Ways To Advertise On Groupon For Better Performance

Your website is up and running, and you want visitors to visit it.

You can either –

  • Tell your network (ie. word-of-mouth, social media) about the event – also called “earned media”.
  • Always be available to answer questions (ie search engine optimization) – also called “owned media”
  • Promote your website to everyone interested. Also known as “paid Media “,

This is the last. It can be hard to get the job done right, even with a budget.

You can easily advertise your website online in just 5 steps.

1. Get the Internet Advertising Jargon

Advertising can be confusing. It is important to understand the basics of online marketing.

Fat-head vs. Long-tail

The concept is that the longer the advertising (the bigger the head), the more traffic you will get. Advertising to specific groups will result in fewer sales (sales) and emails.

The targeted few are less in each category but more qualified to convert. The overall approach of targeting a few or the targeted few is better than the general, broad approach.

Keywords are the best example.

A shoe-focused ad campaign will bring you more traffic than one that focuses on running shoes.

It’s worth spending extra time to find niches to promote your website.

This doesn’t just apply to keywords. The same applies to audiences. A Facebook campaign that targets particular audiences.

With some platforms like Facebook and Google Display Ads, you don’t need to bid as heavily for keywords. The same principle applies: advertising campaigns that target niches will be more successful.

CPM vs. CPC. CPA vs. CPM

These three options are available for advertising. A fixed rate is charged for every click on your ad. The cost per action (CPC) is the price you pay for each click.

CPC is the most popular. CPM or CPA is better if you understand the subject.

Each platform allows you to do more research.

These are the core concepts of online advertising. There are many more options available. You will end up spending money you don’t own.

Facebook has many CPM/CPC options. Don’t assume that every ad network uses the same terminology.

2. Take note of your advertising options

One thing unites all advertising options online: choice.

**You also have the option to use Semrush, a premium advertising research tool, to learn more about your competition.

Types Ad

Search Ads

Search ads appear when someone searches for a query. For example, if you search for “shoes”, ads will pop up for shoes.

Google was the first to use search ads.

Search ads are built on the assumption that searchers have an intent. This means that they are searching for the exact product you offer.

In marketing jargon, this means you are “harvesting” demand rather than creating it. Your search volume and your bid price can limit your inventory.

Display ads

Banner ads have been around since the dawn of the Internet. These ads are responsible for the billions in revenue that Facebook has made.

These come in standard sizes and can also be used to create professional ads on your website

Display Ads and Search Ads are different because they target potential customers based on their interests, not their intent. Many advertisers use them to increase brand awareness.

Google is the most popular provider of Display Ads, but there are many others. Instagram, NextDoor, and Zillow. All these networks have full information about their users.

Other networks offer raw volumes such as Snapchat or Spotify.

You have the option to choose from many targeting, match, and ad formats, depending on your goals and network. It is possible to create a custom audience and reach exactly the people you want.

Native Ads

Native ads are embedded in content that matches the editorial. These placements look just like content or appear within your content feed.

The most well-known networks are OutBrain and Taboola.

These lines can blur. Native advertisers should disclose any relationships. Many advertising platforms make it easy, such as Facebook.

Many media companies have joined the bandwagon to make advertising easier and more effective. Let’s not forget actual platforms.

Ad Networks


Google is the advertising king. Google Search Network.

Google can be used to place advertisements for targeted keywords. People are searching for products and services when they use search engines

Here you can test pricing and messaging before moving on to other options.

Google also offers the largest display advertising network, which allows you to advertise to more than 85% of Internet users around the world.

Google Display Network is the best place to start with ads that follow people around (aka, “retargeting”) This allows you to stay visible to people who have visited and expressed interest in your website

YouTube is also a Google search engine. It is the 2nd most used in the world. YouTube is the second most popular video platform in the world. YouTube also offers many Google advertising options. You can advertise as wide as you like or as specifically as your needs, just as with Google Search and Google Display.

Start with Google Ads.

Microsoft Advertising

Yahoo and Bing together make up about 30% of the search market. Microsoft Ads are worth considering if you are looking to expand your search reach and get more affordable ads.

