Successful Etsy Shop Ideas to Start Earning Money Today

Etsy has a long history of being a trusted global marketplace. It is an ideal place to start your own small business online.

Etsy is a place where people can fail, feel discouraged, or not start.

Many of these problems can be attributed to not having an ideal Etsy shop idea. You need to have something that people are interested in.

Shop on Etsy to find unique and special items.

It’s impossible to sell people one thing but they don’t want it.

Problems With Etsy’s Liste of Ideas

There are many ways to sell on Etsy. Etsy has even a guide.

Everyone has their problems. Everybody has the same problem.

  • It is difficult to implement Vague ideas.
  • Outdated: Etsy thrives on trends that change every day.
  • Anecdotal – Anecdotes cannot prove anything, apart from that of one individual.
  • False – Rumors can be a great way to attract attention even though they might not be true.
  • Success is not always easy.
  • Copying to death – Nobody has ever succeeded in copying their competitors.

This guide will show you how to create an Etsy shop.

You will need to combine your knowledge and experience with data from the Internet to find the perfect Etsy shop.

It is important to search for ideas that have been prequalified by interested parties. This will let you know success is possible if you do it right.

Creative Etsy Shop Ideas

These data sources can also be compared with gold mines.

It’s possible to find one “seam” of gold in every mine.

Ideas on Etsy.

This data source can be used easily. Etsy’s autosuggest function uses real-time customer searches.

These ideas can help you find new ideas. These tips can help you efficiently harvest ideas.

The entire Alphabet. Type “a” in the space bar.

Enter the root of your idea. Hit the space key. Do not take other items, and only look at the masks.

Measure the distance between your root area and the surrounding area.

A space can be used between a modifier and a root.

Use a common modifier and hit space to search the web for interesting roots.

Keep exploring until you discover a wide range of ideas.

Ideas From Etsy Categories

Here you’ll find niches that are underserved and surprisingly popular on Etsy. Explore the categories to get new ideas.

It is difficult to find this data source. You can still manually access this data source and/or check your ideas quickly.

Start by browsing Etsy’s categories in Google’s index.

To see all categories pages Google has indexed, you can search Subcategories can be searched by drilling down.

Also, you can look at Etsy’s taxonomy websites This sounds scary but it’s a much more efficient way to browse their categories.

Visit their taxonomy index. Download and save all the “node website maps” listed. Many hidden categories offer product ideas.

To see the top categories, use tools such as SEMRush and Mangools.

This data set will give you endless ideas. SEMRush gives you a 14-day trial. Mangools are more expensive over the long term so they’re best for short ideas.

To view the subfolder, drop into the Site Explorer.

Next, examine the keywords and categories.

These two facts reveal two things. This shows that people are interested. It also indicates that Etsy attracts buyers directly to this category – so it’s a great way to find customers.

Ideas from Etsy Shops

This source is very similar to Etsy’s categories but with individual shops. This allows you to reverse engineer successful shops to determine if your business could be tapped.

To view the shops and other information, you will need SEMRush/Mangools.

Enter into the subfolder search.

Shops that are performing well in Google Search (not Etsy Search), will be listed along with keywords they are receiving traffic from.

To see the latest work, visit the Shop’s “Sold” page.

You can take these ideas and add them to your collection

Google Autosuggest has some suggestions

Google Autosuggest is a tool that can help you find keywords for websites. This can also be used as a way to set up Etsy shops.

You want to generate interest in products and product lines you can work on. Google will be interested, but you must train your product with specific roots or modifiers.

The process can be started in the same way as Etsy Search. To find interesting roots, you should use broad modifiers.

Begin with “Etsy”.

Type “Etsy” in the search box. Copy it.

Next, you can use the Alphabet for more information.

You can repeat this process with other Etsy modifiers like –

  • Handmade
  • Custom
  • Vintage
  • Supplies
  • For crafts
  • For your home
  • unique
  • artisan

You can store many ideas.

Pinterest Search for Ideas

Pinterest is an important source of traffic for Etsy shops. Pinterest can be a great way to find potential customers.

Pinterest Search is a combination of Etsy Search and Google Search. However, it is less specific than Google Search but has more intent than Etsy. (Searchers aren’t in buying mode ).

While you’ll need to experiment with roots and modifiers, the process is very similar. To locate roots, first use a few “Etsylikely”, modifiers, and then drill down.

Look at the root to see “saltshakers”. Many options are available, including “wood salt shakers”

You can assume that wood salt shakers, an Etsy product, would be very popular.

Pinterest Boards Ideas

Pinterest has thousands of boards that allow for public collaboration on topics.

Let’s suppose you want to make lunch bags, but aren’t sure what to do. Seek out original ideas that have been pinned by others.

Ideas from Social Shares

You can use the same approach to Pinterest boards to apply it to social media.

You can find interesting DIY ideas on visual networks like Reddit or Imgur.

Ideas From Etsy Competitors

Shops on Etsy can be searched to find top-selling products in any niche. Every shop has a link that will allow you to buy the most popular items.

Keep in mind the rule of thumb that competition equals demand. Look at top-selling products and review them to find unique angles for your item.

Use marketing tools such as SEMRush or Mangools to determine which Etsy shops get traffic from Google. Enter your Etsy shop URL here.

This will enable you to identify the keywords that are driving the most sales. They will be able to get enough traffic from Google so they can support other Etsy shops with similar products.

Selling on Etsy – What’s it Worth?

There are tons of Etsy shop designs. But is it worth it to sell on Etsy?

It’s a personal question and it all depends on your goals.

It all comes down to what you believe will bring in enough income.

  • It is not a large online retail market. If you sell lots of units, you will lose money.
  • Each product must “pay for its costs.” Every product must “pay for itself.”
  • Etsy can only be “scaled” by using product templates or bulk buying. If you’re able to purchase bulk materials and prepare preorders, you will have a greater profit margin.
  • Don’t try to outdo your direct competitors on price. They should be beaten on value and marketing.
  • Shops on Etsy, like all businesses, are often unsuccessful because they lack attention. Your price won’t be affected if you get the customer’s attention.
  • If you don’t have many dogs, you won’t be able to sell collars for them.

Selling on Etsy is easy

You can sell any product on Etsy that must be paid for even if it isn’t very different from other products.

Customers should be able to shop on Etsy if there is enough competition. If your products are better or your marketing is more effective, you can beat them.

Next steps

Opening an Etsy shop can be challenging. Etsy can be confusing to set up correctly.

This market is also rapidly growing with multi-million dollar TV ads that bring customers into your store. Do your research before you begin.

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