Things You Can Do to Improve Your Blog

We purchased a blog. Now we will discuss our plans to double the revenue within twelve months.

Let’s start by identifying the areas that require improvement

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Email list
  • Marketing

This is a summary of our plan. In the future, I will create blog posts that detail each step.


Search engines are a great source of the traffic to affiliate blogs. While the blogger before you tried to get paid traffic, SEO has become the mainstay of your blog.

As we mentioned in the previous article, some blog rankings have dropped over the years. As we mentioned in our previous article, the blog has lost some of its rankings over the past few years.

It’s interesting to see how it compares with other bloggers. Experts may also make these mistakes.

Thanks to the previous owner, the content was nearly all on topic. This makes enhancing our blog easier.

The blog has an HTML Rating (of 71) and over 2,000 domains point to it. Many bloggers don’t give out backlinks that are ‘do follow’ in the blogging world.

Backlinks can be legitimate and relevant to the niche. Google has proven that backlinks alone are not enough.

This was repeatedly proven by the Investor Junkie Blog. We rank for keywords that have low- to medium competition with no backlinks. Are you an expert in this niche?

Your EA_T will make you more likely to rank articles related to the topic.

Content is important, but user experience and graphics design are equally important. Users (and Google) must see that your product adds value to make informed choices about which products they will review.

SEO is about what we can control. ). Your site should look as professional as possible.

Backlinks will naturally follow you if you present your content in an informative way.

Improved Navigation

Visitors need to be able to find the information they are looking for.

The menu structure currently in place is confusing and terrible. There are approximately 400 articles, but it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

This update will greatly improve the categorizing system and menu structure.

I prefer to use top-heavy navigation to bring up content that is not commonly found. Google rewards sites with higher SERP rankings.

These are some of the most popular types of web hosting services:

  • Shared
  • VPS, and Cloud
  • WordPress
  • Reseller
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Builders
  • eCommerce Platforms

This new menu structure is

Menu organization is still a problem. Bluehost offers VPS hosting. I will have to deal eventually with companies that offer multiple products.

There is also content I may remove from this website, such as VPNs. This is inconsistent with our long-term branding.

Optimizing SEO Content

It is important to understand SEO intent. I have found that many review articles use longer-tail keywords. Ahrefs showed however that it was possible to create a shorter version with the same intent.

Let’s look at one example: “Bluehost reviewing” versus “Bluehost review”.

The handy Ahrefs tool can show you that while the difficulty of keywords is similar, the volume for Bluehost reviews is much higher.

Although the keyword difficulty is identical, you get more searches (Ahrefs).

I knew that the intent of the keywords was the same. What are the two ways you can check Google’s SERP?

I used the Ahrefs Traffic share-by-page feature to prove it.

Search results will include the same web pages even though their order might be different.

This URL was used previously for the article.

Title, Tag ‘Bluehost Host Review’. Especially after Google’s BERT update, context is crucial.

While “dog bites man” has the same meaning, “man bites dog” does not. It isn’t enough to have keywords in your URL.

and tags in the correct order

BERT is a method that determines the order and proximity of words.

Although keywords such as ‘hosting,’ or web hosting may improve the relevancy of Bluehost reviews, they should not overshadow the fact Bluehost review is the most searched search without ‘hosting. “

Side note – The Bluehost review of the site did not rank well in either keyword search. This is due to the content.

What improvements are we planning to make?

  • Audit of technical SEO
    • Internal Redirections
    • Redirections to External Sources
    • Redirections
    • Fixing 404 errors
  • Site classification
  • Improved menu structure
  • Site schema
  • Headlines and SERP
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking

I intentionally left out backlinks to avoid creating them. There is a variety of backlinking strategies.


The content is excellent, but it needs to be improved.

We will first improve the content.

I will follow the basic guidelines for our product review blog template. Reviews have content gaps which, if filled, will make them more comprehensive.

Review content must be consistent. What would you think of the experience as a reader if you were to see the same content on every page?

Affiliate links and external links are other favorites of mine.

External links should be opened in a separate tab. Keep your brand visible in a new tab.

Investor Junkie’s former editor has been hired and will assist us with much of our work. She is familiar with our style and works quickly to improve it.

What improvements are we planning to make?

  • Replace outdated content with accurate pricing and features
  • Replacing images is a collection that includes images with an old logo or page layout.
  • Fix spelling and grammar errors on multiple pages
  • All affiliate and external links should be opened in a new tab.
  • Replace external links with internal articles
  • Refresh repetitious content on other review and comparison pages
  • To fill content gaps, create new articles
  • I will remove content that isn’t relevant to my niches.


I believe in good branding. My philosophy is to create a pleasant user experience.

This blog uses WordPress’s Genesis Framework. I love this theme and recommend it highly.

It’s SEO-friendly and very easy to use. It has been used by many designers.

I intend to replace the default theme on the blog with this one. I will make one if I don’t already have one.

