A2 Hosting Review — Is it the Best Web Host in 2022?

What’s A2 Hosting?

A2 hosting was established in 2003. They are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Michigan), but they have access to all of the hosting markets around the world.

A2 hosting hosts websites and web applications such as WordPress. offers a full range of products including domain names and managed VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting claims their Turbo platforms are 20X faster than other web hosts.

My findings and the pros and cons will be included in this A2 Hosting review. It will also include the best customers it is suited for.

A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 Hosting provides a range of web hosting services, including shared, dedicated, and custom products such as WordPress and Reseller hosting.

Hosting plans

PlanStartupDriveTurbo BoostTurbo Max
*Prime Price$2.99/mo.$5.99/mo.$6.99/mo.$14.99/mo.
Renewal price$10.99/mo.$12.99/mo.$20.99/mo.$25.99/mo.
Storage100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
No-cost domain nameNoNoNoNo
SSL FreeYesYesYesYes
Daily BackupsNoYesYesYes
Web ServerApacheApacheLiteSpeedLiteSpeed

Web hosting or shared hosting is the foundation of website hosting.

* Prices per month for a 12-month subscription

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress can run on shared hosting, but many hosting companies offer WordPress hosting plans that are specifically tailored to the needs of WordPress users.

A2 Hosting offers similar features. WordPress plans are more expensive, but they provide specific features for WordPress websites.

VPS Hosting Plans

VPS hosting lets you have a fixed amount of server resources without having to lease an entire server. A2 Hosting offers VPS plans at very reasonable prices. These plans include both managed and unmanaged options.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting can be a shared, dedicated, or VPS server plan. It allows third-party billing and administration.

Hosting devoted to your needs

A dedicated hosting contract involves renting a server, receiving support, and securing reliable pricing for large websites.

A2 Hosting: The pros and cons

Many A2 Hosting reviews are available online. These reviews often contain user reviews that are based on personal experience and anecdotes. My approach is different. I use a different method.

Support Access

Customer service can be hard to judge. Both positive and negative reviews on Yelp are often worthless.

No one can predict the future or what will happen when customer problems arise. Employees might encounter problems.

A2 Hosting was a wonderful experience for me. I also like to look for other indicators that show solid customer support.

First A2 Hosting provides several channels for customer support.

Always have a phone number. They can help you triage social media inquiries.

A2 Hosting’s customer support representatives are very “hands-on”. A2 Hosting’s customer service representatives are extremely “hands-on” and offer customized installations.

A2 Hosting has a significant advantage over large brands like GoDaddy, which may similarly prioritize support.


I believe that a company doesn’t have to be “good” or “bad”, simply because it is large.

It is often easier to deal with large companies than small, start-up businesses.

Smaller companies are more likely to be flexible, closer, and more responsive to customers than larger ones. They also tend to have a higher net promoter score.

It all comes down to your hosting goals and preferences

It’s rare to find an independent founder-owned company like A2 Hosting by 2023. The majority of hosting companies are Endurance International and GoDaddy.

A2 Hosting is an independent company. A2 Hosting is independent.

A2 Hosting can be a great choice if you are looking for a company to host your website.

Global Data Centers

A2 Hosting can deliver websites worldwide efficiently.

Many factors can affect website speed, including TTFB. Website speed can be affected by many factors, including TTFB.

Keeping your files close to your target audience you are a smart idea.

The US is home to the majority of cutting-edge web hosting companies. You may have slow internet connections or poor local hosting.

A2 Hosting has four global data centers. Two in the USA, one in Europe, and one in Asia.

  • Michigan – USA
  • Arizona – USA
  • Amsterdam – Europe
  • Singapore – Asia

Select from any of the data centers located in the US, Europe, or Asia.

Hosting Features

A2 Hosting offers a wide variety of customizations and hosting features. A2 Hosting also delivers exactly what you need with your plans.

You can choose from web hosting plans for Windows, shared Linux, or WordPress. PHP7, newer cPanel, etc. ).

A2 Hosting provides a free SSL certificate and unlimited storage. You can also host unlimited websites with mid-tier plans.

There are some misleading claims about their “features”.

Cons of A2 Host

A2Hosting is just like any other web host. These were some of the problems I encountered while using A2Hosting’s web hosting service.

Performance, Speed, and Uptime

Hosting servers are responsible for serving the website files upon request. The implied adverb means to be able quickly to serve those files.

Speed is key in today’s multi-device world and global audiences. Your hosting server is responsible for getting the files to your browser as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A2 Hosting boasts a lot about its speed. Some of these claims are misleading.

Site speed is determined by the time it takes to send the first byte of a file. This is the time taken by the server to respond to a request. It’s the first byte of a file that the server sends.

A2 Hosting generally offers high speed. You can speed up your site by making some modifications.

Features such as SSD Storage and Turbo Server are available to you. You also get a free Cloudflare CDN. These features will improve your TTFB speed.

The same goes for uptime. A2 hosting has never experienced downtime, not by industry standards. You will not be compensated if they experience downtime.

Renewal Pricing

A2 Hosting offers four main tiers for shared Linux hosting: Startup ($10.99/mo renew), Drive ($12.99/mo renew), Turbo Boost ($20.99/mo renewed), Turbo Max ($25.99/mo renewed)

A2 Hosting offers plans at a steep discount compared to many other hosting companies.

The best renewal pricing applies only to 2-year plans. If you want to renew annually, your renewal price will be higher.

The Startup plan they offer is very limited. It can only be used for one website.

Third, they don’t include the key “bonus” features that their competitors offer. Upsells include backups, priority support, and spam filtering.

It is important to be clear that the price is not an ideal metric. Their features are not worth the extra expense.

A2 hosting pricing includes one caveat. They offer global payment options.

A2 Hosting is the best option for international currencies.

Marketing technical speak

Marketing is a tool. Marketing is a tool.

A2 Hosting is a master at this. They don’t make sense, which is a shame.

Performance Plus simplifies “maintaining site performance during traffic spikes.” It all depends on how large your website is and what the “traffic spike” was (i.e.

The Cores and Physical Memory allocations lack context.

A2Hosting is honest to my understanding. It can be hard to give concise and useful information on a sales page. Customers who want to make informed decisions about hosting companies will not find the A2 Hosting marketing language helpful.

Weak Onboarding

Onboarding refers to the process of turning a new customer into a satisfied customer. This is especially important for hosting companies that sell a technical product.

A2 Hosting has many great features for onboarding, including email confirmations and intuitive client areas.

Confusion and Upsells

Checkout: A wall of configurable options, also known as upsells

While not overly complicated or flashy, these configurable options may raise many questions.

Except for Server Location, each option is confusing for the customer. I am not sure what they mean or how they relate to my purchase.

This is all irrelevant from a day-to-day use perspective. A disadvantage for A2 Hosting when it comes to choosing a company based on trust, values, and principles.

Guarantees, Back-ups & Bonuses

Hosting is big business. Hosting is a big business.

A2 Hosting offers a money-back guarantee that is as good as its direct competitors.

Your standard plan will not include “server rewind” backups. If you need regular backups, you will need to sign up for a third-party service.

When comparing the prices and values of competitors, this is an important factor to consider

Last but not least, their bonuses/freebies are very limited. They offer three paid placements for A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting’s backups and guarantees aren’t as great as those in the industry.

Is A2 Hosting worth it?

A2 Hosting is why it’s one of the fastest-growing independent hosting companies.

Looking for reliable, professional hosting?

Sign up for A2 Hosting using my link.

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