with another premium tool can make a big difference.

If you choose Stencil’s free or pro plan, you will likely hit the caps much sooner than you anticipated. Because they count images differently, this is why you will hit the caps sooner than expected.

Design & Branding Tools

Stencil’s pricing follows the same model as its feature set. It does not include logo generators, gradient editors, or palette editors.

While we think this product focus is a huge advantage, some users might find it frustrating. Some tools may be more complicated to use or require more learning but still offer design features.

Team sharing

Only one person can use a Stencil subscription. While you can share your login with an assistant, it is not one login. There is no way for colleagues or collaborators to share it.

Logging in from multiple IP addresses is not possible. You can’t also share your work with others’ accounts.

If you are part of a group or have to collaborate a lot, this limitation can be very serious.

This is because of Stencil’s product focus. If you require these features, this approach won’t work.

Stencil vs. Canva

Canva and Stencil both offer excellent web-based tools to graphic designers.

Stencil vs. DIY Tools

There are plenty of design tools available online or for download that you can use to access all the Stencil features.

Stencil vs. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands, one of the many logo design tools, integrates your brand across all your graphic design assets.

There are many online graphic design tools. These are some of the use scenarios we consider perfect for Stencil.

Solo Blogger / Website Operator

Stencil is a great tool for a single website/social media account owners.

Only Member

Stencil can be a great fit if you work in a team, manage social media images, or are a manager. View Stencil’s plans here.

Manager Social Media

Stencil can still be useful for social media managers working with teams, even though it does not have certain features like resizing capabilities.

These are direct competitors to Stencil. Compare the results.

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