I am currently making minor usability improvements to the theme. We will make design changes later in the project.

What improvements are we planning to make?

  • Make the theme temporarily more readable.
  • This theme can be used to replace your Genesis theme or to create a new design.
  • Replace the text logo with a graphic

Email List

MailChimp hosts a mailing list. The list currently has around 1,000 subscribers. Two email auto-responders are available.

I don’t like MailChimp. The mailing lists will eventually move to ActiveCampaign.

Email marketing is an underutilized tool according to many affiliate blogs. Most affiliates focus on SEO traffic and don’t bother about an email list or paid traffic.

You only have limited control of your blog and email list Your social media accounts are not your property, and you should not rely on them for traffic.

I need to improve my email list and find a way to bring back repeat visitors.

What improvements are we planning to make?

  • ActiveCampaign can replace MailChimp
  • Increase your lead-gen forms, and offer the creation
  • Create new automations to replace the ones you already have


Affiliate marketers often neglect this part of blogging. It is a blog. This is a big mistake.

Content can be described as a commodity.

It’s easy to duplicate. Anyone can access the internet and create blogs that are similar to yours. These blogs could also be copied or improved upon.

Blog content can be a race to the bottom.

Good content is essential.

We used all sorts of tech to track conversions and populate data throughout Investor Junkie’s blog. Our goal was to make the blog more user-friendly.

The technology is kept secret just like at Disney World.

It was more difficult for other bloggers than us to create the same blog. Our tech allowed us to convert more people and have a smaller team.

Due to the NDA of Investor Junkie, we are not able to reveal the revenue per visitor. However, we beat all other blogs in traffic and net results. We can however tell you that it was much higher than other blogs.

Merchants said that they were able to get better quality customers. This allowed us to increase our CPA compared with other bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is different than ad banners, which are focused on increasing traffic and generating more income. Only people who sign up will get paid.

Everyone was happy – the merchant, visitor, and, most importantly, us, our blogger.

Tracking conversions

It’s impossible to improve something you don’t measure.

Pretty Links is one of the most popular affiliate marketing tools used by bloggers.

It’s almost impossible to track conversions.

It’s great to have converted, but that doesn’t tell where. Affiliate marketers love to get a check for five monthly conversions.

Not for me.

Our goal when we started affiliate marketing was to have the same data for selling products online. Affiliate marketing does not differ from an online shop where attribution is critical.

We used ClickMeter to manage our affiliate links. However, ClickMeter didn’t have all the functionality that we needed. To make it easier to track the source and converts,

The new owners of our old blog didn’t value the tech that we created when we sold them. We wanted the technology to be reused and then sell it.

My first task will be to create this blog. I will first remove the affiliate WordPress plugin, then add our tracking software.

I will also add Woopra and Google Analytics to my analytics software. To put it another way: Woopra is a toy.

Woopra forms an integral part of our tech stack. It only offers a limited amount of data.

Analytics for web traffic, email list analytics, and analytics to track affiliate conversions are all available. All of these analytics are not interconnected.

Woopra has some integrations. However, you will need to create all reports after your data is entered.

I can track and create reports such as:

  • A centralized place to track net affiliate revenue. You don’t have to visit every affiliate system.
  • We refer to the pages that get the most traffic (or the “money” pages).
  • Conversion rates per merchant on a specific page
  • Comparison between merchants in the same vertical as overall conversion rates
  • Conversion reports for paid traffic

Product Data

Bloggers need to update their blogs manually whenever there is a product modification. Other posts might be overlooked.

This can be a nightmare for affiliate compliance but it could also spell doom for your brand.

It’s a terrible experience to see old content on a blog. Even worse, one blog post can state one thing and another on the same site which may say something completely different.

WordPress can be customized, unlike other website builders.

The plugin Advanced Custom Fields is an excellent way to expand WordPress.

This plugin lets you add metadata to any blog post.

You can display this information anywhere on your blog using custom WordPress development. We did the same thing in our old blog, and it will be used to create the new one.

This will allow us to quickly update content, create comparison charts, and summarize boxes on our blog.

What improvements are we planning to make?

I am focusing on two aspects of tech.

  • Install Woopra
  • Track conversions with our software LinkClicky
  • WordPress metadata lets you store and display product information
  • Custom widgets can be created to display information in different areas of your blog


I don’t like the domain name used to represent the brand. I will have to make this change if I want to be the best comparison and review site for web hosting.

Right now, we plan to combine the content in our blog. To make any changes to the content, we will need to wait at most six months.

This idea is good for testing, but not yet 100% sure.

We are looking to build our brand but I’m not sure if it is settled. Every review you see on this website.

We might decide to focus our efforts on a different brand. I have a domain that may work well for this niche.

What’s Next?

SEO and content are two of the most important areas to improve. It is possible to double the income of the blog within 12 months, but this is a problem.

As of the writing, we have full control over this blog. It is currently hosted and maintained by me.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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