Examples and Ideas For Thank You Page to Boost Conversions

You have a visitor who has performed some action on your site…

Let’s not celebrate too much.

One of the most overlooked pages on a website is the Thank You page. It is easy to focus too much on convincing someone to do something (e.g., buy a product, sign up for a webinar or download a whitepaper), that we overlook the value of a Thank You page and how much effort it takes.

It can be an essential part of your audience nurturing if used properly. Before we get into the best practices, let us first cover the basics.

What is a Thank You Page and how do you define it?

After completing any action on your site, a thank you page is the next step. Sometimes, it’s called a “confirmation page” because it confirms that an action has been taken.

A Thank You Page can be used to follow up on any action taken on your website, such as filling out a contact sheet or subscribing for an email newsletter.

Do I need a thank you page?

A thank you page is essential if you have a specific action that you want visitors to take (a conversion in marketing terminology).

This page serves two purposes: It confirms that the action was carried out successfully. It also allows you to engage your visitors while they are still “warm”. Meaning they are more likely to want/do business with/interact with you.

Visitors who have taken an action on your website are extremely valuable as they indicate their interest in what you offer and why they did it. A thank you page that is effective will help to build the relationship and maintain their interest.

It’s polite to say thank you when your audience makes a purchase on your site.

Thank You Page vs. Thank You Page vs.

Many forms and landing pages have built-in functionality that displays a confirmation message after an action has been completed. This functionality keeps users on the same page, and replaces the form/download area/purchase area with a thank-you message.

Although it is sufficient to confirm the action, this doesn’t help you in maintaining contact with your audience. A dedicated Thank You Page can make a huge difference in your post-conversion efforts.

You have more options and flexibility to increase engagement, share relevant information, and convert more people by leveraging an individual page rather than a message on an existing page.

Hubspot has this article about thank-you pages vs. Thank you messages.

Thank You Page Best Practices & Examples

Let’s get into the details now that we have covered the basics. These are seven best practices for Thank You pages that you can use on your site.


Your Thank You page should confirm that the action taken by your visitor was successful. Your page could say, for example, “Thanks for subscribing” to our weekly newsletter.

The Thank You page should confirm all relevant information regarding the conversion. For example, how long it will take to reply to a contact form or when they can expect the whitepaper.

This is someone who expressed interest in your company. It is important for them to feel valued and that they know the actions they took worked. It is best to confirm every detail as soon as the conversion is complete.

Include navigation

It is a terrible thing to do on your Thank You Page. These people have already indicated that they are interested in what you offer. This is the best time to keep them on your site.

Your Thank You Page should contain your website’s navigation at the minimum. This will allow your audience to stay on your site and explore it more.

Your navigation can be used to encourage your audience to stay on your site. However, your Thank You page can also be used to offer additional content or actions that may interest your leads.

You could offer related content on the same topic if they have just signed up for a whitepaper. This is a great way for you to continue to “warm up” your visitors, AKA increase their interest in you.

This is a great opportunity to take your customers further down the funnel (the next step towards purchasing), by providing another relevant action. Hubspot, for example, offers a free session in which you can learn more about their software once you sign up to download one of their guides.

Ex: HubSpot

You can still show related content on your Thank You Page if a visitor has already made a purchase. Displaying related items that they might also be interested in is the easiest way to do this. Amazon is well-known for this!

Ex: Amazon

Add an offer/promotion

Was it a chance for a customer to win a product free of charge? To encourage customers to buy sooner, why not give them a coupon code?

A promotion or offer can help you convert warm customers or increase your customer’s value by encouraging them to buy additional products.

Remember that your offer must be relevant to their actions and worth their time. It’s important not to appear too salesy or spammy. Your audience should feel valued and that it relates to the action they have just taken.

Get social

Encourage people to connect to you via social media to build a community.

Don’t just leave links to your social media profiles. Tell visitors why you should be followed. What can visitors expect to see when they follow you? Information about your business What are their tips and tricks? Make it clear that the action was worth it.

Ex: Katelyn Dramis

You can also make your Thank You Page a platform to promote your business. This is especially useful for activities such as webinar registrations or redemption of offers.

Include social sharing buttons on your Thank You page if you are confirming a webinar sign-up or offer redemption. This will encourage converts to share the information with their friends via social media. They are likely to think that what you offer is worth signing-up for. They’re likely to spread the word about you.

Show off Testimonials

Even if your visitor just made a purchase on your website, the Thank You page can be a place to reassure them that you are as great as they say.

Your page can be used to showcase social proof. This could include customer testimonials, social media followers, quick stats or case studies.

Your thank you page should continue to be warm and encouraging to encourage your visitors to buy again. This can be made easier by using social proof to reassure them that they are the real deal.

Encourage opt-ins and account sign-ups

A Thank You Page is a great way to ask your audience for their support and to convert to your community.

For eCommerce companies, asking for accounts after conversion can produce far better results than asking before purchase and reduce cart abandonment.

You can invite customers to sign up for your email newsletter even if your business does not offer the option to create accounts.

Be clear about why your audience would like to sign up for your newsletter. What is it that will make it worth their while?

Conclusion and Next Steps

If used properly, your thank you page can be a powerful tool in your sales arsenal. Do not let your attention drift to the conversion. Spend enough time on the confirmation page to reap the rewards time after time.

Take a look at the Thank You Page you have created. Is it confirming the action taken by your visitor? Is it a way for visitors to continue engaging with your business? Start by creating a way for users to keep in touch with your business.

Your Thank You page, just like any other page on your website, is not set in stone. You can try one way to add some meat to your page, such as adding related content or calling you to follow you on Facebook. Then see what happens. Then, adapt!

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