Start your search by visiting the Microsoft Advertise HTML3_ Webmaster HTML3_.


Advertise to a highly targeted audience on Facebook. Users can create their marketing packages and define themselves.

What’s the deal? Someone who loves hiking will also find your hiking shop fascinating.

Facebook can be a great place for you to start if your target audience is clear. Your budget can be adjusted as high or low as you wish.

Facebook offers two main products. These are the promoted posts and the ads that appear in the sidebar of the newsfeed. These are posts that you can purchase to appear in users’ newsfeeds.

*Retargeting allows Facebook to start its ad products. *Retargeting is a great way for Facebook to get started with its ad products.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. LinkedIn can be used for job-hunting. However, it is highly targeted and heavily utilized by those who use it (recruiters and salespeople).

Advertisements can be paid per click. Advertisements are paid by cost per click.

The first place to start is LinkedIn Ads. How to advertise on LinkedIn.


Twitter has recently expanded its advertising options and created some incredible products. Twitter’s main selling feature is the ability to reach people who are already talking about your niche.

It’s not an easy note and there are still many experiments around Twitter ads. However, it offers something different beyond Facebook targeting. Shopify offers a DIY Guide for Twitter Advertising.

*Twitter offers a unique option for retargeting just like Facebook.

Start with Twitter Ads.


Reddit has become the most popular social media news site. It hosts almost all the stories, memes, and photos that you see on Facebook.

You can connect with other like-minded people through “subreddits”.

Redditors can be allergic to marketing and messaging that is too obvious. They will not love it if it isn’t useful or a great product.

Reddit allows you to advertise in multiple subreddits at both top and side feeds.

Reddit can be a great place for you to begin noticing the number of ads posted.

Start at Advertise on Reddit.

Outbrain/ Taboola

These are the most powerful “sponsored content networks.” These are the most popular “sponsored content” networks.

Start with Outbrain, Taboola.


The new Pinterest ad platform was launched in early 2015. The new ad platform for Pinterest was launched in early 2015.

Get Pinterest ads as an early adopter

Other Networks

Many smaller networks offer direct buys. This allows you to promote Amazon products.

Get involved in forums and other websites relevant to your niche.

3. Keep an eye on everything

Digital advertising is more exciting than offline advertising because it allows you to track everything. This lets you see the effectiveness of your ads and allows you to spend more with Google.

Let’s start by looking at tracking.

Analytics: Where to Find

If you use major ad platforms, you should provide Google Analytics with basic referral data. You can get more information and incredible data by linking your AdWords and Analytics.

Use the URL generator

You will want to get the most data from people who click on your ads. This means that you need to ensure that your ads can be tracked and send data to Google Analytics.

Google Ads users can go to Preferences and turn ON auto-tagging. Parameters simply tell Google Analytics where the visitor is located so that you can track and analyze advertising.

It can seem complicated and hard to create a string. Google offers a free URL Builder tool.

Fill in the required fields with the content that you require (e.g. Facebook, display). Google Analytics allows you to use any tags Please complete the form completely.

You can create your ads campaigns by using the URL you have generated.

Which URL are people going to? This step is crucial to understand how to advertise your website online.

4. Landing Pages

It is important to send your visitors to your homepage only if you have a compelling reason.

It is easy to create new pages using WordPress or any other CMS like WordPress.

You should make landing pages for each type of ad. Tip: Landing pages with keywords that match your ads will help you lower your Google costs.

Landing pages should include conversion codes for ads. Landing pages don’t have to be spectacular, but they should be distinctive.

Blog promotion is also possible. Promote posts and send ads directly.

5 Take a look at this video and the test results

The entire system feeds into itself and never stops.

You can learn new concepts and keyword strategies by using different ad platforms. Your Analytics must be watched like a bird.

The best-performing ads can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your landing pages.

You need to be aware that you can’t just start a campaign and then forget about it. This is a ready-to-fire approach.

You can set a budget low and then put it to the test. You can then increase your budget if you find something that works.

This article only scratches the surface of how to promote your site online.

And more…

The possibilities are endless.

If you have the budget to conduct keyword and advertising research, you can subscribe to SEMrush.

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